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review 2017-03-06 20:38
ARC Review: True Colors
True Colors (True Love) - Anyta Sunday

Once upon a time, there were two best friends. They grew up together and though they each felt more than friendship toward the other, as they got older, teenagers are sometimes very stupid and say things they don't mean in order to hide how they feel. And it's never easy to come back from that.

Marco already believed what Oskar said, before he ever said it -- that is why it hurt so badly. That is why Marco never believed that Oskar didn't mean it. That is why saying he was sorry was never enough. So after 9 years of friendship, Marco shut the door and hid behind the hurt and the anger.

Four years have past, though, and Oskar is back. He wants to make amends. He wants to tell Marco how he feels -- how he's always felt. Marco, though, is still deeply hurt and angry that he still cares.

Pain is a hard thing to forget.

Told in first person, present tense, from Marco's POV, True Colors is the story of Marco and Oskar. It tells how Marco learns to let go of things that cannot be changed, how he learns to accept himself, and how he learns to let Oskar in again.

I felt so bad for Marco -- losing his mother, being scarred by the accident that killed her (mentally and physically) and feeling so alone. Marco was afraid to show anyone his body because he felt so ugly. And the one person that really mattered lost his trust.

And Oskar really didn't mean what he said. It was stupid and hurtful and he has spent the last four years filled with regret and wanting only his Marco. He tried to move on, but it's only ever been Marco that Oskar has wanted.

True Colors is a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers story done right. The hurt, the UST, the feelings that were still going strong. All of it.

ARC of True Colors was generously provided by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2017-03-05 19:39
Sunday Soup

There may be something in the air tonight because it's not just Whiskey who has had a craving for soup today. 


I met up with a friend for gelato earlier - apparently meeting for gelato on Sunday is becoming a thing - she was talking about soup she made earlier today. What can I say, soup's been on my mind for the rest of the afternoon....


So, here is what I ended up with: I just wanted something easy and filling, that I could make with ingredients that I already had at home. 


I roasted some sweetcorn with smoked paprika for a bit, then added it to other veg (celery, onion, carrot, a red pepper, and a potato). Let it boil with a bay leaf, salt, black pepper, rosemary for a bit, then blitzed it. 



The smoky goodness of the soup goes nicely with some cheesy topping. 

My sides are slices of bread topped with humus. 


It's a really simple soup, but I'm loving it.


Happy (Soup) Sunday All!

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text 2017-03-05 18:00
Sunday, We Soup!

I feel like I'm finally back to 100% after my bout with the flu but I still wanted something that was quick and easy to make. With that desire in mind and my love of shrimp, I decided on this recipe:






Since I live in a landlocked state, I must unthaw my shrimp. So envious of you fresh seafooders.



There really isn't a lot to this soup and I don't add the onion but you'll see my extra lemon because, garnish!




Doesn't look the most appetizing but hang in there, folks.



Start licking your chops, pescetarians!




I don't usually add parsley when it calls for it, because meh, but I would suggest it for this soup, did add a little something to it. 



The recipe calls for a "pinch" of red pepper flakes, I added a teaspoon because I'm a wild child. With the extra squeezed lemon juice, this had a very pleasing flavor. I liked my other shrimp soup better but for how easy this was to make, you can't beat it :)


Show me your soups!




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text 2017-02-26 13:49
Book Haul...and Coffee

Happy Sunday All!


I had so many plans for this weekend, and only few of them have actually realised. However, when plans go out of the window because you're meeting up with friends for gelato instead, then who am I to argue with that?


Also, I passed by our local Waterstones on the way home from the gelato extravaganza. Passed by is not quite correct, tho, is it? I mean, "raided" would be more accurate. And because all that raiding was exhausting, I needed a pick me up, so stopped by the coffee roasters, too. This month's special roast is from Honduras (fair trade) and smells absolutely divine. Needless to say, it is currently steaming away in a cup next to me. 


In short, I am all set for the rest of the long - I have Monday off from work - weekend.


Hope you all are up to fine weekend capers, too.




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text 2017-02-06 23:33
Sunday, Errr, Monday, We Soup!

I missed my Sunday soup post yesterday because of the Super Bowl (Boo, Patriots) but put down your pitchforks, I have not abandoned ye'! I'm souping tonight and you are all invited!

Now if the name hasn't alerted you, you are going to want to like avocados for this one.
Behold! Thy bounty of avocados! And cilantro, green onions, and limes. BUT most importantly, AVOCADOS.
Slab of skinless chicken breast. Don't worry no nipple, FCC should let me be.
My shredded up chicken always brings the paws to the yard.
There's not a lot to this soup, but it makes it easier to make :)
Toppings. $2 tortilla chips, I run a classy joint.
Finished product. This said it made about 6 servings. I'm calling shenanigans on that. I'd say 2 to a very orphanage 4. I've also never met a serving size that could respect my hunger, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. 
If you laugh in the face of serving sizes like moi, I'd say you could get away two avocados, unless you have avocado running through your bloodstream. My bowl was packed. This was super good, buy the extra lime for extra lime-y topping, makes it taste even better. This would also be a wonderful summer soup, if you're into that sort of thing, which you totally should be. 
Don't be shy, show me your soups!
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