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review 2017-10-18 21:06
The Cabinet of Curiosities
The Cabinet of Curiosities: 40 Tales Brief & Sinister - Stefan Bachmann,Katherine Catmull,Claire Legrand,Emma Trevayne,Alexander Jansson
I have to say no to this novel. To say that this collection of stories was scary or creepy, I would have to again say no. I read a total of 13 stories in this novel (or 137 pages) and I had to quit. I found a few of the stories that I read interesting, not exciting just interesting and one of the stories by Claire Legrand was exceptional. Claire’s story was what I was hoping this whole novel contained: creepy, weird stories geared towards middle-schoolers. This novel was a disappointment.
In Claire’s story titled, The Cake Made Out of Teeth we are introduced to a boy named Henry who is a horrible spoiled child but his parents don’t see him that way. When his mother makes him his 11th birthday cake, Henry rejects the cake and belittles his mother. Aimed to please, the parents take Henry to town to get him the perfect cake. Finding a poor baker, Henry decides to harass him yet this baker has a special cake just for Henry inside his kitchen. Oh, it’s special alright and when temptation, as sweet tooth and lack of self-control get the best of him, Henry will be remembering this birthday for years to come.
I really enjoyed this story and would have given Claire high reviews for this short story alone. I didn’t finish the novel because I just didn’t see the point from what I read but that is just my opinion.


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review 2017-09-09 01:24
Looking for a scary book this Halloween?
The Cabinet of Curiosities: 40 Tales Brief & Sinister - Emma Trevayne,Katherine Catmull,Stefan Bachmann,Claire Legrand

If you enjoy creepy short story collections then I think I might have found the perfect book for you. (Maybe this could be your Halloween read!) What makes this collection even more interesting is that it was compiled by 4 different children's authors. Claire Legrand, Emma Trevayne, Katherine Catmull, and Stefan Bachmann banded together to write The Cabinet of Curiosities: 36 Tales Brief & Sinister (the Internet has 36 and 40 which is thoroughly confusing even though I've read the book). This book has a little bit of everything and with the added benefit of different author's voices it is certainly never boring. There's magic, mystery, and straight up horror (just to name a few). The black and white illustrations that accompany each story are absolutely perfect (Great job, Alexander Jansson!) and were honestly one of the reasons why I picked up this book in the first place. They've laid out the narrative in a very unique way as they've styled the chapters like the different drawers and cubbies of a traditional cabinet of curiosities. The authors are the 'curators' of this unique cabinet and the stories are the background for each of the 'items' they've collected for the separate compartments. This helps to connect all of the disparate stories into one cohesive collection and keeps the pace moving. All in all, a solid collection that I might find myself drifting back to for the spooky season. 10/10 



Source: Goodreads

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2016-11-19 00:00
Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions
Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions - Guillermo del Toro,Marc Scott Zicree it's not a book. it's inspiration.
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text 2015-09-25 16:00
Fabulous Finds Friday: September 25
The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: Exhibits, Oddities, Images, and Stories from Top Authors and Artists - Mur Lafferty,Holly Black,Lev Grossman,Cherie Priest,Jeff VanderMeer,Alex Grossman,S.J. Chambers,Jess Gulbranson,Gio Clairval,Eric Orchard,Ekaterina Sedia,Jayme Lynn Blaschke,Ann VanderMeer,Charles Yu,Will Hindmarch,Ted Chiang,Jeffrey Ford,Michael Moorcock
Fledgling - Octavia E. Butler
Walks With Men: Fiction - Ann Beattie
New Amsterdam - Elizabeth Bear
Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine,Tee Morris
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Thirteenth Annual Collection - Patricia A. McKillip,James Sallis,Ursula K. Le Guin,Jane Yolen,Geoffrey Brock,Michael Marshall Smith,Douglas E. Winter,Ellen Datlow,Charles de Lint,Susanna Clarke,Gary A. Braunbeck,Gene Wolfe,Peter Crowther,Steven Millhauser,Thomas Canty,Kelly Link,Elizab

I've been on a short story/anthology kick, as well as on a mission to find genuinely good steampunk. There are other things mixed in here, but those items have been on my radar the most during my bookstore missions lately.


The Thackery T. Lambstead Cabinet of Curiosities edited by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer


Fledgling by Octavia Butler


Walks with Men by Ann Beattie


New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear


Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences 1) by Tee Morris and Philipa Ballantine


The 13th Annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror edited by Ellen Datlow (all hail the fantasy anthology queen)


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review 2015-01-25 05:06
Cabinet of Curiousities
The Cabinet of Curiosities - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

In the 19th century, New Yorkers flocked to collections of strange and grotesque oddities called "cabinets of curiosities." Now, in lower Manhattan, excavators uncover the remains of 36 people murdered and gruesomely dismembered over 130 years ago by an unknown serial killer... and similar killings are happening again.

This is the third book in the Agent Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, following on from their debut work 'Relic' and its sequel 'Reliquary'.

I enjoyed CoC most out of the three, and in my opinion Preston and Childs' writing and the stories are getting better each time.

Cabinet of Curiosities is regarded by many Pendergast fans to be one of the best of the stories. I shall reserve my opinion until I have read more in the series.

Agent Pendergast is an awesomely unique protagonist and one of my favorites, my only negative point about him is that his skills border on being almost superhero-like at times.

One word of wisdom from reading the first three in the series: Although each novel is a 'stand-alone' story, I recommend reading them in order of writing as each book refers to events which happened in the previous stories. The reading experience will be richer overall, if read in order.

One more thing is that as a Christian, I do not appreciate the amount of times certain characters use Jesus' name as a cuss word.

Cabinet of Curiosities: Good but not great... 3 stars.

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