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text 2020-09-13 19:28

...this is the first time in almost a week I was able to get booklikes to load. It's just getting worse, isn't it? And if that's not bad enough, I finally created a post on Wordpress after the new update.  Typically my posts are crossovers from here or tumblr, or whatever.  So that block thing...OMG does it suck so much ass!  I tried to "switch to classic editor"  and you know what it did?  It took me right back to the block editor.  It's so...ugh!  It's frustrating and I now want to start looking for a new book blog spot.  I'm on Librarything, but it's not a blog spot and you couldn't pay me to go back to goodreads.  I've recently signed up for the beta site The StoryGraph, and though I haven't fully explored it, I'm pretty sure it's not a full-on blog spot like here.  I think it'll be a good site after some time, but right now, the only way to import your library is from goodreads, so that's going to make adding my library tedious.


So...suggestions?  I know I should probably suck it up and figure out how to make the new wordpress update work for me, but I don't have a ton of time to blog as it is.  And when I have the time, I'm usually exhausted and sore from work.  Life is stressful enough right now, and book blogging is supposed to be fun.  I barely have a handle on wordpress as it is.  Again, UGH!!


If anyone is/has been blogging somewhere else that they like and find (at least a little) user-friendly, I'd love a heads-up.


Also, I hope everyone is doing well,  I know I've been absent from here for a bit and only part of that is because the site only works half the time I log on.

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url 2019-11-05 08:03
The best mattress for your size and sleep style | Layla Sleep

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url 2019-11-01 07:38
Sleep position tells about your personality - Antimicrobial foam mattresses

Sleeping on your stomach position where your arms and legs sticking out of your bedsheets. This pose shows leadership qualities in you. Your Sleeping positions relate to your personality.

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photo 2019-10-29 10:22

We offer the best mattresses and foam pillows at fairest prices to our customers. You can visit our website to see the mattress reviews and know more features about Layla Sleep Products. Order Your Mattress Now!

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text 2019-10-16 13:10
Types of Sleeping positions and what does it say about your personality


What type of sleeper you are? Does sleeping position really speak about your personality? So many questions must be coming from your mind and are being hard to believe but it is true that your sleeping position says more about your personality. While you will not be able to change your personality but you can change your pillow. Using a Copper pillow can be the best choice to support your sleeping position for lower back pain and let your position speak about your personality during sleep.

Buying a copper pillow is so easy if you choose Layla Sleep, the best online mattress company with free shipping, the 120-night trial, and returns & refund facility.


Here is the list of the most common sleeping positions and what they say about your personality:  

  1. Lying on your back,
  2. Lying on your stomach
  3. The fetal position
  4. Sticking your knees out
  5. With one leg raised
  6. Like a soldier at attention


1- Lying on your back:  

  • This sleeping position shows that you are a positive person who loves life a lot.
  • Work stubbornly and persistently.
  • Strong and Volatile personality.


2- Sleeping on your stomach:

  • Sleeping on your stomach position where your arms and legs sticking out of your bamboo bed sheets. This pose shows leadership qualities in you.
  • Impulsive in nature and take the initiative.
  • Overly self-assertive, risk-taker.


3- The fetal position:

  • Posture in which the head and knees are brought as close to the abdomen as possible. This type of sleepers often feels the need to be protected. 
  • By curling up shows to try to cut yourself off from the problems which face in the world   

4- Sticking your knees out:

  • A calm and reliable person
  • Not scared of the future
  • Smile even on the most miserable winter morning


5- With one leg raised:

  • Unpredictable personality 
  • The mood can change so fast, it can be confusing for those around you.

6- Like a military posture:

  • Probably a well-adjusted person.
  • Knows their goals very well and strives hard to achieve them
  • Strict, pedantic and demanding by nature, but most of the time it demands from itself.


It can be possible that you sleep in different positions rather than one, then it doesn’t mean that your personality says nothing about you, it shows that you have a multifaceted personality.

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