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review 2019-01-07 12:11
The Search for Rasha
The Search for Rasha - Paul B. Skousen

by Paul B. Skousen


Bassam Saga book 3.


Rasha, daughter of the great Abdali-ud-din leader, is kidnapped during the night by bandits seeking ransom. Her fiancé, Bassam, is as determined to get her back as her father. A caravan guide, Shamar, works out that the girl his clients have with them is a kidnap victim and makes a plan to rescue her.


This is a well written story with desert adventure and poetic prose when Bassam speaks of his love for Rasha and resolve to bring her home, though we don't see what he's actually doing about it for a while. Rasha is intelligent and resourceful. She's a strong personality and a likeable character, as is her rescuer.


Some of the missives from other people break up the narrative and slow it down. Personally, I would have preferred to keep the story on Rasha and Shamar or move between them and what was being done to find her.


The book stands alone well and I didn't feel the lack of background from not having read the previous books in the series. I rather liked the end, though it was sort of predictable. The notes after the story were also interesting as there was historical precedent for much of the story, which I had thought was just a Fantasy.

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text 2018-12-21 15:21
The Guide to Selling Your Home

As a homeowner preparing to sell your property it is difficult to separate your emotional attachment to the house that made the memories from the need to help potential buyers make up the space themselves.

Even if you have overcome emotional humps that already sell your house, the pressure to correctly set the price and attract the right buyer at home can be an obstacle of itself. You can take notes from the past generation and fill the statue of Saint Joseph in the garden or scrutinize the online list to find out the price of competing households.

Ready to move to a big house for your growing family, shrink to a small place or relocate to another part of the country for work, the process of selling a house is something that needs work - Perhaps work was anticipated than you.


Many tasks, including finding an agent to list your house, making necessary repairs, keeping your property in the original state, are ready for potential buyers to tour in a short period of time So you will increase the chance to attract serious buyers Pay the best dollar for your home.


Here's a breakdown of how you sell your house in East Bay.

Timing your home sale

The time to sell your house can vary widely based on several factors, including current market, home situation, how well you can get to the right potential buyer, and so on.


Barb Pepoon, a broker of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Northbrook, Illinois, said the preparation process could take a long time depending on the amount of work required for the home to achieve reasonable prices. It is the case of one house where she is preparing to enter the market. "It could take about a week.


For houses that are ready to go on the market, it may take weeks to clean up and take pictures. On the other side, it may take several weeks to re-paint the interior, reproduce the landscape and restore the roof leak. The time on the market depends on the state of your home, the value of it, the area you live in, but when you sign a contract, the deadline is set about one month later and the buyer's lender, Evaluate the property, get the opportunity to underwrite and approve the loan.


Before listing your house, consider how the total timeline will be affected by both external factors and your personal needs.

Image result for The Guide to Selling Your Home


Is it a good time to sell it?


A stock shortage has occurred in many markets in the United States. In other words, there is not enough departments to meet the demand of buyers. In places such as Seattle and San Francisco, this often leads to a competitive bidding war, with multiple offers simultaneously boosting prices.


But even if you do not live in the hottest market in the country, as a seller, you can list your home at the right time for your year. Gary Malin, President of Citi Habitats, a real estate broker in New York City, traditionally, as most buyers are looking for in spring and autumn,


In the summer holiday buyers are few, people in winter are bound by holiday, most countries are cold, so they are inside.


But that does not mean there is no buyer during the off season. You can see that the fewer the number of buyers visiting the house among the dead in winter, the more serious you are about making an offer when they find a house you like.


A real estate agent in Coldwell Banker West Shell in Cincinnati, Lisa Morales says it is a useful strategy to list a little of your house before the beginning of spring. "It is the best time to raise a house in February, the first day will be a bit longer, it is itchy to go out because I stayed at home during the winter.


There may be a popular time to sell homes during that year, but do not emphasize whether you need to list your home in mid July or early November. "After all, you can never fully determine the market or situation (your situation), because whatever your reasons is, you need to put your house on the market," Malin said I will. It would be beneficial, if not, I would not worry too much. "


Is it a good time for you to sell?


Your ability to prepare your home for the market and move when it sells is also a decisive factor. Many parents make it easy to wait until the school is over, to avoid having the children change their school year round, or to pack everything to move several streets.


Also, you may need to move faster than later. If you are transferred to a new state for work, listing your home right after you get the news releases the assets of your home to make it easier to purchase your next homeland.


Once on the list you need to be happy to move. If you live in a popular district where houses are rapidly selling, please do not display your home list as a 6 month process.

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text 2018-12-20 20:52
Reading progress update: I've read 20%.
I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer - Michelle McNamara,Patton Oswalt,Gillian Flynn

Oh wow. So far am loving this. A very good true crime story into the Golden State Killer that also has personal insights into McNamara's family growing up in Chicago.

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text 2018-12-18 14:03
What Your Real Estate Agent Does For You

Catch up with the market


The agency must constantly monitor the real estate market, especially what is happening with that specialty shop. This allows the agent to determine the selling price and characteristics of equivalent characteristics. The agent must read the market report and see the neighborhood and a specific house personally. It is also important to keep up with what is happening in the community, such as the development of commerce and housing, the quality of schools, the availability of transportation, the state of the employment market.


Current stay as a professional

Maintaining the latest state in the real estate field can be time-consuming. Specific requirements vary from state to state, but the agency will need to complete an approved continuous education course of a certain number of hours to keep the license valid.


The topics are as follows.


  • Agency Act
  • Contract law
  • Disclosure
  • Fair housing

Legal issues of real estate

The agent can continue to gain additional designation to increase expertise. Several major designations are available for specialized agencies such as CRS-certified housing specialists, authorized buyer representatives, ABR; certified seller representative, ACR; senior real estate specialist, SRES, etc. 55 We are cooperating with buyers and sellers over the age.

