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text 2016-07-03 16:01
Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly
Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly
Amplified - Tara Kelly
The Foxglove Killings - Tara Kelly


Harmonic Feedback
young adult contemporary
Drea has "issues"
at least this is what other people tell her
in a world where always answering honestly isn't the norm
as a girl who doesn't always understand jokes
she is the weird one
music has always been one of her biggest passions
music makes her feel alive
music doesn't pressure or judge her
music is everything
just after moving to a new town she meets two teens who will change her life
who will break her heart
but will also bring her so much joy
this is an intense and special book
a story that touched me deeply
at times funny and beautiful
but also sad and heart-wrenching
the story isn't always light-hearted
one of the characters has issues with drugs
and some other things
the ending made me cry
of course once again when I was on the train
but it also made me smile
and it gave me hope
a great book
that makes me excited to read more by the author
I recently ordered "Amplified"
another contemporary book surrounding music by Tara Kelly
and her new YA thriller "The Foxglove Killings" also sounds great.
and I plan to get it soon.

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review 2016-01-07 00:00
Knave of Broken Hearts
Knave of Broken Hearts - Tara Lain,K.C. ... Knave of Broken Hearts - Tara Lain,K.C. Kelly This is book two in the Love in Laguna series and I'm thrilled to read Jim's story. At 82% through the audio version (narrated by K.C. Kelly), I got so ticked off with Jim. How could he go along with his dad's crazy scheme? How could he ruin not only his own life, but those of people he cared about? It's not only ruining his own, but he's ruining Constance's and Ken's lives as well.

Thank goodness he had some really good friends on his side, that were able to prevent such a horrible thing from happening. But talk about scary! His life was in such shambles that his poor heart couldn't take it. And what a way to wow Ken's traditional mother. Ha! That scene had me in giggles. He had everything he needed to win her over, except the confidence in himself.

This was such a good read. And listening to K.C. Kelly's narration made it that much more enjoyable. This is my second of his narrations, and he does a remarkable job. I will most definitely consider more of his narrations in the future. He did an outstanding job with the Japanese language and accent. He gave each character his/her own voice and it was easy to follow who was speaking.

I look forward to book three in this series.
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review 2015-11-28 10:49
The Foxglove Killings
The Foxglove Killings - Tara Kelly

I bought a copy of The Foxglove Killings off the back of a Goodreads recommendation and am so glad I did – not only is it a beautiful little hardback that will look good in the collection but it had a great story well told.


Nova lives in a small town year round – tourists invade in season – the summer kids or “cakes” as they are locally known have always had a fairly confrontational relationship with the residents – but when one of them goes missing and is later found murdered, Nova wonders just what exactly does she know about the people around her. Especially as the prime suspect appears to be her best friend Alex..


This was a great murder mystery – Tara Kelly has done some good old fashioned storytelling here and wrapped it up in a contemporary modern setting. Capturing the feel of small town life perfectly, the story twists and turns its way to an edge of the seat conclusion – and gives you everything you want in this kind of tale. Suspects galore, great depth to the characters and an inclination to scratch your head as you think you have worked it out, then change your mind, then change it back again and almost end up suspecting yourself. So in that sense its really great.


There is more to it though which is what I like to find in a good YA novel – the author explores the themes of friendships and trust with an insightful eye – looking at how relationships with those closest to us can change as we get older especially during those formative teenage years. I loved the dynamic between Nova and Alex – and the wider relationships she has with her family are well drawn and fascinating. As a character drama on top of a whodunnit it is excellent.


Jenika was probably my favourite character. Edgy, feisty, not taking any erm, rubbish, from anyone she is at times incredibly dislikeable but given her circumstances completely believable – but then on the character side they all have that certain something that gets you involved in their world and rooting for them (or wishing they would fall off a cliff) all the way through.


And hey, I did NOT guess the outcome. Nope I had no IDEA who it was that was hiding a darker side to themselves. Came as a complete surprise to me, Tara Kelly weaves an intelligent and intricate plot that hides nothing yet hides everything. Nicely done.


Highly Recommended.


Happy Reading Folks!

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review 2015-09-03 00:00
Knight of Ocean Avenue
Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain,K.C. Kelly
This was just a weird read... I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either!!
Some parts were very good. I liked Billy and Shaz most of the time but I didn't really connect with their relationship!!

The sex parts were uncomfortable sometimes. That must be because of the narrating. I like K.C. Kelly, he did his damnest to do right with this book.
I think he has a wonderful voice but the sexscenes were just too damn loud. It made me giggle all the time!!

Speaking about the sexparts. What is that with wearing a buttplug to keep your mind off doing exams???


The sex talk was ridiculous.... Not sexy at all.

“Jesus. How did I ever survive all these years without that cock? That is the king of cocks. No, the knight of cocks.

I hope the next installment is better!!
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review 2013-08-27 06:30
Book Review: Amplified (Amplified, #1) by Tara Kelly
Amplified - Tara Kelly

I was about to give in to the small voice inside my head telling me to just give this a four-star rating already. But then, though I really liked the book, I didn't get hooked to it until I was about 20% percent through it. And it certainly wouldn't be fair to all those books that I've rated four stars which had got me gushing just from the very first page.

Okay, so Amplified.. 

I loved the musicality that was incorporated in it. It gave me the ambience like I was also part of the band. I admit that I got quite a bit confounded with the musical terms used but this just truly shows that Tara Kelly really knows her music well. And she bestowed that knowledge she has for music to the book's characters. Her characters really are true musicians. They not only passionately LOVE music, they confidently KNOW music. 

I can't say the same with the lyrics though. The lyrics were totally corny and cringe-worthy and I couldn't help feeling embarrassed for Kelly. I guess this just proves that Kelly won't be rocking poetry any time soon. 

I'm glad that there will be a sequel. There were so many issues that were left unsolved and undealt with that I knew right after I finished this book that there will be one. So I didn't really feel that dissatisfied with the ending. I'm contented with how it ended but not contented enough to not wish for a sequel. 

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