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review 2019-08-22 05:04
Just a cursory introduction
The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroa... The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad - The Great Courses,The Great Courses,Joyce E. Salisbury,Joyce E. Salisbury


It is very hard to go very deep into such a long history in such a short period of lecture time but Professor Salisbury has done a good job providing an overview of the country's history and culture and how it fits into the rest of Europe and the "New World." If you are planning to travel in Spain, this is a good overview of things.


However, she is a historian and not a linguist and her pronunciation of many key words in both Spanish and English was off-putting to say the least. Isadore is NOT Ice-adore by anyone I know, including a number of gentlemen who bore the name--even in Spanish the I does not sound like the I in ice but like I in machine There is no T in Cordoba, neither in English or Spanish. The parliament of Spain is called the Cortes--with the accent on the first syllable and a a hissy S at the end not a buzzy Z or the lispy TH -- and not like the conquistador Cortez. Fingernails on a blackboard.




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review 2019-07-05 17:31
Good Great Courses
Aeneid of Virgil (The Great Courses) - Elizabeth Vandiver

Dr. Vandiver's series of lectures on the Aeneid is wonderful. She not only gets you to want to reread it, but her love and passion for the subject matter are great.  She looks at the historical context as well the literary devices that are used.  She is wonderful.  

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review 2019-01-11 14:23
Great Courses: The American West
The American West: History, Myth, and Legacy - Patrick N. Allitt,The Great Courses


What I love most about Professor Allitt is that he is a Brit teaching American history to Americans. He has no baggage, nothing to defend and he has no qualms about telling it like it is. Manifest destiny and the taming of the West is sadly our contribution to the list of genocides and Allitt reminds us of this. He explains but he does not apologize for or attempt to justify the actions and behavior of those who settled the West. His lectures are rich with reading from primary sources, particularly journals.

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review 2018-12-24 20:56
What Einstein Got Wrong (audio)
What Einstein Got Wrong - Dan Hooper,The Great Courses

A interesting series of lectures by Dan Hooper as part of The Great Courses series.

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review 2018-08-25 04:49
12 Essential Scientific Concepts - Indre V Viskontas,The Great Courses

Science 101. This one is not for me. I keep thinking I am back in middle school. I barely made it through the first lecture. However, if you are just starting to explore biology, this isn't a bad place to start.

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