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url 2019-06-21 11:48
5 Best Spain Festivals You Can’t Afford To Miss

Spain Festival

One of the most admirable things about Spain and Spanish is their commitment to a good party. When given a chance to enjoy and have the best times in Spain then fun and fiestas go hand in hand. Spain let you enjoy some true and crazy Spanish festivals in the part of the Iberian Peninsula. Throughout the year, there are multiple festivals celebrated in the country, from throwing tomatoes at one another in Tomatina festival to burning the massive figures people spent a year creating, all these festivals are quite an extraordinary that make your tour to Spain exciting.

It is easy to book affordable accommodation in a tourist-friendly country while the Spanish festivals are at its peak point of celebration and heavy tourist number. So, whether you are partying with other festival-goers in a budget hotel or wanted to stay in luxurious rooms then you can book your stay online from Dream Place Hotels. Here you can stay easily and have a relaxing time after running from some bulls, or crashing in tomatoes at each other. Also, to assure your trip at affordable prices you can book using Dream Place Hotel voucher codes that make your bookings budget-friendly and you could enjoy the crazy Spanish festivals!

Look here some of the best inspiring and entertaining festivals in Spain that calls for a must visit!




Tomatina Festival


La Tomatina is one of the best options and craziest Spanish festival to be enjoyed in Spain. Every year once in a while at the end of August month, thousands of people gather in the town of Bunol in the west of Valencia to throw away tomatoes at each other in the name of tradition and fun! You can bring your sunglasses and a change of clothes with you to be protective.






In the middle of March, an explosive party takes place in Valencia City known as the biggest fiesta, Las Fallas. So, forget any other thing and plan out your good time for four days in the city and see it turning into a carnival of huge paper-mache figurines where you will witness the amazing performances, fireworks, and bonfires. This is one of the famous Spanish festivals that offer a great time with huge bonfires that burn the whole night.




Spain Carnival


Let’s forget about the deep solemnity and prepare you to Spain’s popular festival, carnival. You will witness some good time here including the parades and performances that will fill the air with the buzz of celebration in Spain. Even you can take huge open-air parties that tend to take over the streets. The celebration is done in Tenerife, Cadiz, and Sites. These islands filled up with color, glitters and glamour that tend to attract visitors from all over the world. So make your way to one of these towns, and make sure to get dressed up, and get ready to dance all night long.






To enjoy at one of the most exciting places, April Fair in Seville offers you the best time to enjoy. Feria de Abril is undoubtedly one of the most exciting festivals in Spain that starts on the 14th of April. The fair continues with the conventional lighting of the entrance that offers fairground at midnight and in the coming months. During this festival, the following week the city is packed with entertainment, colours, and the best of Andalusian art such as flamenco.




San Fermin


Hope, all the above festivals in Spain will definitely let you have the best of your time. Also, make sure that you are ready with your plan by prepping up all things early like booking hotel rooms in Spain based on the festival you will attend.


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text 2019-06-03 14:12
Destiny has a plan for these two lovers.




Excerpt from the award-winning series, Destiny by Victoria Saccenti 
Book one Destiny's Plan

Matthew glanced out the window and smiled. Night had fallen upon them. He’d lost track of time and forgotten his troubled thoughts thanks to the young woman sitting next to him. Her mirth and exuberance were infectious. She used her hands to speak, creating curious shapes in the air, which he visualized with total enchantment. While the minutes and hours passed imperceptibly, they had covered all sorts of topics, from the weather on the road to his assignment at Fort Benning’s Airborne School. Even the odd color of the lady’s wig two rows ahead didn’t escape their happy commentary. Raquelita was a delicious combination of naïveté and awareness and was delightfully engaged in every word he said. This genuine attention was much needed sustenance for his soul.

