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review 2016-07-21 07:21
Touching & Poignant, This Will Leave You Emotionally Raw
The Day We Met - Rowan Coleman

‘Everything I attempt is fraught with the possibility of failure. And yet I am still me, at the moment. My mind is still me. When will the day come that I am not me anymore?’

The Day We Met took me on an emotional roller coaster ride while I commiserated along with Claire, Greg, Ruth, and Caitlin. They all had to come to terms with the devastating disease that was overtaking a fiercely independent and brilliant woman in the prime of her life.

“I think it’s love that lasts. It’s love that remembers us. It’s love that is left, when we are gone.”

Originally titled The Memory Book and released in the UK in 2014, I thought author Rowan Coleman did a fantastic job of giving us readers an honest take on how Alzheimer’s Disease affects families. This is a novel filled with extreme highs and lows, in terms of emotions and events. There were scenes that took my breath away with their beauty and poignancy, and then there were awkward, heartbreaking scenes that made me sad and almost uncomfortable with their realism.


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review 2016-06-25 19:38
I Met Him in the Ladies' Room
I Met Him in the Ladies' Room - Michelle Stimpson

Title: I Met Him in the Ladies' Room
Author: Michelle Stimpson
Publisher: M. S.
Series I Met Him in the Ladies Room #1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"I Met Him In the Ladies' Room" by Michelle Stimpson

My Thoughts....

What a wonderful beautiful story of how this young lady as well as her best friend found Christ. I found myself really enjoying this quick, humorous at times and well written novella. Now I will look forward to reading the part 2 of this read to see what happens to Kerri and Stephanie after their 'impromptu trip to Vegas.'

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-06-25 12:04
Das Jahr, in dem ich dich traf // The Year I Met You!!!
Das Jahr, in dem ich dich traf - Christine Strüh,Cecelia Ahern,Stefanie Stappenbeck

German and english review



Bin ich froh, dass es vorbei ist.


Cecelia Ahern ist wirklich eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsautoren bei der ich jedes Buch kaufe ohne wirklich die Beschreibung zu lesen. Ich liebe ihre Bücher einfach, außer dieses hier. Ich war wirklich schon lange nicht mehr so glücklich endlich ein Buch fertig zu lesen, weil ich noch mehr einfach nicht ausgehalten hätte.


Es kann sein, dass es zum Teil auch daran gelegen hat, dass ich es als Hörbuch gehört habe und die nette Frau, die es vorgelesen hat, mir absolut nicht warm geworden ist und mir in besonders nervigen Momenten, die Stimme einfach zu viel wurde. Sorry.


Im Allgemeinen fand ich die Story wirklich richtig gut und auch die Art und Weise wie Cecelia Ahern sie geschrieben hat. Allerdings konnte ich mich mit den Charakteren garnicht anfreunden. Jasmine, aus deren Sicht die Geschichte erzählt wird, wurde mir einfach teilweise wirklich zu viel und die meisten ihrer Entscheidungen haben mich mit dem Kopfschütteln lassen. Mit Matt, dem Nachbar von gegenüber, konnte ich mich auch nicht wirklich anfreunden obwohl ich hier sagen muss, dass er sich im Laufe des Buches wirklich geändert hat und er wohl am meisten in der Geschichte gewachsen ist.

Und dann hatten wir Heather, Jasmine's ältere Schwester. Hier haben wir einen Charakter, den ich einfach unglaublich toll fand und über die ich wirklich gerne noch viel mehr gelesen hätte.


Da kommen wir auch gleich zu den Beziehungen in dem Buch, die Beziehung zwischen den beiden Schwestern war für mich echt wirklich das Beste an dem Buch, Jasmine hat es in einigen Momenten ein bisschen übertrieben aber trotzdem war die Beziehung für mich wirklich das Wichtigste. Ich mochte es auch wie sich die Beziehung zwischen Jasmine und Matt verändert hat und wie doch so etwas wie eine Freundschaft zwischen den Beiden entstanden ist (ich bin aber auch froh, dass nicht mehr daraus geworden ist). So ganz überzeugt bin ich von Jasmine und Monday als Paar nicht so ganz, obwohl ich ihn eigentlich von anfang an doch gleich mochte.


Alles in Allem, es war okay. Es hat mir nicht wirklich Freude bereitet aber es hat mich doch stellenweise gut unterhalten.




I'm so happy it's over.


Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors, I usually buy her books without reading the summary of what it's about. I just love her books, except this one. It's been a while since I was so happy to be done with a book, just because I couldn't take it anymore.


Maybe it's because I listend to it and the lovely lady that read it, didn't do anything for me. Especially in the annoying moments, her voice was just too much for me. Sorry.


Overall I really liked the story and the way that Cecelia Ahern wrote it. But the characters. I just couldn't deal with them. The book is told from Jasmine's POV and she just was too much for me and most of her decisions made me shake my head. Then we had Matt, her neighbour from across the street. I just didn't like him that much, even though I have to admit that he probably had the most growth through the story.

And then we have Heather, Jasmine's older sister. She is the character that I liked the most. She was just wonderful and I would have loved to read more about her.


That brings us to the relationships in this book, I loved the relationship between the two sisters and it was one of the greatest things about this book. Jasmine was a bit over the top sometimes but their relationship was just the most important one. I also liked the way things changed for Jasmine and Matt and how they build a friendship (I'm glad that nothing more happened there). I'm still not very sure about Jasmine and Monday as a couple, even though I really liked him from the moment he showed up.


All in all, it was okay. It didn't really bring me any joy but from time to time, it was really entertaining.

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review 2015-12-16 00:00
When the Marquess Met His Match
When the Marquess Met His Match - Laura Lee Guhrke,Susan Ericksen I wasn't too crazy about this book. I liked the characters but they annoyed me sometimes. Overall it is a good read, but having read this author before I'd expected to enjoy this one as much as I did another one of her stories.
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review 2015-11-28 00:00
The Year I Met You
The Year I Met You - Cecelia Ahern unexpectedly a better outcome and progression that I was expecting. The story starts with a fairly clichéd catalyst event which causes the main character to re-examine her life. It is not just a "fall into bed with your hero" unwind. There is a lot more to it

This book is a good examination of the "whys" to a bunch of folk who are on a particular track in life... a worthy read
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