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review 2017-07-18 07:46
Review: Royally Romanov by Teri Wilson
Royally Romanov (The Royals Book 2) - Teri Wilson



Teri Wilson takes the modern legend of Anastasia gives it a fresh twist in Royally Romanov. I adored Maxim and Finley’s story – it’s sweet without being cloying, fun, romantic, and fast-paced. Add in the mystery surrounding Maxim and whether or not he’s the grandson of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and you have one addictive story.

Finley loves her work as assistant curator at the Louvre. Her upcoming exhibit on the Romanovs could help secure her a much-coveted promotion, but her hard work is threatened by the arrival of Maxim. Maxim has just recently been brutally attacked and the head injury he suffered wiped out his memory. All he has are a few clues which lead him to believe he is the grandson of the Grand Duchess Anastasia. If his claims are true, then all the art Finley has borrowed from various museums for the exhibit would belong to him, which would ruin the reputation of the Louvre and make Finley unemployable. Maxim has to be a con man…right?

Ms. Wilson does an excellent job of updating and putting her own spin on the Ingrid Bergman/Yul Brynner classic. I watched Anastasia right before starting Royally Romanov, and though it feels almost blasphemous to say, I actually preferred Finley and Maxim’s story to the film that inspired it. Finley and Maxim are both incredibly likeable characters who have both suffered trauma and their meeting is the catalyst for each to come into their own. The two of them have excellent chemistry and though they fell in love rather quickly, their romance charmed me so much that I didn’t care. I loved watching them work to put the pieces of Maxim’s identity together, and I enjoyed how Ms. Wilson kept me guessing as to whether or not Maxim is a Romanov. There’s just the right amount of intrigue mixed with romance in this story, and that makes it very difficult to put the book down.

It’d be remiss of me to write about Royally Romanov and not mention the backdrop of Paris. Ms. Wilson brings Paris vividly to life and I just itched to hop on a plane and visit the places she described, particularly the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Royally Romanov shines in every scene set in the famous bookstore and Finley’s love of the place and – more importantly – her love for literature shines through and grabbed my heart.

Royally Romanov is the second book in the Royals series, but it is a standalone. Unless things change in the third book, Royally RomaRoyally Romanov, and Royal Wedding are connected by theme rather than characters. After finishing Finley and Maxim’s story, I cannot wait to read the next Royals book because I just love how Ms. Wilson reimagines classics. Royally Romanov made me smile and sigh, and I just plain adored Finley and Maxim’s romance. It’s the perfect escapist read.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/07/review-royally-romanov-by-teri-wilson.html
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review 2017-07-03 00:00
Royally Romanov (The Royals Book 2)
Royally Romanov (The Royals Book 2) - Teri Wilson The story of Anastasia has always enamored me. Whether fact or myth, the idea that hope and courage can rise out of one of the most tragic events in history appeals to the heart. Maybe it's the humanity that keeps me from believing that cruelty and hate can be the victor over love and optimism. Teri Wilson gave a fresh face to a haunting story that has echoed through time but still proves no less powerful. The fact that people can't forget shows the impact. Maxim was a creation of that legacy and the fact that Ms. Wilson took on the task of creating a fictional character that embodies such a historical figure is amazing.
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review 2017-06-20 09:23
Book Review For: STRONG ENOUGH by Melanie Harlow & David Romanov
Strong Enough - Melanie Harlow,David Romanov
Strong EnoughStrong Enough by Melanie Harlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'STRONG ENOUGH" by Melanie Harlow & David Romanov is the story of Derek and Maxim. Derek is 36 single (although he had been married) and trying to work up a relationship we a current women. But he isn't finding her or any of it exciting. Then his sister calls him asking for a favor and he has never been able to turn her down. Maxim is from Russia and has just got off a plan her in America hoping to start a new job. But his ride never showed up so he takes a taxi to a local restaurant/bar to collect his thoughts when he luggage is stolen. The owner of the bar is Derek's sister so the favor is for Derek to pick him up and take Maxim home until he can get himself settled.
Which in turns leads them to have an encounter that later Derek tries to talk away. Maxim is not hiding that he is gay nor is he wanting to put up with Derek if he is going to act like nothing happened. But can they stop what they are feeling and move past their issues?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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review 2017-06-12 00:00
Strong Enough
Strong Enough - Melanie Harlow,David Romanov Damn... Don't you just love it when a book hits you in all the unexpected spots of your mind and heart? Well, damn it - Strong Enough did that. Yep, right in the feels. Honestly, I saw the cover reveal tour and had clicked on it automatically because:

1. Melanie Harlow -love her writing
2. MM storyline
3. Melanie Harlow wrote a MM story
4. Blurb intrigued me

When life offered me the opportunity to receive an ARC, I did what any self respecting fangirl would do and said "HELL YES! "

Wow, just Wow! What a debut to the genre <3 By the way - the trope I had no clue it was GFY. Yeah, giddy like a seven year old on first day of summer break when I discovered it was also my favorite trope. <br/>
Let's dive into the characters. Derek was completely relatable to me. Could be his age. Could be that he and I share a personality trait (it's a totally reasonable one). Or could be his upbringing paralleled mine. So for all those reasons - I got Derek. Then there is Maxim. This character felt like an 'old soul'. Although in his mid-twenties, his attitude and behaviors were those of a much more journeyed individual. I think what I most loved about these two characters was the fact of mutual respect that just leaped off the pages at you. As a reader, you felt their connection. All of their emotions didn't feel forced or flip. Completely relatable in every way as characters. I may or may not have shed a tear or two. But it was because I SO wanted this for them that when things got messy, I did not want messy for them. I was completely invested in their happiness. The author may claim I messaged some ranting, but I would never do that ;)

If you are a fan of same sex romance and looking for something that gives you an inspirational journey that your person is out there for you, you'll fall in love with this gift of words Melanie Harlow and David Romanov offer. Click, read, enjoy the beautiful story of love. 5 out of 5 stars.

photo Five20Stars_zpsg66onvvy.jpg
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review 2016-10-30 06:14
Book Review: The Last Romanov
The Last Romanov - Dora Levy Mossanen

Book: The Last Romanov


Author: Dora Levy Mossanen


Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction/Supernatural


Summary: She was an orphan, ushered into the royal palace on the prayers of her majesty. Yet, decades later, her time is spent in the embrace of the Romanovs haunts her still. Is she responsible for those murderous events that changed everything? If only she can find the heir, maybe she can put together the broken pieces of her own past - maybe she can hold on to the love she found. Bursting to life with the rich and glorious marvels of Imperial Russia, The Last Romanov is a magical tale of second chances and royal blood. - Sourcebooks, 2012.


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