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review 2018-06-04 11:25
Beautiful Storm by Barbara Freethy
Beautiful Storm (Lightning Strikes Book ... Beautiful Storm (Lightning Strikes Book 1) - Barbara Freethy

Take the time to read this novel. It starts out with a chance encounter with darkness in a storm with lightening and continues to move at a fast pace to the conclusion. On to the next!  Excellent. 

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review 2018-05-14 16:44
Book #874 - 351,319 Pages Read
What Stands in a Storm: A True Story of Love and Resilience in the Worst Superstorm in History - Gillian Cross,Rick Bragg

I heard about this book from a podcast I listened to recently, entitled 'Tornado Talk'. I thought it sounded interesting and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by one of the best books I've ever had the privilege of reading.

Slowly laying out a story that the author claimed "needed to be told", Ms. Cross has put together a book unlike any other I have read among similar genres. This book focuses on what has been called the worst tornado outbreak this country has ever experienced (4/27/11), surpassing even the infamous "Super Outbreak" (4/3/74). I was very, very impressed with the amount of research done, making the science understandable and basic, yet not oversimplified for laymen purposes as is found in so many other similar publications.

It is here that Ms. Cross begins to bring the human stories into the developing dangerous situation: a woman and her budding meteorologist-to-be son in Smithville, Mississippi; an experienced meteorologist in Birmingham who would spend literally all day in front of the cameras saving countless lives with his repeated warnings; college students in Tuscaloosa preparing in various ways for the worsening weather; a family in Cordova, Alabama frantically trying to survive. I bring these examples up because this may be the most ingenious way I've ever seen an author combine these stories with the scientific explanation of how that fateful day unfolded. The tension is palpable; the dread is real, and when the worst finally happens, the stories are really only beginning.

The second part of the book deals with the aftermath of the devastation. It is no less tense than the first part, but along with that it becomes literally, emotionally gut wrenching in parts. No spoilers, but I must mention the part of a particular search and rescue worker who volunteers her services along with her search dogs that literally had me bawling.

Whew.....Ms. Cross then does an outstanding job of slowly bringing hope back into the situation: descriptions of emergency rescue personnel along with other heroes, hundreds if not thousands of volunteers descending on Tuscaloosa to help any way they could, emotional reunions of victims with their rescuers, and people slowly getting on with their lives with hope for the future while dealing with the constant but receding pain.

Highly recommended....well done, Kim Cross, a truly magnificent effort.

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text 2018-05-11 12:00
Blog Tour Stop for True Storm by L.E. Sterling with Excerpt and Giveaway


Today’s stop is for L.E. Sterling’s True Storm , third book in the True Born Trilogy. We will have info about the book, author, and an excerpt . Plus there is a great giveaway ;)

Happy reading :)






Lucy’s twin sister, Margot, may be safely back with her—but all is not well in Plague-ravaged Dominion City. The Watchers have come out of hiding, spreading chaos and death throughout the city, and suddenly Lucy finds herself under pressure to choose her future: does it lie with her handsome new friend, Alastair; her guardian, the enigmatic True Born leader Nolan Storm; or the man who makes her heart trip, her savage True Born bodyguard Jared Price?

But while Lucy ponders her path, fate has other plans. Betrayal is a cruel lesson, and the Fox sisters can hardly believe who is behind the plot against them. To survive this deadly game of politics, Lucy is forced to agree to a marriage of convenience. But is the DNA of her will stronger than the forces opposing her? Can she turn the tide against the oncoming storm??

As they say in Dominion, can rogue genes ever have a happy ending?





Buy Links



Amazon *** B&N *** Kobo 






Another laugh, this one not at all pleasant. “God, Lu, do you think I’m actually in control here? You,” he says, his lips coming so close to mine I can almost feel them on my flesh. He brushes them lightly, and the already swollen flesh lights up again. “You,” he says again, his voice dropping into a purr as with one hand, he strokes my hair, “you’re like a drug. I can’t get enough of you, can’t break away no matter how hard I try.” I push at his chest and force him to let me down. “You make it sound terrible,” I grumble. His voice and eyes are ragged, wild, as he tells me with conviction, “It is terrible.” “Jared,” I warn. Blond curls fall over his handsome face as he takes my cheeks lightly in his hands. I reach up and curl my own fingers over his, remembering what those hands can do. How could such brilliant, clever hands be capable of such violence? Like his hands, this man has the ability to make me feel as though I’m flying through the air one minute, bruised and sinking the next. I try to look away, sick of the hurt, but he won’t let me. Staring intently into my eyes, he whispers my name like a prayer. “Don’t you get it? It’s ripping my guts out because I have never felt this way before. I need to be near you like I need oxygen. And I know full well I can’t have you.”








L.E. Sterling had an early obsession with sci-fi, fantasy and romance, to which she remained faithful through an M.A. in creative writing and a PhD in English literature––where she completed a thesis on magical representation. She is the author of cult hit YA novel The Originals (under pen name L.E. Vollick) and the Urban Fantasy Pluto’s Gate. True Born, first in the True Born trilogy, won the Athena Award® from the RWA. Originally hailing from Parry Sound, Ontario, L.E. spent most of her summers roaming across Canada in a van––inspiring her writing career. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.



