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review 2016-08-18 03:44
Arcana Rising Mini-Review
Arcana Rising (The Arcana Chronicles Book 5) - Kresley Cole

I loved this book. It was angsty, showed many Arcana in full use of their powers, and explored their thorny alliances. It ended on another cliffhanger that had me tapping my nook for more pages.


I am thoroughly #TeamJack and (no spoilers, promise), what happened to him at the end of Dead of Winter gutted me. I read Arcana Rising dying for information about him.


I loved the scenes in the first third where Evie was full-on rage-mode using her powers. Anger fueled her, which we've seen in pieces and certain scenes (which are awesome!), but this was scene after scene as the Red Witch. I was right there with her.


We finally get to meet Evie's grandmother, her Tarasova. I'd anticipated her being loving but firm. She is way more intense in her role as Chronicler than I'd thought--all about the game.


I also enjoyed Evie's scenes with Sol and even with Zara (Fortune). I love the world-building and the sheer scrappiness of the characters.


The theme of fate versus free will continues in this book in the series. Again there are stories from past games that affect the relationships between the players and their ability to trust each other. Evie had dismissed them as "that was then, this is now" in previous books (somewhat), but this time those stories from past games had a strong sense of foreboding, which I liked. There was also a sweet thread of love between the players--beyond the Jack-Evie-Aric triangle. Post Apocalyptic badasses need love too. ;)


I can't wait for the next book. It comes out Spring 2017.

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review 2016-08-04 02:25
Day Zero Mini-Review
Day Zero (The Arcana Chronicles) (Volume 4) - Kresley Cole

Day Zero is a companion book to Kresley Cole's Young Adult series, The Arcana Chronicles. As a huge fan of the series, I totally loved it. Day Zero refers to the day of The Flash, the apocalyptic event that starts the next "game" between the players/characters. Normally, I'm a fan of reading books out of order (yes, such a rebel!), but for this, it's chock full of spoilers from the first three books. While it did follow some story structure across the chapters--which were each full descriptions (er, mostly) of the 22 Tarot cards--I'm not sure it would mean much to someone who hasn't read at least the first book.


I thought Day Zero adds to the series, little details that we wouldn't get otherwise, that more fully round out the supporting characters. I loved learning more about Selena, Finn, and Joules, as well as other cards we haven't met yet. I also appreciate the diversity and global-span of the players backgrounds and identities. 


As for the Evie-Jack-Aric love triangle, it lives on in this companion book. With separate chapters from Aric and Jack, we learn more about these guys and, importantly, why they're so crazy in love with Evie. Swoon. I'm firmly #TeamJack, but Aric's chapters are absolutely heart-breaking.


Cannot wait for the next book, Arcana Rising, to come out!!



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review 2016-07-17 14:40
Audiobook Review: Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole
Dead of Winter: Arcana Chronicles, Book 3 - Kresley Cole,Simon & Schuster Audio,Emma Galvin

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.com.


I’ve really enjoyed this series since I started listening to Poison Princess two years ago (I was late to the party, but that ended up working in my favor). This has been an exciting dystopian following Evie and the other Arcana as they learn more about their powers and play the game until there is only one left (I feel like I should see Christopher Lambert or Adrian Paul saying “There can be only one.” many times in this series. LOL).


This story picks up pretty much where the previous book ends. Evie is going after Jack, she is going to save him from The Lovers before their torture drives him mad. She snuck away in the night from Aric (Death). When she gets back to the camp, she learns he has made quite the name for himself. Several of the Arcana are getting along quite well there, thanks to Matthew.


Here’s where the story goes all wrong and finally starts to read like the YA story that it is. Aric shows up and Evie can’t decide who she is in love with, Jack or Aric. Yep, the dreaded love triangle of YA has reared its ugly head. The majority of this story is the three of them on a mission to save The Archer from The Lovers. OMG, the angst. It is big in this one. Evie goes back and forth several times. Jack and Aric are at each other’s throats. It is everything I hate about YA. Yeah.