 Related image


Successful real estate agents spend a lot of time marketing in the following way.


Exploration for clients

Buyer agents and seller's agents need to spend time for new customers. This includes potential customer marketing through events, online, or marketing campaigns. We may also follow up with contacts and people who live in the agency's market area. Experienced agents will receive some business from oral advertisements and repeat sale.


Most agents are listing or seller's agents. With a contract with the seller, they get the highest possible price and seller's terms. The other agent is the agent of the buyer. They receive some of the fee that the seller pays, but they represent the buyer's best interests.

Market the list


The agency provides pricing and sales / staging guidance to the owner, advertises, holds the open house and actively sells it. The best agent advertises the open house by sending a flyer or leaving the door. Therefore, attendees are not limited to just those driving.


Communication / Organization

The key to the success of the real estate broker clearly communicates with all stakeholders involved in the transaction (buyers, sellers, other involved agents, lenders, inspectors, neighbors) and starts the process as smoothly as possible Maintain from the end to the end. It requires a highly organized agent that knows every detail of the process and market.



Your real estate agent spends a lot of effort behind the scenes. This job requires strong organizational, communication, and project management skills and a lot of intuition. In addition to the commission the agency's ultimate success is the satisfaction of passing the key to a happy new homeowner.


Choose your own Real Estate Agent:


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text 2018-12-18 14:00
10 Steps to Buying a Home

It takes a lot of time and effort to Buying a house in East Bay, but these 10 steps will help you manage the house purchase process and make the best possible decisions.


Step 1: Start research early

Please read the websites, newspapers and magazines that list the real estate as soon as possible. Write down the specific house you are interested in and see how long they are staying in the market. Also, be careful if there is a change in asking for the price. This will give a sense of housing trends in specific areas.


Step 2: Determine how many houses you can buy

Lenders are generally encouraged to look for household income less than 3-5 times the annual household income if home buyers prepay 20% and plan a reasonable amount of other liabilities doing.


However, you should make this decision based on your financial situation. Let's see how many houses you can buy with an affordable calculator.

Step 3: Acquire pre-approval and pre-approval for credit provision of mortgage

Before you start looking for a house, you need to know how much you can actually spend. The best way to do this is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. In order to qualify, it is necessary to provide financial information such as income, savings amount, investment amount to mortgage · bunker. Your lender will review this information and tell you how much you lend it. This will tell you the price range of the house you have to see. Later, you can obtain prior approval of the credit by submitting the financial statements (W - 2 statement, salary stub, bank account statement etc) so that the lender can confirm the financial status and credit.

Related image


Step 4: Find suitable realtor

A real estate agent is an important partner when you buy and sell a house. Real estate agents can provide valuable information on families and surrounding areas that people can not easily access. Their home purchasing process, negotiation skills, and their knowledge of being familiar with the area you want to live in are extremely valuable. It costs no more to use the agency than anything else. It is compensated from the fee paid by the seller of the house.


Step 5: Buy your house and make an offer

Start a traveling house at your price range. It is useful to take notes at all the homes you visited (please use this useful checklist). You will see many houses! It may be difficult to remember everything about them, so it's a good idea to take pictures and videos and remember each family.


Please check the details of each house. For example:

Run shower and test the piping by seeing how strong the water pressure is and how long it will take to get the hot water

  • Turn on / off the switch and try the electric system
  • Open and close windows and doors to check whether they function properly
  • It is also important to evaluate your neighborhood and write down the following things.


  • Are other houses on the block maintained and maintained?
  • How much traffic is on the street?
  • Is there enough street parking space for your family and visitors?
  • Is there a convenient place near school, shopping center, restaurant, park, public transportation?

Take the time you need to find the right home. Next, in collaboration with your real estate agent, negotiate a fair offer based on the value of an equivalent home in the same neighborhood. When you and the seller reach agreement on price, the house enters escrow. This is the time it takes to complete all the remaining steps of the house purchase process.


Step 6: Examine the house

Normally, purchase applications will be decided by real estate home inspection to see if there are cases in which it is necessary to correct signs and defects of buildings. Your real estate agent will usually help you arrange to conduct this inspection within a few days after the seller accepts your offer. This unexpected situation gives you the opportunity to renegotiate or withdraw your offer without paying a fine if serious damage is revealed.


Both you and the seller receive reports about the findings of the inspector of the house. You can decide whether to ask the seller to fix the property before closing the sale. Before the sale is complete, you will do a house walkthrough that will give you the opportunity to confirm that an agreed repair has taken place.


Step 7: Cooperate with mortgage banker to select loan

The lender has a wide range of competitive price loan programs and has a reputation for excellent customer service. You will have many questions when purchasing a house and banking staff with experienced and responsive mortgages can make the procedure much easier.


All home buyers have their own priorities when choosing a mortgage. Some people are interested in keeping monthly payments as low as possible. Others are interested in ensuring that monthly payments never increase. Some also choose loans based on the knowledge that they will move again in a few years.


Step 8: Have the house appreciated

The lender will arrange for the expert witness to provide an independent estimate of the value of the house you are purchasing. The appraiser is a member of a third party company and is not directly related to the lender. In the review, all parties concerned can know that you are paying reasonable prices for the house.


Step 9: Adjust the document work

As you can imagine, there are many papers to buy a house. Your lender processes all the papers and arranges a title company to verify that the seller is the rightful owner of the house you are purchasing.


Step 10: End sales

Upon termination, sign all the necessary documents, including loan documents, to complete the purchase. After the document is returned to the lender, it usually takes a few days to finance the loan. When the check arrives at the seller, you are ready to move to the new house!

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