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review 2016-07-10 00:00
The Grimoire of the Lamb
The Grimoire of the Lamb - Luke Daniels,Kevin Hearne So in an attempt to break my reading funk I stumbled across this series on Audible as one of it's popular gifting audioboks. The description sounded really interesting and different and I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

First of all this is not like your typical fantasy/magic series. It follows Atticus who is a 2000+-year-old druid who lives in modern day Arizona. He runs a rare books shop and basically tries to fly under the radar, having made quite a few enemies of old gods and the supernatural variety over his extensive years. Apparently he's quite the thief and had pilfered many books and artifacts from the Library of Alexandria before it burned.

Atticus is hilarious, as is his Irish Wolf Hound Oberon who is magically linked to Atticus' consciousness and has picked up the human language over the years. He is full of sarcasm, snark and pop-culture references. The writing is so well done, specifically for a series that is told completely in first person. That is usually off-putting unless it is very well written. And not only is the writing spot-on, the narration by Luke Daniels--who narrates pretty much the entire series--is phenomenal. He captures all of the little nuances of Atticus' personality, as well as Oberon and other characters. In fact Oberon is my favorite character already just because of Daniels' portrayal.

This story takes Atticus and Oberon to Egypt, a place he has been banished from by the cat god Bast. He's there to find a wizard that had stolen a very-bad-in-the-wrong-hands spell book from Atticus. A book which Atticus found in the restricted section of the Library of Alexandria that was disguised as a cook book with nothing but lamb recipes. After finding a way to placate Bast to keep her and her cat minions--seriously she controls all of the cats in Cairo--from killing him and his faithful companion, he has to track down book thief, get back the grimoire and practice a little Druidic justice on him, i.e., kill him.

I don't want to give too much away. This is a short novella so it all gets resolved rather quickly, but there are a few twists and turns that were unexpected. The story did not feel rushed or unfinished, which can sometimes happen with novellas. I am really looking forward to delving into the series; because it seems fun and interesting, and I think it could keep me happily occupied for a good while.
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review 2015-02-01 13:42
Book Review: Grimoire of the Lamb by Kevin Hearne
The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne

Interested in reading the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne? This is a good place to start.




Grimoire of the Lamb takes place before Hounded, the first full length novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles.  This means that many of the characters that fans of the series have come to love are not present, but this is not necessarily a bad thing for a novella.  Grimoire and the Lamb is distilled down to the heart of the Iron Druid Chronicles--Atticus and Oberon.

Grimoire of the Lamb is a fantastic prequel novella in the Iron Druid Chronicles series.  This novella may be short, but it contains all of the quirkiness I've come to expect from Kevin Hearne.  Atticus and his Irish Wolfhound Oberon are both adorable and hilarious together as always, and the bad guys are Evil with a capital E.

While most of the later Iron Druid Chronicles books deal primarily with the Norse and Celtic pantheons (with the occasional nod to Native American myth with the trickster Coyote), Grimoire of the Lamb gives a dark and somewhat twisted glimpse into Kevin Hearne's version of the Egyptian gods and goddesses.  Some of these descriptions had me cringing and laughing in equal turns (Bast is goddess of a cat sex cult with a Kama Sutra-like book printed on cat skin pages)--you've been warned--and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. 

If you haven't yet read any of the Iron Druid novels, this is a good place to start.  These books are an entertaining blend of action and humor, with different elements of world myth deftly woven into a modern day urban fantasy world.  Highly recommend.  5 stars.

My favorite quote:

It was creepy being chased by that many cats.  Their feet made no noise, but I knew they were there, because a good number of the house cats had little bells around their necks, and those become damn menacing when there are more than two on your heels.

*Warning: If violence against animals bothers you, you may want to give this novella a pass, and start the series with Hounded.*

Recommended for fans of the Iron Druid Chronicles, and for readers who are curious about this series, but don't want to commit to a full length novel.  

Source: www.fromtheshadows.info/2015/01/book-review-grimoire-of-lamb-by-kevin-hearne.html
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review 2014-07-30 12:12
Grimoire of the Lamb (Iron Druid Chronicles Novella, #.5)
The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne

A quick, short but self-contained novella that takes place before the events of Hunted. O'Sullivan and Oberon are after an ancient Egyptian "cookbook" stolen out from under, literally, O'Sullivan's nose.


Events are fast paced and the story is excellent; my only complaint is the graphic consequences of the fates of animals involved in the story. I know this is not out of the ordinary in some of the more 'serious' UF books, and it's the reason I tend to stay away from a lot of them, opting instead for the lighter UF series. Still, I really like O'Sullivan and Oberon and I enjoyed the first full-length book, so I'm not ready to walk away just yet. Hopefully the cute and furry will fare better in future books.

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review 2014-01-25 07:35
Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles novella a bargain for fans!
The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne

Rating: 3.6* of five

The Publisher Says: There's nothing like an impromptu holiday to explore the birthplace of modern civilization, but when Atticus and Oberon pursue a book-stealing Egyptian wizard - with a penchant for lamb - to the land of the pharaohs, they find themselves in hot, crocodile-infested water. 

The trip takes an even nastier turn when they discover the true nature of the nefarious plot they've been drawn into. On the wrong side of the vengeful cat goddess Bast and chased by an unfathomable number of her yowling four-legged disciples, Atticus must find a way to appease or defeat Egypt's deadliest gods - before his grimoire-grabbing quarry uses them to turn him into mincemeat.

My Review: Set before the events of Hounded, this 30-ish thousand word novella is a treat. Bast the cat goddess gets Atticus and Oberon in a pile of scary trouble; Sobek the crocodile god is a complete nightmare; and Atticus isn't meeting them for the first time. It's stuff like this that makes the series such fun, this long memory of cool, scary stuff that, in another writer's sweaty paws, would be Utterly Portentous and Hypercharged with Meaning. Hearne, middle aged himself, writes the stuff like it's a middle-aged 2000-year-old Druid's bar stories. I like that.

The $2.99 the ebook costs is fine for entertainment received. At $1.99, I'd be insisting everyone buy it immediately. As it is, don't read this first but equally don't miss it. Atticus and Oberon (scandalously underutilized here!) are good value for money.

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review 2013-11-05 18:44
Ancient Egyptian Gods Walk With Atticus
The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne

Atticus heads to Egypt with Oberon for an adventure filled with ancient gods and mysteries. I love his interaction with the tales of long ago. His interaction with one catty god is purrfect.

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