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review 2017-12-14 15:14
I keep reading these books instead of blogging
Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Compu... Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) - Amy Lupold Bair

The more of these I read the more convinced I am that my blogging issues exist between keyboard and chair.

Excellent overview of starting blogging with some reminders of issues and ethics and it includes a chapter on anonymous blogging with copious reminders of how difficult it is.

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text 2017-10-11 12:38
Get And Effective And Legit Support From Apple Tech Support

All you would know about the Apple Technical Support


Innovations in technology have disrupted the market at a very rapid pace. Previously when any sort of technical glitch have arisen in any of the device then users needed to go to support center and keep their device for a day or two to get that particular issue or error easily fixed. But with time things have changed users can now get solution for complex of the issues within a very short span of time. There are certified and immensely qualified technicians who went for years of training to make such things possible. With years of rigorous training they have now joined their hands together to offer telephonic support and offer solution to complex of the issues in a very short span of time. One can simply use the Apple tech support near me services to locate their technicians. They can then easily get in touch with them at any point of time and get solution for complex of the issues within a very short span of time. If you are keen in understanding about the kind of issue and error that can be fixed by them then below mentioned is an exhaustive list which can be followed by the users at any point of time to seek all the necessary information that have been resolved by them.


Unable to reset or recover the account password

Unable to sync the account with a mobile device

Adding, removing or editing Signature from the mail account

Chatting with people at different parts of the world

Restore the deleted the email messages from the email account

Recover or reset the account password

Insert an inline image in the email account

Unable to send, open, or download the attachment

Unable to install and configure the browser

Browser is continuously hanging or crashing

Unable to update the browser to the latest version

Browser is unexpectedly shutting down on opening

Unable to clear the cache, cookies, and history from the browser

Unable to uninstall the browser


How to get user friendly services for any of the technical issues?


This list is not completed as one can have many other issue or error with regards for the same. So no matter whatever kind of issue or error you are facing you can simply dial the 24/7 Apple tech support phone number and get instant solution for the same. They would be more than happy assisting you as their prime task is to fix users technical issues in a very short span of time. 

Source: articles.pubarticles.com/how-to-ways-to-get-the-proper-guidance-for-the-apple-support-1505543099,1713282.html
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text 2017-03-26 11:43
Booklikes i inkBooki obecne na Targach Książki w Lipsku

Zeszłoroczne czytnikowe nowości, firmowane przez wrocławski Arta Tech - inkBook Classic 2 oraz inkBook Prime – miały swoją premierę na filmie z Targów Książki we Frankfurcie. Niemiecki portal lesen.net, jako pierwszy miał okazję zaprezentować nowości polskiej firmy. Arta Tech wciąż zabiega o uwagę klientów na rynku niemieckim, o czym świadczy m.in. sponsorowanie nagród dla niemieckojęzycznych blogerów książkowych, przy okazji trwających właśnie Targów Książki w Lipsku (niem. Leipziger Buchmese).


Logo Leipziger Buchmese (źródło: http://www.leipziger-buchmesse.de)


Również portal booklikes.com będzie w tym roku jednym ze sponsorów spotkania niemieckojęzycznych blogerów książkowych. Całodzienne spotkanie ma w programie prelekcję gościa z działu kulturalnego Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, ale przede wszystkim prezentacje samych blogerów. Reprezentowani będą zarówno ci, którzy „tradycyjnie” piszą recenzje książek, jak i specjalizujący się w wywiadach z autorami, prowadzący podcasty, kanały na YouTube czy instagramowe profile.


Relacja ze spotkania "blogger sessions 17" (źródło: instagram.com)


W ramach ogłoszonego przez serwis Booklikes konkursu dla blogerów, nagrodami są właśnie czytniki fundowane przez wrocławski Arta Tech. Zasady akcji „Gewinnen Sie einen E-Reader inkBOOK” są proste. Po pierwsze, należy zarejestrować się na booklikes.com. Ponadto trzeba napisać sprawozdanie z trwających właśnie „Leipziger Buchmesse” i opisać je odpowiednimi znacznikami: #booklikes, #bmb17 oraz #lmb17.


Oficjalna strona konkursu (źródło: booklikes.com)


Niemiecki (czy raczej niemieckojęzyczny) rynek książek (w tym również elektronicznych) uważany jest za jeden z najbardziej rozwiniętych (i lukratywnych) na świecie. Niemcy po prostu czytają. Rumieńców, pod kątem e-booków w tym regionie, dodaje zażarta konkurencja Amazonu (który zdominował rynek w wielu miejscach) a grupą Tolino. Polska firma nie sponsoruje podobnych spotkań na targach książek w kraju. Ciekawe więc, jakie plany ma w Niemczech Booklikes i Arta Tech...


