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review 2015-01-06 22:51
The Vault by Emily McKay
The Vault - Emily McKay

Date Published: December 2, 2014

Read from: 12/21/14 to 1/6/15

Rating: 5 stars


Synopsis: There is no rest for the damned in this thrilling follow-up to Emily McKay's The Lair and The Farm, in a series New York Times bestselling author Chloe Neill calls, "Equal parts Resident Evil and Hunger Games."


* The actual synopsis is completely full of spoilers from the second book!! Here is the link to the synopsis of book one The Farm https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13542868-the-farm


My Thoughts: This book was even more amazing than the first two were. So many things happened and we got a lot of answers that we didn't get in the first two books. The way things ended in the book were great. I think it ended just like it should have and I was very happy with it. It was action filled and there were sad moments and you are kept guessing as to what's gonna happen next. I am almost 100% positive this is the last book from the way things wrap up through out the whole book and at the end of the book. I would highly HIGHLY recommend this if you have not read this yet.This series is hands down one of my

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review 2014-08-06 17:23
A Wedding on Ladybug Farm
A Wedding on Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball

By Donna Ball

Series: Ladybug Farm #6
Publisher: Blue Merle Publishing
Publication Date: 05/21/14
Format: e-book
Page: 359
My Rating: 5 Stars


A WEDDING ON LADYBUG FARM (#6 Ladybug Farm Series), by Donna Ball is truly like a special gem, one to treasure and savor. If you have not read the Ladybug Farm series you are in for a treat, as it is captivating, addictive, and a Must Read series. Let’s hope this is not the last one, as these characters are just too darn good to end!


Loved catching up with all the gang at Ladybug Farm and Hummingbird House B&B guys! Each time I read a book in this heartwarming series, cannot imagine the next one being better than the previous; however, Donna Ball always surprises you each and every time with a new twist, making each unique and special.


I am not sure how I missed this latest book, as if I had known, would have pre-ordered or purchased it the day it was released. (Yes, it is that good)! Each of the books can be read as as a standalone; however, would highly recommend you start from the first book, and read them in order, as you will fall in love with these flawed, but magical characters.


The front cover is spectacular, as depicts the beauty and splendor of this lovely farm, the warm souls, good friends (old and new), family, the gardens, animals, the farm, smashing events, and the delightful epicurean tidbits of fine food and wine. Readers will laugh and cry, as they see each character grow and mature throughout the series, while making you feel a part of this close knit group of friends.


Bridget, Cici, and Lindsay left their suburban lives behind and purchased and restored an old mansion in the Shenandoah Valley, as they embraced rural farm living from the first book, bringing their skills and knowledge, and some old friends from the city (Paul and Derrick the gay guys-- you will love who own the nearby Hummingbird House B&B Inn).


They also have developed new friends along the way; old housekeeper Ida May, and Farley who can fix anything for ten dollars, and of course their grown children, always drop in (Lori, Kevin, Noah) and now the new winery, The Tasting Table restaurant with tourists, gifts, souvenirs, gardens, events, entertaining, and bottles of wine, and of course the famous porch of the main house lined with rocking chairs, for their nightly gathering, and now, planning the upcoming marriage of Lindsay and Dominic. It has always been the three woman against the world, and now that Dominic is stepping in, will things change?


A WEDDING ON LADYBUG FARM, brings you surprises you did not see coming, with a new love interest, which will make you laugh and cry (and I am not talking about Lindsay/Dominic) no spoilers there—what a great twist! Of course, with a wine operation, event planning, upcoming wedding, renovations, and crazy farm animals out of control; always chaos and obstacles around every corner.


From holiday lights, halls filled with laughter and music, noisy mealtimes, busy days, tractors, hammers swinging, gardens, vines, fruit trees, baskets of strawberries, intoxicating scents from the kitchen, and dreams of those inside the big house, and soothing comforts of home and laughter, all to warm your heart.


Fans of the Ladybug Farm series will get to catch up with all the lovable characters, as they all come home to celebrate. The series is for every woman who ever had a dream, or a friend. If you have not read The Hummingbird House (A spin off of Ladybug Farm Series), it is outstanding as well, and highly recommend!


Donna Ball, a highly talented author, with personality and passion. This woman knows her way around the kitchen, renovations, design, gardens, farm, and one phenomenal writer, as she so eloquently describes each setting, drawing you into every scene. You can almost smell the flowers and feel the breeze, and wish you were a part of the nightly group on the rocking chairs, filled with laughter, sipping wine or coffee, and discussing the day’s events and planning the next. I want to be there!


I think I speak for all of Donna’s fans, you are inspiring and the Blue Ridge Mountains (which I love as well), definitely is your solace – keep up the great work and cannot wait for the next book. I have not read the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, so think I will start on this series next, and then move on to her chilling suspense series, and then the romance.


As everyone likes to say on Ladybug Farm, “You never know where a dream might take you,” and Donna has definitely taken us there!


Fans of Wendy Wax, Beth Hoffman, Eileen Goudge, and Mary Kay Andrews will love this series, a journey and adventure filled with wit, tragedy, charm, and lots of love!


I definitely agree with one of the other reviewers,THE LADYBUG FARM series should be a mini-series. If Cedar Cove can make it, LADYBUG FARM needs to be front and center. Can you imagine the cast and all the viewers? Fantastic!