Website *** Facebook *** Twitter *** Instagram 





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review 2018-05-09 15:18
Review: Dragon’s Storm (Legion of Angels #4) by Ella Summers
Dragon's Storm (Legion of Angels Book 4) - Ella Summers
Dragon's Storm

Legion of Angels #4
Ella Summers
Urban Fantasy
Night Spark Media
April 5th 2017


The supernatural storm of the century is coming.


Leda’s quest to gain the magic she needs to save her brother leads her to the castle of the Dragons, home of four soldiers in the Legion of Angels with extraordinary powers over the elements. If she makes it through their training, she might just survive her next sip of the gods’ Nectar and level up her magic.


But the gods’ gifts of magic come at a price. Leda can already feel the Nectar changing her, making her less human—and so is her budding romance with the angel Nero. Sip by sip, kiss by kiss, the change is taking hold of her.


As if that’s not enough, Leda finds herself once again caught between the armies of heaven and hell—and tempted by a darkness that threatens to consume the Earth.






I’m hooked on the Legion of Angels series. I get to the end of the book and all I want is more, so I pick up the next available title.


Dragon’s Storm is book four in the Legion of Angels series by Ella Summers.


Their where a lot of great developments and surprises in Dragon’s Storm.


Leda is currently at Storm Castle for training on the four elements; earth, air, fire, & water. Despite the fallout with Nero in the last book, he seeks Leda out for help on another mission to find one of the storm dragons who’s gone missing.


These two fight and work well together. I like seeing them on missions and off. In Dragon’s Storm Leda is indecisive on having a relationship with an angel, Nero. Their is a lot of tension between them as they work together. She has to decide if she could accept Nero for who he is, a man and an angel. She also has to realize that she has always acted this way and that the powers she gains, don’t change the person she has become.


We get a little more on the Guardians, but not much. We get to learn more on Nero’s mother and Leda’s brother Zane. Lots of surprise throughout this book and at the end we have BIG surprise that will shock.


This series packs a punch. I love the action and romance. Like getting hit with surprises in each book, going on a mission, and gaining more powers. Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy!


Rated: 4 Stars


** You do need to read the books in order


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!








I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

Facebook Twitter Google+   


Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2018/05/review-dragons-storm-legion-of-angels-4-by-ella-summers
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review 2018-05-06 22:16
Due or Die by Jenn McKinlay
Due or Die - Jenn McKinlay

This book takes place only three months after the last one - Briar Creek Library seems to attract murders. At any rate, this time around Lindsey's concern is the Friends of the Library. When they voted for their next president, they overwhelmingly opted to go with Carrie Rushton over their current president, Bill Sint. Lindsey silently approves of the change, but there's no denying that Bill's upset.

Unfortunately, not long after the vote Carrie's husband Markus is murdered in their home. Carrie doesn't have the best alibi, and Markus was known to be difficult to put up with. Did Carrie kill him so that she could finally be free of him? Lindsey's gut says no, and there's certainly no shortage of people who disliked Markus. A possibility that worries her: that Marjorie Bilson, a woman obsessed with Bill Sint, killed Markus as a way of getting back at Carrie and forcing the Friends to make Bill their president again. Unfortunately, Marjorie seems to blame Lindsey for Bill being voted out at least as much as she blames Carrie.

As in the first book, the library aspects were fairly decent, although I had more questions about some of the background info. The timeline seemed to be a little tight, considering that Beth, Lindsey's friend since library school, was specifically stated to be 32 in this book (Lindsey is 35). Beth and Lindsey met while getting their library science degrees, approximately 10 years ago, which I think just barely works out. Then I wondered about Lindsey, who lost her archivist job due to budget cuts and a "last hired, first fired" policy, although I'm pretty sure she'd been working for Yale for at least 8 years. Surely there were lots of other people who'd be considered newer hires than her?

All of which is nitpicky, I know, but I can't help thinking about these things. This book also revealed that Lindsey was hired as Briar Creek Library's director even though she had zero supervisory experience, but this bugged me less than the other stuff I wondered about. Small libraries in small towns get fewer applicants, and Lindsey could believably have been the best applicant the library got.

The mystery aspect wasn't quite as good in this book as it was in the first. Lindsey's few run-ins with Marjorie made my skin crawl, but she seemed to be too obvious a suspect. The killer's motives ended up being more of a surprise than their identity, although I did guess parts of the motive early enough to worry about something Lindsey decided to do near the end of the book.

Although the mystery didn't work as well for me this time around, I really liked the developments in Lindsey's personal life. First, she acquired Heathcliff, a 5-month-old Pitbull/Schnauzer mix. Someone left him in the library's book drop, and she decided to foster him while trying to find him a home, which inevitably turned into a desire to keep him.

Second, there were several nice moments in the developing romance between Sully and Lindsey, despite the slight love triangle involving Lindsey, Sully, and Edmund Sint. I'm a fan of quietly dependable love interests, and Sully definitely fits the bill.



- "The Briar Creek Guide to Crafternoons"


- Reader's guide for Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


- Lindsey's crochet scarf pattern


- Recipe for Nancy's peanut butter cookies - I was tempted to try making these, but I tend to suck at baking cookies and didn't relish the idea of dealing with a recipe involving peanut butter.


- Recipe for Nancy's peanut butter dog biscuits


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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