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text 2017-03-23 00:46
Microsoft Corporate Blog- Don’t fall for tech support scammers offering costly - PC cleanup ‘solutions’


We’re all familiar with how telemarketers occasionally interrupt our lives, often at the most inopportune times. However, even more upsetting is receiving an unexpected phone call claiming that your PC has been infected with viruses and can be cleaned only for a hefty fee. What’s worse is that the caller is almost certainly a fake — a bad guy who pretends to work for Microsoft or one of our partners.


Sound familiar? This tech scam follows a well-known pattern. A phone call comes in from a blocked or international number, and the caller urgently claims to be a Microsoft-certified tech agent who has detected viruses or malware on your Windows PC that must be fixed right away. These callers use scare tactics such as telling you to check your Event Viewer to reveal a bunch of “errors” or even ask to take over your PC remotely to reveal more so-called problems. And, inevitably, they demand payment via credit card or online payment system, usually to the tune of several hundred dollars, to clean your PC. If you resist, they often get angry or even threaten to destroy data on your computer.


What’s really alarming is that this type of scam shows no signs of slowing down. Increasingly, we hear via our front-line support team, and even from friends and family, that these scammers are getting bolder, targeting not only individuals but also businesses. It is appalling that they’re taking advantage of your trust in Microsoft in an attempt to steal your money. It’s immoral, it’s disrespectful and it’s certainly illegal.

What can you do to protect yourself? To start, check out our Web article on how to avoid tech support phone scams. (My personal favorite is simple: Just hang up the phone.) Second, report it. Tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the anti-fraud organization for your country. We’ve got a few links below to get you started:


- The Microsoft Safety & Security Center is a hub of information and resources dedicated to helping keep your PC safe from threats, including viruses, malware and phishing attempts.
- Help Microsoft stop cybercriminals by reporting information about your phone scam.
- The FTC Phone Scam webpage has a phone scam reporting hotline and useful advice on what to look out for when receiving unsolicited phone calls.
- In Canada, the Anti-Fraud Centre can provide support.
- In the U.K., you can report fraud as well as cold calls.


Whenever you receive a call or a pop-up on your PC and feel uncertain whether it is from someone at Microsoft, don’t take the risk. Reach out directly to one of our tech support experts dedicated to helping you at the Microsoft Answer Desk, or simply call us at 1-800-426-9400 or one of our customer service phone numbers for people located around the world. We know how disconcerting it feels to be targeted by scammers, and we want to help.

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review 2017-02-08 07:05
Blog Tour w/Review - The List

The List BT Ban


Today is our stop on the blog tour for The List by Tawna Fenske! Check it out and grab your copy today! And be sure to enter Tawna’s giveaway today!



 the list


The List Synopsis:


As the millionaire owner of a chain of computer shops, Simon Traxel isn’t normally hands-on with mundane repairs. But when a fretful brunette shows up with her fried laptop and killer green eyes, he makes an exception. And as it turns out, she needs more hands-on help than Simon imagined.  


Brainy soil scientist Cassie Michaels has spent her whole life feeling like a grungy tree trunk beside her delicate flower sisters. To make herself more interesting, Cassie invented stories about her wild sex life—stories she’s expected to retell in vivid detail at a bachelorette party. Cassie’s attempt to catalog her biggest whoppers goes awry when she spills wine on her laptop and lands in Simon’s shop with her sexy list frozen on the screen.  


But Simon’s interest is piqued, and the two strike a deal to make Cassie’s make-believe sexploits a reality. From steamy public romps gone hilariously awry, to sexy antics with kitchen utensils, their quest to conquer The List is equal parts scorching hot and adorably awkward.  


As they near the end of The List though, Cassie and Simon second guess their pledge to shake hands and say goodbye when they cross off the last item. But will Simon’s big secret make that the one fantasy that can never come true?


Buy Your Copy:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo




The ListThe List by Tawna Fenske
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was actually very fun to read. Cassie walks into Simon's shop for help with a laptop issue. They are seriously attracted to one another from the moment he returns said laptop.

This author never fails to give me the feels. Whether it be to cry, laugh, or just generally want to maul someone (in both good and bad ways.) Just such a fun book as I really hope to see more of these characters in upcoming stories. Makes me want to make my own list, if you want the truth.

These two were very obviously meant to be together. Despite choosing to hide certain things from their pasts, they keep it on a shallow basis for now. Love does not usually want to be a side dish. Seriously good story with an excellent pace.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

View all my reviews




About Tawna Fenske:


Tawna Fenske is a USA Today bestselling author who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist. Her offbeat brand of romance has received multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, one of which noted, “There’s something wonderfully relaxing about being immersed in a story filled with over-the-top characters in undeniably relatable situations. Heartache and humor go hand in hand.”


Tawna lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, step-kids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets. She loves hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, and inventing excuses to sip wine on her back porch. She can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year.


Connect with Tawna Fenske:


Author Website: www.tawnafenske.com

Author Blog: http://tawnafenske.blogspot.com/

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/tawnafenske

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TawnaFenskeBooks/



Enter Tawna’s Giveaway:


a Rafflecopter giveaway






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