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review 2018-09-13 06:03
The Trench [Meg #2] by Steve Alten
The Trench - Steve Alten

***Trigger warning: Rape is mentioned, along with the person being tortured, there were two attempted rape scenes, one quite graphic and incest. I am sorry if you think these are spoilers, but I rather spoil someone than have someone be triggered.***

Repeated phrases, telling, not showing, treatment of woman, misogyny, mention of rape & torture and 2 attempted rapes, one pretty graphic & incest: these are some of the things that make me not enjoy the book as much, some more on an annoyance level and others quite a bit more serious.



The author needs a better editing team. If Jonas feels his temper flaring one more time, I'm going to scream, and just how many times can a person flash a smile, or flash their eyes in anger, flash this, flash that....? "For a surreal moment" is also used many times. Once you notice the repetitiveness, it is almost impossible not to notice, which brings you out of the story. Most of the scenes are written through telling and hardly any showing, which is dull.

Too many characters. I gave up trying to keep track of them. 99% were not important, just written in to be killed.

I like how Masao treats Jonas as a true son and not a son-in-law. They have a couple sweet father-son moments. The actions scenes were suspenseful. I truly felt Terry's terror as she goes through the stuff she went through. There are a couple characters I hated so much and admit, I was hoping they would die, so Steve Alten is good at writing characters you hate.

I do plan on reading more, but I don't think this one is going to go down as one of my most liked.

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review 2017-07-10 00:54
The Trench Angel Review - An Engaging Work of Historical Fiction
The Trench Angel - Michael Keenan Gutierrez


Trench Angel is a novel of early 1900s mayhem and upheaval -- a lone war photographer struggling with the memories of his past, a twisted family history, and a landscape of hardnosed Pinkerton detectives, class warfare, anarchists, and death.


The author has a clear talent for using historical details and recreating the mood of the early 1900s. We get each scene in a clear and engaging style. The sentences were beautifully written and a pleasure to read. The tone of the book is at times hard-boiled, at times romantic, and at times tongue-in-cheek black comedy. For the most part, these varying tones work to create an entertaining period piece. Though, occasionally, the varying tones don't always balance.


There are two main stories going on at once: one that takes place in the post-WWI period when the main character has returned from abroad and must unwind a tangled knot of family history, personal failures, labor tension, and a murder mystery; and a second one that takes place in the past that involves a love story set in the early days of the WWI.


For me, my heart was set in the WWI story. That story was simpler and more beautiful. However, it also had much more unexplored territory. Unfortunately, this story comprises much less of the book than I hoped. It's entirely possible that they are two separate stories that could have been told in two separate novels.


At times, too, I struggled to understand the protagonist's motivation. Since he is in a state of depression and alcoholism when we meet him after WWI, it's hard to know exactly what his internal motivation is (other than to get another drink). If I read the book a second time, I might pick up on this more.


One last note about this book. I was able to finish it in a few days on top of a busy schedule. Thus, in addition to being a solidly written work of fiction, it was also highly engaging.


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review 2015-07-12 00:00
Cute & Easy Crochet: Learn to Crochet With These 35 Adorable Projects
Cute & Easy Crochet: Learn to Crochet With These 35 Adorable Projects - Nicki Trench Helpful. Nice patterns.
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