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review 2015-07-20 16:06
The Colour of Dishonour: Stories from the Storm Dancer World - Rayne Hall

This is a collection of six short stories set in the ancient past of the Storm Dancer world, mixing both fantasy and horror themes into a delicious concoction that never fails to surprise, disturb and entertain.


“Kin” begins the collection in fine morality play fashion. Here Leha has three daughters; the first two she is proud of, and the third she has disowned. After a terrible natural disaster lays low the land, Leha journeys to the city to take succor from the two daughters whom she loves. Her journey and what she discovers there teaches her much about kindness, selfishness, true love, and forgiveness.


“Greywalker” is a zombie-like tale that is morbidly delightful. From the beginning, it is clear what is going to inevitably happen, but the main character has such noble intentions you find yourself hoping that he will escape his fate. My favorite story of the collection.


“The Water of Truth” is another morality play; this time based around the folly of greed. Here a young man becomes educated before returning home to monetize the well of truth that his family controls. While he glorifies in the riches that begin to pour in, his uneducated sister sees the folly in his actions and their inevitable consequences.


“Each Stone” centers on a princess’ desperate internal struggle to master a game of chance and save her loyal supporters before they are executed. Naturally, though, there is a catch to the game.


“The Colour of Dishonour” is a very clever fantasy take on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic horror short story “The Tell-Tale Heart.” I really enjoyed it, but if I told you more, I’d ruin the surprises in store for you.


“A Horse for a Hero” ends this collection on a high note with the tale of a winged horse who dreams of finding “a knight in shining armor” to become his rider. Things don’t go exactly as he plans though, and his life leads him to places he never dreamed possible. The ending is especially ironic.


In scope and depth, The Colour of Dishonour collection reminded me of reading Greek myths, where those too foolish, too proud, or too hasty get themselves into circumstances they never intended to be in. And if you — like me — enjoy those type of entertaining but weighty morality tales, then these stories by Rayne Hall will not disappoint.

Source: bookwraiths.com/2015/07/20/the-colour-of-dishonour-by-rayne-hall
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review 2013-09-17 19:34
Fantastic Dark Read
Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy) - Rayne Hall


Storm Dancer is a dark fantasy novel, that includes such themes as: rape, torture, captivity, betrayal, demons, and death. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart, or the squeamish. The majority of complaints I have read have been due to the inability of the particular reader to handle and enjoy the darker themes. So do not read this if you cannot handle the themes I have previously listed (especially the rape).
This is set in a fantasy world with many similarities to historical Middle East or Persia. The land in which this takes place has been suffering from drought, bringing much distress to it's inhabitants. There is also magic and demons; that are very real in this story.
Dahoud, once the general known as the Black Besieger, is trying to leave his old life of rape and terror behind him. He is appointed the new Satrap of Koskara, despite his objections. Faced with rejection, betrayal, and much difficulty, Dahoud must try to fight his inner demons to protect the women around him from it's wrath. His story is entwined with that of Merida; a young woman who is to learn a lot about life's hardships and realities.
The characters are very interesting and well developed. There are all varieties of personality. Some are obviously meant to be hated while others are meant to be liked. Then there are the main characters, who you want to like and understand but at certain points just want to run away from or shake into reality.
Dahoud has been struggling with his djinn since the age of 11. A djinn is a demon that resides within him, fueled by his anger, causing him to rape women. This theme is a large recurring point in the story. He tries very hard to resist the things his djinn puts into his mind but cannot always resist, though I give him points for his persistance.
Merida is from a place called Riverland, where the people appear to be snobbish prudes who value social standing above all else. She views herself very highly and looks down on those she views as uncultured. Due to her sheltered upbringing in Riverland she is ill prepared for what awaits her.
From beginning to end Storm Dancer is packed with detestable villains, action, intrigue, and darkness. It shows how different people can be depending on where they come from and how they can strive (or are forced) to change. The writing kept me interested from beginning to end. I must admit that I had to stop myself from going to the end to relieve myself of anticipation.
I wish there had been a map of this fantasy land included. This would have helped build a better idea of the layout for those who have a hard time keeping track. Though the writing does paint a fairly clear picture so that it wouldn't be too hard to create your own.
This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Please visit me at http://www.theproductschool.org.



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review 2013-08-20 16:36
Absolutely LOVE this book
Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy) - Rayne Hall

If you are a wife, a mother, and life seems boring--- TAKE a look at this book you will find fun and excitement, I had quit biting my nails years ago--- I found myself with short nails on one hand and realized I BIT THEM OFF due to the suspense of the book. The writing is absolutely amazing (a different type of spelling) and some of the words were difficult to pronounce (names mainly) A story of a woman a VIRTUOUS woman with a goal to change every one to see her view points- gets caught in a tangled mess and then again another mess. Along side another story going on at the same time- a person rising to power and then comes in both of thier past secrets both guessing the others and both guessing wrong. In the end one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read with all the excitement of wars, fighting, descriptive and possibly a little harsh- adult content for sure but I will say the story seemed to resemble lives of people that were in the Bible and how amazing it was to me how this story was intertwined with so many biblical references... 


Source: randomsparksthoughtsandgiggles.com/storm-dancer
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review 2013-05-21 00:00
Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy)
Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy) - Rayne Hall Review for Storm Dancer


(5th Review for May)

I received a copy of this book for an honest opinion.

Okay firstly I only agreed to read this book because I was asked for the authors book tour, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up based on the book cover, but once I read the synopsis it peaked my interest.

And Wow it was a lesson very hard learnt don’t always judge a book by its cover. I have never read a book that blew me away with its world building, creativity and uniqueness. The author is so talented that I devoured this book and once finished, I didn’t want to leave Dahoud and Merida, when their journey of love was only starting.

Dahoud is a monster there is no other way to put it. Possessed by what he believes is a djinn, that causes him to do evil things. When I say evil things, I mean like rape, torture, take a life. Sometimes his thoughts are far more disturbing than his actions. I felt my skin crawl a few times when Merida the beautiful rain dancer was around him, in my head I was screaming run, as we could hear his thoughts on how he wanted to rape her. His story is sad as usual with a man like this his mother was to blame, placing that hate for women in his head, letting it festers for years and coming in contact with all the wrong women, his views strengthened at how we should be mistreated, until he wants to redeem himself and tries to hide his past and make an example of Merida, to show he could defeat the Djinn that made him do bad things. (He can keep telling himself that).

Anyway Merida is really interesting she is brought up in Riverland with very strict rules, or she calls them her virtues. Merida is naïve and innocent yet a warrior with understanding. Yet at times I was screaming at her to not be so naïve but she learnt the hard way, and if I hear her mention Riverland one more time I will go there and burn it to the ground, no not really but she mentioned it a lot like in Riverland everything is perfect, in Riverland everybody is perfect. But other than that she was an amazing main character.

I just loved loved this story and would highly recommend it.

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review 2013-04-16 18:25
Storm Dancer
Storm Dancer - Rayne Hall UPDATE: Storm Dancer has a new cover. It's the one with the dynamic pose, where the tunic is maroon and the turban is scarlet. When reviewing the book, could you please click on the *new* cover before you post your review? Thanks.Rayne Hall
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