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review 2020-04-05 15:45
Fun & Entertaining 2020 Fantasy Book
The House in the Cerulean Sea - T.J. Klune

While The House in the Cerulean Sea is a YA book it's also a perfect fit for adults who usually don't enjoy this genre. It's a magical fantasy book with a fantastically written story filled with mysteries, amazing LGBT+ characters, and lines that will make you laugh out loud.

The story is about Linus Baker who is kind of a hermit living alone with his not so well behaved cat. His life, however, forever changes when the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth sends him to his new assignment where he has to decide if a group of young orphans will or will not bring the end of the world.


If you're looking for a really great new fantasy book you should check out this one.

Source: asianacircus.com/new-fantasy-books-of-2020
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review 2020-03-13 20:56
The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune
The House in the Cerulean Sea - T.J. Klune

This is one of those messy, sporadically funny books, which - to a fault - has its heart on its sleeve - but I loved it anyway.


Linus Baker is a social worker in the employ of the governmental department in charge of magical youth. He visits orphanages, which are licensed by the state, and makes sure that their charges are properly supervised and cared for. He must attempt to be impersonal and has made many recommendations in his 15 years of employment.


He's to receive a new assignment, however. He's being sent to observe, for a month, a classified and remote orphanage on an island. The inhabitants are unlike any Linus has had to deal with before. The master of the orphanage himself may turn out to be too much for Linus to handle as well.


Klune has written many romances in the past, but I believe this is their first book for a general market. It still qualifies as a romance, happily, but the reach of it goes beyond the Linus' feels for a certain man. This is a book about prejudice, doing what's right, and the perils and rewards of reaching beyond comfort zones.

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review 2019-12-16 01:16
If I told you that bar none this was absolutely the best audio book I've listened to all year, would ya' hear me dear?
Heartsong - By (author) TJ Klune,Kirt Graves
If I said that this was my favorite book in this series...so far...would ya' hear me dear?

I'm not going to do a big long fangirl review for this one...or at least I'm going to try not to.

Originally I was going to wait for 'Brothersong' to be released before tackling this one but when I was scrolling through my audiobook library a few days ago I saw 'Wolfsong' then I saw 'Ravensong' and I knew I had 'Heartsong' and that was all it took. I put on my earbuds and it took my hubby all of 5 minutes to figure out that he'd lost me for as long as it would take...thank heavens the man knows how to cook, I mean really somebody had to feed me.

'Heartsong' was absolutely superb. I've liked Robbie since the beginning and with this book we're given his story and we get to know Kelly better as well and surprisingly while Kelly's always been sort of a neither here nor there character for me...I am now head over heels in love with him. Yep, more than Ox or Joe or Mark or Gordo...I adore Kelly. Until now there really hasn't been a lot of Kelly time in the stories, but here in 'Heartsong' he shines. We see his gentle nature, his strength, the depth of his love and just all that he is.

In spite of the fact that the initial chapters resulted in a bit of confusion for me, by the end of it all things not only made sense, but I'm pretty sure that even if I could have I wouldn't have wanted anything to be done any differently. Robbie and Kelly broke my heart with all that they went through to be together and to find their way back to each other so yes, I cried...at times I cried my freakin' heart out and I laughed...there were times that I laughed so much that bathroom breaks were essential.

As for the narration in this book...I'm not sure what else I can say other than "Once again Kirt Graves has done a superb job of narrating a superb story."

You truly can't read or listen to this book on audio without benefit of 'Wolfsong' and 'Ravensong', I think the one thing that all of these books have in common is the incredible, emotional journey they'll take you on.

I really haven't read a lot of shifter books and the ones that I've read and loved are even fewer and even fewer still are the ones that I've read and/or listened to the audio and known at the end that not only would I do it again, but I will be doing it again, if I had a shelf for these books...the only books on that shelf would be TJ Klune's 'Green Creek' series.
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review 2019-05-21 18:50
It's time to say good-bye...
Why We Fight (At First Sight #4) - T.J. Klune

'Why We Fight' is the end of what has been a hilarious, sexy and simply fun filled journey with a collection of what has turned out to be the most interesting and unique group of people one could ever know. They are without a doubt strong, brave, loyal, loving, compassionate and fierce but above all else they are family.


While there was a more serious undertone to this story that was due in part to the MCs,  it also felt reflective of the times...2016 was the beginning of a time of political turmoil for the United States and while this is reflected in the story it doesn't overwhelm things and added a strong sense of realism to things.


As well as being Corey/Kori and Jeremy's story 'Why We Fight' is the final book in TJ Klune's 'At First Sight' series. It's a good-bye of sorts and I have to admit I was prepared for the tears because it's always sad saying good-bye to friends, what I wasn't prepared for was the laughter...no it wasn't the same kind of humor as what we found in Sandy and Darrren's story or Paul and Vince's but still with all of these characters so preseent in the story I really shouldn't have been surprised by some of the hijinx that ensued even though it's not their story but Corey/Kori and Jeremy's there was still a very definite difference to the tone of the story that just seemed right.


