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review 2019-01-11 19:27
I didn't see any of this coming
Sentry (2018) #5 - Jeff Lemire,Joshua Cassara,Kim Jacinto

It's dark, it's twisted, and it surprised the hell out of me.  


I pretty much just loved this miniseries. 

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review 2019-01-11 19:24
Sentry (2018) #3 - Jeff Lemire,Kim Jacinto,Joshua Cassara,Bryan Hitch

One of Sentry's old villains has returned - inside Sentry world.   But how?   It seems more and more as if Bob has been betrayed - but by whom?   


And since he's out in the world on a probationary status, will he remain free if he can't control Sentry-world, or the Void?

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review 2019-01-11 19:23
Sentry (2018) #2 - Jeff Lemire,Kim Jacinto,Bryan Hitch

I'm not into the Sentry as a character, but was lured in by the promise of Lemire's writing.   And I wasn't let down.   While this is a mini-series, I found each issue to be full of twists and turns. 


The Sentry brings the Void with him, keeping the Void at bay by retreating to a magical world inside his mind where Bob Reynolds is the Sentry.   In the real world, he doesn't turn into the Sentry at all anymore.   And this compartmentalization of identities allows him to live half a live in each world. 


But will that be enough, especially when someone steals the device that allows him to keep his identities separate via these two separate lives?   Who would know how to do it, and then be willing to steal it?

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review 2018-07-06 12:57
I originally had no interest in this series.
Sentry (2018-) #1 - Jeff Lemire,Kim Jacinto,Bryan Hitch

And the Sentry is an interesting character: he exists as a Superman-like figure in the Marvel universe, but also contains The Void, his greatest nemesis.   He's been out of commission as a superhero, he's been crazed, he has a fascinating history.   He's just also not been my favorite of characters.   That being said, Jeff Lemire was writing this!   Lemire is one of my favorites, so I happily signed on to read this.  


Doctor Strange has created a universe in The Sentry's head; he has to go there every twenty four hours and play superhero to keep The Void at bay.   In the real world, he's an old, washed up cook in a greasy diner.   In Sentry-World he has Scout and The Sentress to help him fight crime.   In the real world, Billy and Jenny are another cook and a waitress where he works.   


Billy knows about Sentry world.   Billy used to be Scout and now has one arm.   Jenny knows nothing.   Billy is bitter about Sentry getting to go into his head every day, while Bob seems to be just resigned to his life as is.  


And yet something is out there in the real world.   Something that Bob is not expecting. 


Something that we will hopefully see next month.   This was built up beautifully and I hope to see the real life tension with Billy and Jenny mount, as Lemire's set this up, as well as more Sentry-world antics.

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review 2016-04-10 22:15
Silent Sentry - Theresa Rizzo

Listened to this book as an audiobook so some of the characters names will be as I listened to them being spoken.
Story starts out with Giana and she's come back to her fathers house that she's housesitting to find an intruder, on her computer.
She ends up waking up in the hospital and Joe, a doctor comes to her aid-he will take her to his house, his parents are due home the next day and he's got time off. He's an old family friend and he knows many detectives who can figure out what's going on.
We learn a lot about their prior relationship over the years-she was infatuated with him.
Story also follows a group of others who want her knowledge, what's on her computer. If it goes public it will revolutionize the health care system.
Giana had grown up and specializes in nursing and to keep on her father's good side she works at the less traumatized center where she'd not see many gang shootings. She changes career choices and gets a degree in computers also and combines her knowledge to create Prometheus, the health program she hopes will sell.
Fast paced action, never a dull moment. Love the detailed descriptions of the area as I've only seen scenes on the TV. Love how the neighborhood watch out for one another and their younger children on their way home from school every day.
Sad, the day he lost his wife Maggie.  Some assaults appear to be targeting her, others target him so Pat Sullivan the detective has a lot of different leads and suspects. Joe attempts to help sometimes putting him in harms way as he bodily tries to shield her. With the assault she's left deaf in one ear and he is pretty sure with the damage she incurred she will never hear from that ear again.
Steamy hot sex scenes enhance this book and that leads to other inhabited.
So many intertwining parts to this but easy to keep track of it all, Few characters-easy to keep track of everyone.
Love all the charity work for the area. Love all the extra details about the writing of the book.

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