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review 2015-02-27 06:13
The Line Between - Tamsyn Bester

Kennedy Monroe and Dane Winters have known each other since they were children. Their families have an on-going feud that the current generation really don't know much about or how it got started. All they know is that they were raised to hate each other. So things don't come easy for Kennedy as she not only struggled with normal things every girl goes through growing up but also all of the pranks and rumors that Dane spreads about her. She hates every moment of growing up with him around and it is only made worse when a tragedy strikes both families simultaneously, causing the hatred to deepen and the pain to increase.

Kennedy is a character that starts out weak and then grows and becomes a little stronger. It was good to see her expand but some of the scenes had me wondering if they would happen in reality based on the circumstances we read about in the book. Some of them seem plausible, like her standing up for herself finally, but others just didn't have me fully believing. Dane is a complete douche to Kennedy and the things that he has said and done, not to mention the things while growing up, should have made Kennedy hate him and never give him a second thought. But the drama kicks in and both Kennedy and Dane find themselves falling for each other yet unable to commit as they know their family history is just too twisted to allow them to be together.

Overall, this is a very steamy read filled with drama, lust, love, hate, and loss. It was a highly emotional read that had me engaged and wanting to know what would happen next. I did find myself feeling connected to the characters one moment and totally disinterested the next. One minute the characters are fighting and the next they are in bed together. One moment there is a sweet scene and just when we think that things will work out, they are back to fighting. It just wasn't a healthy dynamic with them knowing what they wanted and then changing their minds on the next page.

Definitely an 18+ only read due to mature sexual content.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-02-19 13:32
The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester
The Line Between - Tamsyn Bester
Too bad I could never act on those feelings though. My loathing now outweighed my desire to fuck her senseless, and I finally had a good enough reason to really hate her.

Ooh, look at all those red flags. Aren't they just wonderful decorations?

Many people have compared The Line Between to Bully by Penelope Douglas. I think that's a fair assessment. In fact, the stories are very similar. Both The Line Between and Bully offers a story of a victim of bullying falling for her tormenter. Both heroines return to their hometown after being away for a longer while, and on the first day home they end up at a party their bully is hosting where they encounter said bully. They have both changed into stronger people, more secure in their own skin. InBully the heroine returns for her last year of high school and lives next door to her bully. In The Line Between they end up neighbors at college. Here they deal with the dynamics of their love/hate feelings toward one another while also tackling their own (tragic) pasts. The pasts are somewhat different for the two books, so they are not identical.

There are two specific differences between these books, though. Plotwise there's no bigger difference since neither book manage to handle the tough issue of bullying (and other issues) with care. Both books fail to make the transition from hate to love, rather making it go from hate to lust, never really love. When it comes to the characters none made an impression. So let's look at the differences:

1. The misogyny
2. The humanization of the bully

In The Line Between the misogyny was there, albeit in small doses. And it failed miserably to humanize the bully, simply making him douche of the year.

In Bully every page was dripping of misogyny, but it managed to an extent to humanize the bully.

See the difference?

Basically, that's it. Instead of dealing with the issue of bullying both stories end up romanticize the subject and make it about horny teenagers. They offer stories about awful people with few or no redeeming qualities, forgets to add a plot, and end up being failures, both of them.

And really, I had it with this book when, while they still admit to disliking each other (at least she), they have sex to alleviate the "tension". Still, how many people with a brain would do it without a condom simply because the other person – who claims to hate you – says he/she is clean?

New Adult Project:
Items ticked off: 18

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review 2014-04-02 20:15
DNF: Beneath Your Beautiful by Tamsyn Bester
Beneath Your Beautiful - Tamsyn Bester

Okay, I can overlook several things when reading, but sometimes I just... no. Okay? Just no.


This is Grayson (our hero), after having met a girl one time and said about ten sentences to her:

I realize that calling her hot is an insult. She’s beautiful. Earth-shattering, life-changing, mind-blowing beautiful.

And then we have strike two during their second meeting. Again, they've barely talked. She mentions something about her sad, tragic past, aaaand:

In that moment I feel naked, like she can see my soul stripped bare of its impurities and imperfections. I don’t like that it makes me feel vulnerable and completely exposed to the derision I know will follow when she sees the ugly secrets that keep me awake night after night.

Then, as soon as on their third meeting, we have STRIKE NUMBER THREE:

I wonder what it would be like if we had babies?

Whoa, where the fuck did that come from?

The thought comes to me as naturally as breathing.

Just no, okay? This is so not gonna happen. I'm not even sorry.

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review 2013-08-09 00:00
Beneath Your Beautiful
Beneath Your Beautiful - Tamsyn Bester 3.5 stars
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review 2013-08-04 00:00
Beneath Your Beautiful
Beneath Your Beautiful - Tamsyn Bester 3.5 stars
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