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review 2017-10-27 20:10
The Circle
The Circle - Bentley Little
All three of the short stories in this novel are related. I liked two of the three stories as I thought the third story just was too weird for me. I like weird, I really do, but that story was way out there for me. I wanted to read a novel by Bentley Little for Halloween Bingo this year and time is closing in on me so this novel is what I have choosen. Three short stories, one gross but richly, one greedy and dark and one driven and brutal.
The first short story is about a boy in a loin cloth. Helen is at home alone when this boy runs into her house, runs purposely into her bathroom and shuts the door. She waits and finally he opens the door and runs out. She runs after him. He runs into their garage. Strange? Yes. But, what is even stranger is, what Helen finds in her bathroom when she checks. She cannot let this boy leave now. Helen believes that her future lies within this boy. This tale gets even more twisted as it progresses and I was dying to know what other secrets this boy held. It’s a gross one but rich.
The second short story is about a group of boys who want to visit a shrine which is in the backyard of a woman who is thought to be a witch. It’s the opportunity to have a wish granted but what would that wish be? This could be a fun adventure or it could be a trip they wished they never attempted.
The last story is exciting! There is screaming out on the street and a neighbor goes out to investigate. This neighbor has been watching his horror films as what transpires, tells me that this man is not taking any chances. I enjoyed the depth and breadth of his undertaking as he tries to come to grips with what a young boy tells him he has seen just a few minutes ago. Oh, this neighbor is driven and this story is brutal.
This was a very short novel and one that I enjoyed immensely. Bentley Little, I will be reading you in the future.


I am using this novel for Halloween Bingo, my Terror in a Small Town square. 

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review 2017-09-27 20:16
Way Too Long
Circle of Friends - Maeve Binchy

This book was over 700 pages! Seriously. At one point I nodded off and I think my finger kept moving or something so I woke up to a totally different place in the book, and did not go back. I just couldn't.


I really do love Maeve Binchy's works and since I saw the movie version of this, I really wanted to read this. If I had known how long it was and how some parts deviated from the book though, I would have passed.


I think the biggest issue is that at first the book focuses on two school children (Benny Hogan and Eve Malone) and we somehow fast forward through their childhood to when they move onto Dublin and meet another student named Nan. And then the book starts working in Nan's third person POV as well so she became a sort of third main character to the book. I rather wish we hadn't delved into Nan so much and just focused on Benny and Eve. And also, the book did not need to be as long as it was for us to get to the main point. The main point being apparently, once a cheater, always a cheater.


I think that Binchy over time was able to edit herself more and keep the plot moving much better in her later books. The flow in this book was pretty bad. Things were repeatedly said about the same person over and over again. I started rooting for nuns to die (just for something to happen). 


I think once the book moved firmly to the Dublin section it just got worse in my eyes. We get even more characters thrown at us and I just wanted to tell everyone to just have sex and be done with it. Reading about the girls that would, the girls that wouldn't, how boys wanted it, and everything in between was boring. I think this was touted as a coming of age story and blah. I prefer the movie version of this. 

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review 2017-08-26 08:00
The Circle
The Circle Vol. 1 - Damon Clark,Alyzia Zherno,Ivan Shavrin,David Murdoch

I fell for The Circle because of the nice cover. The art inside is slightly different, but still the strongest point of the graphic novel.

Christian has just moved to a rather boring small town and has some troubles adjusting and finding new friends. That is, until he’s tricked by a couple of teenagers with sinister plans to be a part of their circle. Things go wrong quickly from there.

It was a very quick read, but the story was not that interesting. It has all been done before and especially Christian is so very naïve. Also, it was as if a lot of the story was missing still because a lot happens in such a small number of pages that the events (and the ‘why’s behind it) stayed un(der)developed.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2017-08-22 20:28
great story and characters
Aim: A Circle of Justice Novel - L.P. Dover,Crimson Tide Editorial

Grace had worked more hours than she cared to admit. Grace enjoyed being the Event and Marketing manager at one of the top hotels in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Mya had been Grace’s best friend since kindergarten and was now more a sister than anything. Their fathers had even been partners on the police department until Grace’s dad became Chief Of Police. Mya was a HS teacher but she was also an amazing artist. Myr’a mentioned how Grace’s boss Jared was in love with Grace but Grace   said they worked together for a long time and Jared had never crossed the line. Mya then mentioned Ian but Grace didn’t have the time to compete for Ian against all the the women who wanted him. Asher job was her life. Also with Ian’s schedule and hers there was no way they could have a solid relationship. Then Jerad the owner’s son and joint manager stopped Grace and told they were having drinks tonight with his dad and he wanted to make sure Grace came as there was mention of a promotion for Grace. Grace’s life was lonely at times but she had  but she had been cheated on by the man thought she was going to marry.  So Grace’s heart was guarded Grace was going to her car when she saw a shadow then felt pain shot through the back of her head and then she passed out. Ian had a twin brother named Bryce who was also an FBI agent.and were part of the Circle of Justice - a group of assassins who targeted those who escaped  the system. They were currently going after a mob leader and those jobs were always more complicated than others as those guys ready to fight. For the past year Bryce had been working undercover no one in the family new but Ianas Bryce was in too deep. Being part of the mob was a whole new world. Ian hadn’t personally hadn’t been stuck on the inside but he did see it through Bryce’s eyes. Bryce had done so much to get the mob’s trust Ian wonders if Bryce will ever be free again. Ian didn't enjoy killing people but it was his job. Then the chief of police called - Colton- called Ian and told him Grace was missing. There had been men missing lately but Grace was the only woman. Some of her blood was on the ground with her purse and phone outside of the drivers door. Two of the men missing were from the area. All the locals missing were the same- no struggle or any indication of foul play other than the blood outside of Grace’s car door. Grace came to when a man let out an ear deafening scream. Grace’s hands were tied behind her back and her legs to her ankles. It smelled like Grace was in a barn. Then Grace called out Hello and said her name and the man said he was Chuck and he said he had to get out of there as they were going to kill him. Chuck added they would let him go then hunt him down just like all the others. Grace felt no one had wanted to kill her and how did she end up here. Then Grace showed up on Ian’s porch and he is determined to keep Grace safe and find the other people missing. Grace and Ian get close while he is trying to protect her. Reed also got involved with protecting Grace and was very protective.

I loved this story, the plot and the pace too. Also loved the suspense and danger in the story. I loved the twist in this story. I didn’t want to put this down. I did chuckle at times but also it made me choke up a bit.  I loved how the book grabbed you right in the beginning and wouldn’t let go until the end. This was a great read. I also loved the romance in the story.I loved how a stronger loving relationship grew between Grace and Ian. This kept me guessing on who wanted Grace killed. And why. I loved the characters in this story and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.

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review 2017-07-27 16:32
Review: "Full Circle: Forester Triad Act Three" (Tales of the Forest, #3) by Blaine D. Arden
Full Circle: Forester Triad Act Three - Blaine D. Arden


~ 3.5 stars ~


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