I think this was my favorite book, thus far (of course, I say this each time). Again, please oh please, do not let this series end. (Possibly bring in Dominic's children, or more from Lori, Kevin, Noah or new love interest for Cici or Bridget, Ida May's past to surface, new stories of the winery, the tasting room, and of course more from the B&B Inn guys, and their guests).



Book One    A Year on Ladybug Farm



Book Two     At Home On Ladybug Farm   



Book Three   Love Letters from Ladybug Farm




Book Four   Christmas on Ladybug Farm (a Novella)




Book Five   Vintage Ladybug Farm 







A Spin Off with some of the same characters:

The Hummingbird House 



Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1013663052
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review 2013-04-28 00:00
Love Means... No Shame (Farm Series, #1)... Love Means... No Shame (Farm Series, #1) - Andrew Grey First of all I must say I read the second of this series before I read this book. [b:Love Means... Courage|7020387|Love Means... Courage (Farm, #2)|Andrew Grey|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1256122736s/7020387.jpg|7266799] is the prequel (even if it's the second book of the Farm series) and in my opinion it's the best choice, first read Lean and Cliff's story, and after this book, Geoff (Cliff's son) and Eli romance.

So... The plot is... Horrible sad. I read and like Cliff in his book so start a book with his death immediately made me feel sad. Anyway, that's probably because I read the second book before... Maybe if you follow the order of the serie you will not care about it at all.

Geoff will be back, his father's farm is his now... And he must be responsible and do the right thing: be a farmer. Of course it will be easier after he met an Amish... Eli.
Eli following the Amish rules is out for one year, to decide if he want to go back to their community or stay out, in "English" (how non Amish was called) world. Everything for him is new and exciting, even the most simple things...
Can an Amish follow his heart, and admit he want to be with another man? Can Geoff accept his lover leaving his family and the only world he know to stay in his farm?

No, may look like it's a book with A LOT of angst, but it's not... Zero... Nothing at all. No angst, no drama, no sadness. I just notice it's how all books of this series will be, or it's an incredible coincidence both this and the other book I read are equally "angst free" stories. Strong themes (as religion, euthanasia etc) are present in this story but believe me... Not a drop of angst is present.

I hate something in this story... Geoff will be back... Be bossy, rule a farm... And dammit! And Len???? WTH? He was Cliff's partner for fucking 20 years? Never EVER Geoff said "this land is yours as much it's mine" or stuff like that! LEN WAS CLIFF PARTNER FOR 20 YEARS! Do I have do stress this point again? 20 years! Not 2 months, or 2 days! That land was HIS home, where he LIVE FOR 20 YEARS WITH THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE! How can no one (=Geoff) don't say it! Don't kid me! Don't make Geoff say to Len "you are my father too" when he DON'T act as if LEN IS ACTUALLY his father.
Maybe in overreacting, but it would be like I go back to my father's house, start to be bossy and tell my mother "oh ok, father is dead and everything is mine,, you can be the one cleaning and cooking. I need a hand around here". WTF? That house is HERS for ALL HER LIVE and I would NEVER dare to behave or be bossy in a place that is not mine! A piece of paper says it? WHO FUCK CARES! Geoff respect Len and consider him HIS FATHER TOO? He didn't show it!
The farm in the story was a success because LEN was there too, and was THERE WITH THE MAN HE LOVE... Not as a guest... Not as someone passing by... THE FARM MUST BE LEN'S PROPERTY TOO!. If for some reason the law don't consider a partner = husband his SON (Geoff) MUST! To show respect for the man the grown him as if he was his son.

*getting down from the soap box*

3 stars
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review 2013-03-22 00:00
Love Means... Freedom (Farm Series, #4) ... Love Means... Freedom (Farm Series, #4) - Andrew Grey Once again a sweet love story, this time featuring a young, somewhat arrogant man, falling for a younger man who has had an abusive past. Preston was injured in an accident and comes to the farm for some riding therapy. He is from a wealthy family and has only experienced shallow relationships not based on love. He gives his heart to Stone (unusual name!) and his love helps Stone move on from the trauma of abuse. This story follows the same formula as the rest of the series. The farm is full of supportive friends who help each other through troubled times and help to smooth the road to true love. In this story, Preston comes to realise that he only needs Stone to be happy. "He loves me, Mom, and that means I'll have everything."3.5 stars
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review 2013-03-22 00:00
Love Means...No Boundaries (Farm Series,... Love Means...No Boundaries (Farm Series, #3) - Andrew Grey This book shares some similar themes with other books in the series including making the most of your time with those you love: "There's truth to the old saying that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Our hearts decide who we get to love, but only God decides how long we have them to love. You have to make the most of the time you have, be it seven days, seven months, or seven years."There are also messages about the importance of what's inside the heart rather than outward appearances and not allowing life's challenges to limit you. Joey is dealing with physical scars and people's reactions to them. He doesn't feel worthy of love. Robbie, although a strong and independent man when initially at the farm, allows his blindness and his parent's reaction to it, limit his options.Together, Robbie and Joey learn to put this behind them and make the most of every day. "Standing in Joey's arms, the last of those self-imposed boundaries fell away. He knew that with Joey behind him, he could do anything."Lovely messages, wonderful characters and a sweet, happy ending. 3.5 stars
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