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text 2018-04-18 11:26
Blood Shadow and Aftershock: how do they fit into the Eye of the Storm series?
Blood Shadow: an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel (Blood Never Lies) - Dianna Hardy
Aftershock: an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel (Blood Never Lies) - Dianna Hardy
Eye of the Storm: Omnibus Edition - Dianna Hardy

Blood Shadow and Aftershock


Dark, humorous, gritty and explicit, the Eye of the Storm series crosses genres with paranormal romance and dark fantasy, leaning more and more towards the fantasy elements from halfway through the series. The lives of werewolves take centre stage, from their mythological history to their near extinction, and at the very core of this storyline filled with magic and man-made beasts is Lydia, a twenty-five year old waitress living in the human world, who has no idea what she is.

Focusing on character develop and dynamics, we get thrown into Lydia's new world no holds barred - her new world is sexual, violent, and ruled by nature and instinct, which challenges the 'romance' she's always dreamed of. It's also loving, warm and protective if she has the will to let it all in.


Eye of the Storm series, by Dianna Hardy


Amid her new pack, resides a she-wolf called Selena. Bitter, scared and jealous, Selena's aim is to undermine Lydia's arrival into the pack and run her off for good. 

This character we love to hate finds herself in a place she never expected, and the end of this completed series sees her and her new identity hurtled into Blood Shadow, which bridges the gap between Eye of the Storm, and a brand new, dark urban fantasy series to come (the Blood Shadow series).



In turn, Aftershock does the same with other characters from Eye of the Storm: Pete and Claire, and their new addition, Jasmine. Like Blood ShadowAftershock will lead to yet another brand new urban fantasy series (the Aftershock series).

Dianna Hardy is bringing us a new world with new rules, new dangers, and new characters to sink our teeth into, and the first chapter begins with Blood Shadow.


Blood Shadow


Blood Shadow:

an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel
​(Blood Never Lies, #1)


*although some background is given to make this book comprehensible for new readers, it's recommended that you read Eye of the Storm before read Blood Shadow


Five years after her life changed forever, Jennifer Warren has put her past firmly behind her - at least, she's tried. A few sweaty nightmares here and there are a small price to pay for the freedom she won. No longer a werewolf, but human, she works as an office manager for a health and beauty spa in York, and keeps herself to herself. It's barely enough to pay the bills, but it's quiet and safe, and the clique of the staff means she's left well enough alone - no one asks her questions; no one wants to get to know her better.


David, her tender, kind boyfriend of two years is all she needs ... and she doesn't really need him, which suits her just fine. Never mind the occasional guilt that she doesn't really love him; he'd never hurt her in a million years - that's worth its weight in gold.


But Jennifer's just received another note - one of those that her mysterious, anonymous 'friend' likes to leave her every now and then; warnings of things to come, people not to trust... Her elusive friend has saved her more than once the past five years.


Only this note has left her breathless; her chest tight. A Supermoon is coming - the first in thirty years - and with it, a total lunar eclipse.


Jennifer's disowned her past, but it hasn't disowned her. As the earth shadows the full moon, her own shadows threaten to turn on her.


Can you ever escape what you truly are?


Blood never lies.





Pre-order from:


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(Google Play only available on release day)


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review 2018-02-18 00:00
Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1)
Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1... Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1) - Brett Arquette,Jim Gabler,Michael Picco I received a copy from the author.

First I shall admit to no finishing, this is not my usual genre to read but it sounded good and had many 5 star reviews.

Basically Marshall Hail, after the deaths of his family at the hands of terrorists decides to take the FBI most wanted list on. After killing a North Korean he attracts the CIA who want his help concerning a Russian arms dealer who was selling weapons to the guy Hail killed.

It stated out great, jumped right in and I thought great. state of the art drones getting ready to take the guy out. Nothing happened, for a few chapters. Talk about drawn out. I just got fed up of all the in depth weapon talk, don't get me wrong the was impressive. Clearly a well researched book.
Because I didn't finish the book all I can say is that it all the makings of a great thriller but it was just so long winded and too much time spent on describing the weapons.
I was expecting something similar to the Alex Hunter books by Greig Beck but wasn't to be.
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review 2017-11-02 00:00
Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1)
Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1... Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1) - Brett Arquette,Jim Gabler,Michael Picco 2.5 stars - not great, but not awful. I was given this book in return for an honest review, so here goes.

It was billed (in the mail sent through Goodreads by the author), that as I'd liked Robert Ludlum books, then I'd like this. Reading other reviews, it seems he has a form letter and just replaces the name of any other author and finds people who liked them.

I've only read one Ludlum ([b:The Bourne Supremacy|15769|The Bourne Supremacy (Jason Bourne, #2)|Robert Ludlum|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1335860600s/15769.jpg|2508588]), and this book is nothing like that.
More of a techno-thriller, would probably appeal to people who liked Clancy's "Net Force".

It could do with some editing, and cutting down some of the parts that just seem like filler. The characters didn't do anything to make me feel anything for them.
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review 2017-05-14 01:42
Should've Known Better - Cassandra Carr
  One of Cassandra Carr's best stories. She gets these characters right as they deal with timely incidences in their lives. Sarah does not want to go public with their relationship which causes problems for Sebastian.

I like the way the situation was handled. I thought it was well done and sensitively handled. I could understand both sides though not agree with Sarah and her reasoning. She needed to decide what was more important. When she did decide she almost lost what was most important. I am glad they were able to work it out.
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review 2016-11-28 16:16
Take the Storm by Rebecca Zanetti
Take The Storm - Rebecca Zanetti
I really enjoyed getting a look into Marisol's life and personality. Up until now, I have only been able to see her as the guardian and caregiver for her siblings, but in Take the Storm, we get to see who she is as a person. Unfortunately, that person has been locked away and only came up for breath a couple times. She so embedded in being the perfect parent figure, that she's forgotten about herself.
Patrick wants to see her come out of her shell and do something for herself, but his pushing and ultimatums may backfire. Marisol isn't a woman to take demands lightly. The rest of Storm, TX is chugging along with its usual drama. We see glimpses of other characters and Dakota takes an interesting turn in her views on her relationship with the Senator (not for the better). A good addition, with plenty to tease you for what's next.
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