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url 2018-01-23 12:58
"Cold Hands: Warm Reads" in Science Fiction
The Sea Beast Takes a Lover: Stories - Michael Andreasen
Redwood - Mark Z. Danielewski
Thrawn (Star Wars) - Timothy Zahn
Artemis: A Novel - Andy Weir
The Gone World - Thomas Sweterlitsch
Gnomon - Nick Harkaway
Iron Gold - Pierce Brown
Adventure: The Atari 2600 Game Journal - Atari

List is from publishing house Penguin Random House's email newsletter.

Source: forms.em.penguinrandomhouse.com/ats/msg.aspx?sg1=6f3147f6c4cd8e0d831165f5f45b3b2d&ref=PRHAB653FE4CC3C&linkid=PRHAB653FE4CC3C&cdi=23CF0F9E33762BF3E0534FD66B0A902E&template_id=8102&aid=randohouseinc49531-20
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review 2018-01-19 07:28
Loving an Ugly Beast by Danielle Monsch
Loving an Ugly Beast - Danielle Monsch

They call him the beast for his hulking figure and his many scars, but his taciturn, solitary nature hides a big heart that beats for one woman only; his friend, the only one who doesn't look at him with disgust or pity, Nissa. She might be plain, but she's prefect to him, yet he knows she'll never love him. So he quickly jumps at the opportunity to be different in order to woo her.

Fairy Godmother Sara grants him his wish and turns him into beautiful Byron, a man women fight over...Except Nissa, who misses the man she came to love, the only man who never cared what she looked like—Benton.

I liked the premise, the little twist on the well-known fairy tale that had yet another surprising twist to it toward the end. Didn't see that one coming, but it was interesting, if a little heart-breaking.

Unfortunately, the story didn't quite work for me. I liked the two protagonists, although I found the heroine, Nissa, a little offputting in her aversion and prejudice toward beauty, and her inability or unwillingness to see her self-worth beyond her exterior. The same could be said about Benton, but the guy at least realized there's something to be said about his true looks compared to his puny new exterior.

Also, the many plot elements made the story come across as a little convoluted; there was just too much going on with the two wishes being granted, and I didn't really feel the romantic connection between them. The two were more like best friends exploring the possibility of benefits than a couple in love.

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review 2018-01-14 18:57
Quick read with a touching love
Bride of the Beast - Adrienne Basso

This was a quick interesting read. Bethan and Haydn meet under difficult circumstances, but Bethan's bravery and Haydn's trust left an impression on the other. Bethan's continued strength and willingness to overlook Haydn's secret made her enjoyable to read. Haydn was full of anger and only had revenge on his mind, but he still had me rooting for him when his secret came out. I recommend this story, and I look to read more by this author.

This is my unsolicited review and a Book Obsessed Chicks Star Review selection.

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review 2018-01-13 03:06
Beauty and His Beast by Bey Deckard
Beauty and His Beast - Bey Deckard,Starr Waddell

I hated the human prince in Disney animated movie too. 
I was like "who's deh guy?....

...ditch him, girl! you want the hairy one!"

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review 2017-12-28 00:00
Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water Book 1)
Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water Bo... Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water Book 1) - E.J. Russell A sweet, hot, amusing read!

E.J. Russell combines fantasy, fairytales, faerie and hot hot men in this lovely book about an accident prone ray of colorful sunshine in David and a broody beast of a fae suffering under a curse. David is adorable, optomistic and can see the true beauty of the 'man' who hides in the shadows and shuns the world, locking himself away in his practice.

Alun was once one of the highest ranked fae in the seelie court, men and women falling at his feet, the Queen herself seeking him for a consort, but he was struck by a curse that turned him into a 'beast' rather than a beauty and cast out of Faerie. Two hundred years in the outer world and he's built a practice treating the supernatural community of afflictions and running support groups for humans who had suffered negative exposure to the supernatural world. His world was grey and painful... until temporary office manager David burst into his life.

And the rest of the story is a fairytale romp full of mischief, secrets, attraction and good triumphing over bad. David breaks the curse, gets the Fae and gets his happily ever after. But like all good fairytales, there's a twist, a sword fight, a rescue of the fair prince, and a suitably diabolical villain to overcome before they get said happy ending.

I totally enjoyed this fun, sweet book. Off to read book 2 now! The Druid Next Door.

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