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review 2017-12-09 02:39
Sometimes a visit to the doctor can fix a broken heart....
Healing - Stevie Woods

Audin and Tener haven't seen each other since college and their last encounter really didn't end well...they parted ways less than amicably. Neither man thought they would ever see each other again. 


So needless to say when Audin walks into Tener's office looking for a healer both men are more than a little surprised. Audin quickly realizes that this is an opportunity that he never thought he'd have...a chance to make things right and maybe even have Tener back in his life again. Audin's not alone in how he feels and both men soon agree that they want to fix things, they care about each other and neither is willing to pass up a chance to be back in the other's life.


While their reunion was purely happenstance it's also very fortuitous for a government resistance group that Tener belongs too and that Audin sympathizes with. 


While I enjoyed the reunion between Audin and Tener for me it was the part of the story that unfolded alongside of this that really fascinated me and how the part that Audin and Tener held in events that unfolded was definitely what held my interest. 


I have to admit I was honestly disappointed that this story wasn't longer I seriously wanted so much more story than what I was given. Admittedly, the story essentially felt complete and I didn't feel like there was anything missing but I also still felt like I wanted more...more background, more world building, more personal time between the MCs, more background on some of the secondary characters. 


I've often found myself saying that 'Less is more...well, in the case of this story I'm going to have to say that 'more would have been better'. 


This is a re-release of a previously published story.



A copy of 'Healing' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2013-12-15 14:01
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...
Fortune's Choice - Stevie Woods

This was just a short sweet holiday story about two friends who find their way back to each other at Christmas time after spending years apart. I really enjoyed it and the fact that there wasn't a lot of angst and drama was nice. Perfect quick holiday story to put a smile on your face and make you feel like anything is possible if you just believe.

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review 2013-07-01 00:00
Another Secret - Stevie Woods 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Leland is struggling with his guilt over a long ago incident and has finally decided to confess everything to his best friend Drew, but on his way to Drew’s in the early hours of the morning he comes across a sight that scares and shocks him. Gathering his courage he decides to confront Drew and learns all about Drew’s secret, but he still has to confess his own secret but it isn’t the only one that comes out.

This is quite a good shifter story that is pretty basic but many secrets are revealed and true love is found. Leland and Drew have been friends for many years, they experimented together and have shared everything together but Leland has a secret and the time has come for his to confess all to Drew. Drew has a secret of his own which Leland discovers by mistake, Drew thinks his secret will drive Leland away but he forgot how stubborn his friend can be.

I enjoyed this story for its simple shifter aspect and for the relationship between the two main characters. Drew and Leland are great friends and both of them have secrets that could destroy that friendship, revealing their secrets to each other shows them both that their friendship and love for each other is very strong. Things aren’t easy as they bare their souls and a figure from Drew’s past tries to destroy what they have found. The shifter storyline is very bare bones, no pack, no instructions, just being bitten and left to fend for yourself and a feeling of vengeance wanted on the one who turned you. Drew and Leland both have a huge well of understanding, forgiveness and love.

I recommend this if you want a basic shifter story, forgiveness, hidden love, hot sex, a touch of danger, vengeance sought and a happy ending when the secrets are revealed.
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review 2013-05-27 00:00
First Reflection - Stevie Woods First Reflection - Stevie Woods
Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This is the prequel to On Reflection. Andreas is turned by a ruthless vamp, Ignazio, who brutally kills Andreas’ two friends in front of him. Ignazio then disappears, leaving Andreas to fend for himself, believing the way Ignazio was to be the only way to live. As he tries to get by with feeding, etc., his need for revenge against Ignazio grows. The story kind of drags on a bit at this point, and I was having a difficult time finding any interesting qualities in Andreas’ character.

Then, he happens upon Valente, a vamp whom Andreas watches feed, while giving and receiving pleasure before sending his victim happily and healthily on his way. Surprised to see this is a possibility, Andreas follows Valente and seeks his help. Here is where things picked up a bit for me. Unfortunately, Valente and Andreas didn’t have much in the way of any sparks, but at least things were getting more interesting.

Valente and Andreas eventually become lovers, but Andreas is unable to give up his hate and vengeful need to destroy Ignazio. Valente knows Ignazio is too powerful, but decides to help Andreas anyway. They finally catch up with Ignazio, though things don’t go quite as they had planned. Again, there isn’t much to feel between Valente and Andreas. Valente professes his love for Andreas, which is, sadly for Valente, unrequited.

So, the story ends with not so much as an HFN, no sign of any love interest for Andreas, and Ignazio is still on the loose. Knowing this was the prequel of the series, I was hopeful we would learn and see more in the next segment. Sadly, On Reflection doesn’t appear
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review 2013-01-26 00:00
Fortune's Choice - Stevie Woods 2.5*Keith's aunt died and he has inherited the house he grew up in. He left to make his way in the world, but also because he had a huge crush on his friend Dale and couldn't bear to see him everyday and not have him and maybe one day have to watch him marry and have children.He runs into Dale his first night in town and when he reveals his pen name he also learns that Dale is gay!( Keith writes gay stories so being Dale's fav author was sort of a giveaway for both). After that, hold on to your seatbelts because it is a race to the finish of sweet and sappy love story.I like shorts, but sometimes they get packed so full that it just seems too much. It is a short fast sweet story. 30 yr old Dale still lives at home and hasn't ever bottomed because he is saving that for someone special, ok, I get it, and they have crushed on each other for years, but they haven't talked or communicated in ANY way for over a decade and now one night and it's true love and move in with me! how about dinner and a movie first?
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