All of that being said, I still have enjoyed this series. We did learn more about other Arcana. There is still some good action. We even get to meet some new Arcana. It was just such a small amount and was overshadowed by the love triangle that it makes me very disappointed in this story. Oh, and to top all of that, it ends on a big ol’ cliffhanger (hence why I waited so long to listen to this book. I waited until we got close to the next book’s release. See why coming late to this party worked in my favor.). I do plan to listen to book four when it is released, however, if it doesn’t go back to more of the first two book storyline and less love triangle type angst, I’m done.


Emma Galvin continues to do a bang up job with the narration of this series. I love her voice of Matthew, who is hard to follow with his weird incoherent babble. I thought she did a great job voicing Jack with his Cajun accent. I loved her voice of Aric too. I think she is one of the main reasons I was able to finish this story. If I were just reading the book, I probably would’ve set it down and walked away.

Source: www.hotlistens.com/dead-of-winter-audiobook-by-kresley-cole-review
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-10-24 14:03
FINISHED!!! (a few days ago)
Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole

So I read this book a few days ago and pretty much had a brain hemorrhage. WTF COLE? CRAZY ENDING MUCH! so its taken me a few days to even attempt to right this, really i'm not going to write much except to say its was a great book (i expect nothing less from Cole) i had some issues, such as the ridiculous love triangle. Its at that stage where she doesnt want Jack to seem like such a better choice so she knocks him down a few pegs by making him do horrible deeds, then she ups Aric personality but he's still a controlling dick, so at the moment I'm like, fuck em nothing wrong with being single. overall i still prob ship jack more, just cause of what they're been through and i'm really not a fan of using reincarnation as a reason for two people being together, seriously she's a completely and utterly different person compared to her past lives, it shouldnt have a say what so ever, she also shouldnt feel guilt-ed or pressured into it. New life, New person. also I'm still convinced Aric wants to make her evil - which makes no sense cause he claims he likes nice Evie and the red witch was a crazy lunatic bitch. plus pretty sure he mainly likes her cause they can do the deed.
Evie's grandma is bound to be evil - can totally picture that happening. Matto's clearly don things he should - book is pretty intense, especially towards the end, characters dying, some going missing, massive changes, CRAZY cliffhanger of an end, really it was like living in one of those snow globes, Cole came along shook the fuck out of my glass done and made it rain all over my parade (or snow, i suppose depending on your globe)

So yea that for the most part sums up my thoughts, feelings about this book. didnt want to go into to much detail for the massive spoilers, so this will have to do. REALLY looking forward to book 4!!!


fairly positive (hoping) jack isnt dead, it would be just like Cole to have either one or both of them survive, but she won't find out till its too late and she's done something terrible - like sleep with Aric. i wonder if he'll take her? fairly sure he will even after everything, not like he can choose someone else.
Hoping she goes all crazy evil empress in the next book, yea i love evie's personality, but it would be interesting to see this bad side. hoping matt wasn't involved cause she'll never forgive this. also im fairly certain he betrayed her in past book.

(spoiler show)
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review 2015-10-06 03:13
2nd time reading. Good stuff.
Endless Knight - Kresley Cole

Still a really good read but not as good as the first book in my opinion. It was interesting seeing a new side of Eve but we didnt really get to experience much of that side as she spent most of the time mooning over one boy or another, then becoming other peoples prisoner. Personally i dont give much of a rat's ass what Aric think's Evie owns him, he (view spoiler) someone else in my books, Yea that bitch was Evil but no way should Evie have to make up for her actions nor should she be forced into doing something because of a guilty conscious. She should be free to make her choices in her own time, not pressured or threatened, and while Jack is also quite a big douche i still prefer him over Aric who's even more douche. O.o anyways off that annoying subject, the rest of the characters were great, it was nice exploring more of they grey side of peoples personality, as I'm a big believe in not everything is black and white, and this book explored this quite well. the world was also interesting, we got to meet the cannibals up close and personal, which while not exactly nice i was intrigued, plus they were pretty nasty > overall this book wasnt as horror filled as the first one.
I think that somewhat sums up everything, sorry for the random rambling and jumping from one subject to another with my terrible use of grammar, I'm watching Hero's at the same time, so I'm distracted.

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