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review 2019-03-17 16:13
Sinless (Eye of the Beholder) - Sarah Tarkoff

After reading "Fearless", I had to find out how the whole story started, and had to get this. Now I know how "The Prophet" came to power, why everyone embraced the craziness, and everything else that led up to book #2. I enjoyed it, and again, what a scary place the world would be if all of this ever happened.

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review 2017-01-31 05:33
The Beholder is a tightly packed and well written fantasy story.
The Beholder - Ivan Amberlake

The Beholder is a tightly packed and well written fantasy story. It's quite youthful in its tone, but its content is too adult for the Young Adult genre.

I liked the male protagonist, Jason. Especially his mental battle and emotional and personal growth. Though the Insta-love bothered me a bit.

Emily is an interesting character, but I am not sure what to think of her. She seemed a little too good to be true to start, the at the end... Well I just don't know what to think.

The puzzles that still plague Jason at the end of the book were, rather annoyingly, what I wanted to know about, so I felt a little miffed about that too.

I can overlook it though, because the second Beholder book is available already.

I liked Ivan's writing, I found that with his other book too, but I don't know if I'd call this a thriller.

I noticed a couple of things:

5% - consistency issue: Jason arrived at the office in the morning for the meeting as he walked in, then worries about recounting the afternoon's events with his boss.

60% - ...saw himself as (a) character with a...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

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text 2016-07-10 09:19
Serial killer detective novel set in Phoenix - worth a look
The Beholder - David Bishop

Serial killer detective novel set in Phoenix. The main protagonist is Maggie Richards, a detective sergeant, given responsibility of cases of murder with body mutilations involved.  The eventual killer comes as a bit of a surprise (although i had my suspicions) - and not totally believable in my opinion.

A good police procedural, fairly bog-standard but enjoyable and entertaining nonetheless. Engaging and generally well-written - some interesting similes and metaphors make the writing a little unconventional at times.

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review 2016-04-02 00:00
Cursed (Beholder Book 1)
Cursed (Beholder Book 1) - Christina Bauer Elea is a nineteen year old girl who has finally became the rightful owner of Braddock Farms. Ever since she has become the owner she has had more suitors than a princess, one more than she ever wanted. All she wants is to be left alone to do her chores and to live her life in piece without someone always knocking on her door.

One day she gets wood that her best friend Tristan is in trouble and needs her. When she makes her way to Tristan she finds that he has been cursed and is dying. He explains how the curse works to her. After words the only thing she is concerned with is finding a way to break the curse otherwise she will die too. She has five years to break the curse or it is lights out for her.

Elea is also a necromancer and knows how to use her magick for helping out with the chores on the farm sometimes but nothing that is considered very powerful. And powerful she must be if she is going break the curse. So what does Elea do? Well the only thing she can do and that is to find someone who is willing to train her.

And five years later she emerges from the depths of a Cloister as a Grand Mistress Necromancer. She is known as the last Grand Mistress Necromancer alive and the most powerful. Now Elea is on a journey to save not only her friend but all her new friends that she has made along the way.

On her journey to break the curse she meets a powerful Caster, Rowan, and the sparks begin to fly between them. This is something that necromancers have no knowledge of or at least they are supposed to have more control than that over their feelings or so she has been taught by her sisters in the Cloister.

Can Elea break the curse before her time is up? Can she save Tristan? Can she save all of her new friends from the hands of the Tsar? As Tristan says “I can’t tell you”. You will just have to pick up your copy to find out. You won’t regret believe me cause I sure haven’t. Cursed will take you on an adventure of a lifetime filled with magick in only one weeks’ time more or less. I can’t wait for book two to see where Elea and her friends take us next in their journey.
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review 2015-12-15 18:57
Beholder by Graham Masterton
Beholder - Graham Masterton

Beholder by Graham Masterton is my second short story from the openbooks.com website that is available to copy, share, do whatever you want with it and if you feel it's worth some money, then pay something with the links provided.


Beholder has a bit of a modern day fairy tale vibe going on with young Fiona who never leaves the house, her mother says she's too beautiful and would come to harm. This is a house with no mirrors and beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, who is the beholder? Why, anyone who looks at you.


This is a simple yet truly horrific short story, I read the second half with a wince permanently etched on my face. To say anything else would give things away but you need to read this and completely unprepared is the best way. Masterfully told by a legend of horror, brilliant stuff.

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