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review 2018-08-07 12:08
Talk to each other
The Curse Breakers - Denise Grover Swank

Dear Ellie and Collin, 


Sit your asses down and talk, do not threaten each other, try to debate the issues and come to some form of agreement about what's going on.


Collin, you're being an ass, listen to her.


Ellie, resolve your issues with Collin instead of playing around with David, it's unfair to everybody in the situation.


Reverse google images does not seem to be a strong thing in this world.  Googling things might help, also stopping being martyrs for the cause is a good thing.


I'm curious to see what's going to happen here and how things are going to be resolved.

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review 2014-10-06 23:45
The Curse Breakers by Denise Grover Swank
The Curse Breakers - Denise Grover Swank

Book two is another success for The Curse Keeper series! 


Ellie’s world has changed dramatically since she discovered that the curse she has heard about her entire life is real.   She finds herself facing evil spirits, demons, even gods as she learns to navigate this new territory.  With the help of Dr. David Preston, a college professor and expert of local Native American history, she begins the journey to do whatever she can to save those she loves.


I loved this book, and just like the first could not put it down.  It consumed my entire weekend.  I love the supernatural world that Denise Grover Swank has created; it is completely unique and intriguing.  I can’t wait to continue the journey! 

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review 2014-06-13 18:54
The Curse Breakers (The Curse Keepers series) - Denise Grover Swank

Actual rating 2.5 stars.


I got a copy via Netgalley.


I didn't love this follow up to the Curse Keepers as much as I loved the first. There was something...missing in this one though I can't quite put my finger on what it was. There was still an abundance of Native American mythology, fighting evil spirits, a new character introduced....


This was just a rather...meh...read for me. The plot picks up shortly after the first book, Ellie is now dealing with the consequences of what happened at the end of the Curse Keepers. I found the plot repetitive, a lot of unnecessary recapping of events in the first book to bring the new character up to speed. It did get irritating. And not a lot seemed to happen, there didn't seem to be much advancement in the story.


it was still well written, Ellie was still awesome, less Collin who hadn't improved much when he did show up. A new romance angle with the new character. Some grisly murders of people and animals (the animal mutilations were more upsetting than the people being killed) even so..


It just wasn't as good as the first book. Even though I didn't like the book as much as the first one, I will still be looking out for the next one as I do enjoy the series and want to know where the story is going.


(I have auto approval from 47 North on Netgalley, I think I also had an invite for this title, so thank you 47 North if it was an invite).

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