“Let’s forget about everyone on the bus,” he said. “Tell me more about you. Where were you born?”
“San Antonio. My parents are from Spain, born on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera.”
“The land of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,” he said. “A legendary country full of history and romance. I’ve seen pictures and read a ton of books. I hope to visit one day.”
“Gracious, you’ve heard of El Ingenioso?”
“You bet. Don Quixote was a reading elective in school. Darned difficult, but I managed.” Matthew paused for a moment. “Jerez isn’t close to La Mancha, is it?”
“Not at all. Jerez is near the coast in the province of Andalucía, south and west of La Mancha,” she explained, adopting a cute tutorial attitude. “The region is known for its music, historical monuments, its prized sherry wine, and majestic horses.”
“Mysterious Andalucía. The Moors fought so hard to hold it.” His eyebrows gathered as he spoke. “Lorca was from Granada. His poetry was musical and raw in one breath, like The Sleepwalking Ballad, or La Guitarra. It’s a pity he died so young.”
“Yes, a tragic casualty of the Spanish Civil War.” Speaking to Matthew was like sifting through a treasure chest full of surprises, one more enticing than the last. She had the oddest desire to touch him, ensure he was real. “So you know La Guitarra?”
“Oh no. I’m not going to embarrass myself by reciting Spanish.” A faint flush rose on his face. “It’s bad enough I mix up my locations.”
“My father and I used to recite it together.” In her softest voice, she spoke:

Empieza el llanto de la guitarra.
Se rompen las copas de la madrugada.
Empieza el llanto de la guitarra.
Es inútil callarla
Es imposible callarla.

Words flowed out of her lips, her fingertips flitted like butterflies, and notes filled Matthew’s ears, full, vibrant, and warm. “You have it, el duende comes to you,” he said.
“Me? No.”
“Yes. You. I know Lorca’s poems, but I’ve never heard them in Spanish. The genie glimmers on your face and moves through your hands. The music comes to you. He comes to you.”
“How do you know so much? Very few people outside Spain know about the genie, much less feel or hear it.”
“The teacher who helped me survive Don Quixote knew my appreciation of Lorca’s works and lent me several books. One had a lecture Lorca gave in Buenos Aires. It was outstanding. The images Lorca presented inspired the reader’s imagination. He spoke of dark sounds. According to him, el duende is the hidden spirit of a doleful Spain. Please, please say more.” 

http://bit.ly/VSaccDP - Amazon Destiny's Plan Kindle
http://bit.ly/DPPPCOM -Amazon DP Paperback COM


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review 2019-04-05 16:26
One More Sleepless Night by Lucy King
One More Sleepless Night (Mills & Boon Modern Tempted) - Lucy King

She's going to take her life back... one sizzling night at a time! It used to be Nicky Sinclair's nightmares which kept her up all night; those 3 am silences were her worst enemy. So now she's following doctor's orders – rest, relaxation and plenty of therapeutic Spanish sunshine. Only she hasn't counted on sharing her tranquil retreat with her best friend's brother Rafael, whose presence is anything but peaceful! With his beguiling eyes and smoldering smile, he quickly becomes a very welcome distraction. After all, if she's struggling to sleep, why not find something else to do with her time..?! 





On doctor's orders, 29 year old Nicky Sinclair, photojournalist and creative, adventurous, globetrotter type, takes a trip to Spain to try to relax and hopefully experience a break from her insomnia troubles of late. With help from her best friend, she lands a nice place to stay. Just as she's getting comfy though, there appears to be a second, unexpected tenant ... Rafael, the brother of Nicky's best friend!


After a misunderstanding involving a pan swung at Rafael's head and some expected arguing back and forth about who has rights to the vacation spot, they settle on a way to share the place. No surprise, Rafael has a flirty side to him that he just can't help but shift into. He has a corporate job he takes very seriously, but having casual hookups with pretty ladies is how he lets off steam on his off-time.