I loved the snarky banter that went back and forth between Corey/Kori and Jeremy and how they teased each other...early morning jogs come to mind and Corey/Kori being such a klutz and dropping his phone charger in the office and I'm not even going to start on the eggs...specifically eggs that vibrate...I could not stop laughing! Knowing that Paul and Vince still need to hosed down from time to time was definitely good to know...ok, it was also amusing to say the least.


Having Sandy, Darren, Paul, Vince and the rest of the family that Corey/Kori has found for themself play such a strong role in this story was the icing on the cake for me but for as much as I enjoy this wonderful and wacky collection of people Corey/Kori has always had his own special place in my heart so to finally read their story was the cherry on top of the icing on my cake.


Along with a love story that was sweet, sexy and at times laugh out loud funny there is a message a very relevant and necessary message that I think Helena Handbasket said best...

Helena grinned wickedly. “But it got me thinking. What is the point of all of this? What are we doing? Why are we here? And it hit me: we are here because we matter. We’re here because we’re necessary. We’re here being our fabulous selves because we demand that our voices be heard. Someone very dear to me, to my family, once said that we are stronger together than we will ever be alone, and this is why we fight. We fight because there are people in the world who hate us, people in the world who want nothing more than to silence us. But I am here to tell you that will never happen. Because I am proud of who I am. And I am proud of who all of you are. Except for the protestors. Because still fuck you.”

It's been a long but never dull, tedious or boring journey from where things really started with 'Bear, Otter and the Kid' to this final part of the journey here in 'Why We Fight' and like so many others I'm so glad I made the trip from start to finish and yes, maybe more than once but I'm still looking forward to enjoying this last leg of the journey on audio...again and maybe again and maybe one more time for good measure.


Also a great big thank you to my amazing cyber child Josy, once again you made an awesome story even better. You are the child of my heart and like my other children you will always be a part of the family that I've made for myself. You may live a half a world away but never doubt that you are always right here with me in my heart. 

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review 2018-10-31 18:17
You made me a home out of nothing. Out of a place where one should not exist...
The Bones Beneath My Skin - T.J. Klune


I have absolutely zero doubt that if someone asked me what book this year had the strongest impact on me...left me in emotional turmoil and wondering what's out there...what the future of humanity looks like...it would be this book. 


I told my buddy read friends that I'd write a review for this one when I could find the words because I think this one of all the books I've ever read and I promise there are a few, but this is the one that defies explanation.


This is not a romance story but it's a story that's filled with love so much love and fear and arrogance...so much arrogance. It's the arrogance of humanity and to be honest it's what scares me the most and probably the reason that I find SciFi to be one of the most disturbing genre's to read, but I'll babble about this a little more later.


'The Bones Beneath My Skin' is the story of Nate Cartwright a man who finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Alex a man standing at his own crossroads and with a mission that he's determined to see through no matter what the cost and Artemis Darth Vader, a little girl whose future is bigger than anyone could ever imagine. But all of this is smoke an mirrors for what lies at the heart of this book because at the heart of it is humanity and that's what threads throughout this story is a story about man/womankind and while it's ultimately a story that gives hope it balances on a knife's edge and shows a world that can go either way...a world that can hold hope and love or one that's fueled by fear and arrogance...the choice is ours.


One of the things that I've come to realize about TJ is that he's not an author who sticks to any one specific genre and each time he steps outside of a box he gives his unique touch to a story and while it may not be the signature TJ Klune that we got in previous stories it still bears his signature in it's own way and each story offers it's own emotional roller coaster ride and often leaves me with things to ponder and in this case what I was left pondering was the question of how mankind/womankind/humanity whatever term you want to use got to be so arrogant. How did we ever come to the conclusion that we're the only life form in this galaxy or any other that's viable and intelligent, capable of emotion, able to form civilizations, cultures, to care for each other, capable of technological advancements and so many other things...where did this arrogance come from and when will we realize that it's a very strong and realistic thought that we're not alone in all the expanse of planets in this universe and those beyond the possible lifeforms could be unlimited...it's a scary thought because some may be good, some may not but if we shoot first and ask questions later we'll never know.


I'm not sure what I was expecting going into this book...other than a story that I would enjoy and be engaged with, a story that would make me think, question my values and beliefs and as always with this book by this author I got all that. I was entertained, there were characters that I really related to and I'm still thinking and weighing my values and beliefs...savoring the subtle, small moments that helped to make this story so strong and memorable.


when it comes to buddy reads for me, I think this might have been the buddy read that sets the benchmark for all that follow...It was a 5 stars read with 5 star buddies. Big thank  yous to Josy and Simone who took this adventure with me as always it was all kinds of epic and awesome!!!



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