Nicky admits she appreciates the look of him, but claims her sex drive has puttered out. Rafael claims he sees her as a sexy siren but she snaps back she's "about as attractive as a sack of potatoes". If that doesn't dissuade him, she has her grandmotherly way of speaking that ought to seal the deal ... "Heavens!" "My goodness, me!" When she really lets her true emotions fly, Nicky admits she did "ogle his bottom". The minx! LOL


There's a period where Rafael seems confused with what to think of her or how to act, claiming "should've realized there was something not quite right with her", even going so far at one point as to call his lust for her an "aberration".


Odd pairing, these two, for sure. But not in a cutesy, "isn't it great when opposites attract" way... this reader just did not click with this pairing. They had the ideal setting, just not that great a story or character development between them. The dialogue was also pretty cliche for much of the book, which distracted from the plot's potential momentum. It had its fun moments, but Rafael came on pretty strong and Nicky flip flops on what she thinks she wants.... that dynamic sometimes works in romance stories but here the balance felt constantly off just a hair... enough to make the whole thing a bit of a flop.


It's decent for a light and breezy poolside read, but don't expect too much more from this one.

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review 2019-04-05 15:40
'Til We Meet Again by Kimberly Raye
'Til We Meet Again (The Circle) (Silhouette Shadows, No 60) - Kimberly Raye

Her dreams had warned Mishella Kirkland of his coming, and those same dreams had driven her far from home. But the handsome man who claimed she needed protection was hardly the terrifying creature Mishella had conjured up in her anguished night thoughts. In fact, the man who stood before her was dangerously alluring… Raphael Dalton spoke of an unbreakable bond between them, a centuries-old love that had drawn him to protect Mishella from an unspeakable fate. Mishella’s very soul cried out to believe this captivating stranger. But was he truly her guardian, come to watch over her, or was he her greatest threat?





Portrait artist Mishella (Shelly) Kirkland has been having a recurring dream starring a certain mystery man. Now this very man, Raphael Dalton, stands before her, claiming she is in danger. He also reveals to her that they have a centuries-old bond between them -- dating back to the Spanish Inquisition -- that compels him to protect her.


Mishella is unsure whether to trust him or not, but her defenses weaken some when she discovers they both share the power to heal with touch. Raphael theorizes that they both came into it accidentally, the power originating from a demon who hated to see it used for good. Mishella is tempted to use her healing touch to hopefully cure her step-sister, Stacey, who is battling multiple myeloma, but Mishella's prophetic dreams have warned her that using her power will bring evil to her door. Is Raphael this source of evil, or is he honestly there to help?


So let's just get this out of the way: This book was originally published back in 1995. Raphael, the perceived "hero" in this story (though Raye leaves enough doubt about his intentions to keep the reader curious til the end) is HILARIOUSLY 90s. I encourage readers to embrace that -- for sheer entertainment value -- rather than knock it. Half the fun in this story is snickering at the image of this long-haired guy, clad in jean-on-jean (bottoms and jacket) combo complete with white tee, telling Shelly things like "if you need me, you can reach me on my car phone".... I know, brace yourself for the heart flutters! LOL. So yes, incredibly dated by today's standards.... but if you can get around that / have fun with it, there's actually a decently entertaining paranormal style romance here ---- good vs evil, demons vs mortal, all that.


Raye's writing here is consistently compelling, even with the cheeze factor, you want to know how these two turn out. The dialogue is fun, if at times momentarily a tad silly. Plus, every so often the story flicks over to 15th century Spain to give little clues as to the origin of the gift of healing these two share... so we get historical fiction to boot! As far as how the sexy times scenes go, the first one I found pretty laughable (I kept picturing something like a Whitesnake video), even for a paranormal romance (or especially for a paranormal romance?)... I guess we're all a little awkward the first go round LOL... but after that, the few next times were respectably written.

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url 2019-03-15 05:11
Spain Highlight Tour | Spain Women Solo Trip for Women

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Source: womentravelingtheworld.com/tour/the-best-of-spain
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