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text 2018-03-22 16:40
Fan Cast: Shock Waves by Carolyn Keene


Nancy Drew: Katherine McNamara
Frank Hardy: Richard Harmon

Joe Hardy: Dylan Playfair

Bess Marvin: Abigail Breslin
George Fayne: Brianna Hildebrand
Ned Nickerson: Ansel Elgort



Mercedes: Victoria Justice

Buck: Alexander Ludwig

Claire: Katherine Langford
Taryn: Rae Gray
Roy: Chris Hemsworth

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review 2018-03-22 16:02
Shock Waves by Carolyn Keene
Shock Waves - Carolyn Keene,Franklin W. Dixon

Series: #3 in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries

Rating: 3 stars

Nancy Drew and her boyfriend, Ned, are among the guests invited to flourish Padre Island, on the Gulf Coast. Everyone's geared up for spring break, including Frank and Joe Hardy. The brother detectives happen to be staying at the home of wealthy friend Buck Calhoun. While scuba diving, Buck makes a play for Nancy, which Ned intercepts. But, the game begins when Buck finds a sunken wreck, and a dead body. Meanwhile, Padre Island's social set is raided buy a squad of resort sharks. The sophisticated crime group has ripped off a fortune in loot. But, they've never left a clue until they snatch a pair of melted keys belonging to Joe Hardy. The worthless keys have deep personal value for the youth sleuth. And, he vows to track them down no matter what the risk...in Shock Waves. This novel has twists and turns like a switch-back road that keeps one guessing. (from Goodreads)

First off, there were way too many characters. Bess and George could have easily stayed home and Claire and Kristin were absolutely pointless.

This wasn't a great Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. The others I've read have been much more intense and interesting. There were some weak spots and as I said earlier, it felt crowded. I personally could've done without Ned being there because I ship Frank and Nancy... #oops

The ending wasn't surprising. I didn't guess right, but it was more like "oh, okay" then "OH MY GOSH I NEVER SAW THAT COMING" if you know what I mean. I don't know, at the beginning it's set up like a murder mystery but throughout the book they're focusing on lost pirate treasure and thefts.

Plus there were a couple of mistakes from the cover to the book, like how on the cover Nancy is showing Frank what she found when in the book it's Joe who found it. And in the summary, Buck's last name is different then what it is in the book. All in all, not impressed and a bit disappointed.

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text 2018-03-18 17:59
Reading progress update: I've read 143 out of 219 pages.
Shock Waves - Carolyn Keene,Franklin W. Dixon

So far there has been an error on the back cover summary versus what happens in the book and drawing on one page of my copy. Hmm...

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review 2017-11-07 23:19
All the Breaking Waves ★☆☆☆☆
All the Breaking Waves: A Novel - Kerry Lonsdale, Dara Rosenberg

Update @ 10%

Okay, I’ve given it a full hour of audio time, or 10% of the total book, which is more than double my minimum 20 minutes that I usually give before DNF’ing a book. It’s just not well-written. The narrative gives details from a first person point of view that normally belong to a 3rd person POV, even sometimes making observations that would be belong to 3rd person omniscient. It’s just not plausible that someone is going to be so continuously self-aware of their own involuntary body language. This woman is so internally focused it’s a wonder she’s able to interact with the outside world at all. And the choice of telling us every damn moment to moment detail is exhausting. Who cares that she sighed before standing up and that she carried some bins (that were not critical to the scene or events) to her car. Or that they packed and loaded their car before setting off on an out of town trip? It's like death by a thousand paper cuts. 


Anyway, DNF at 10%. Dara Rosenberg’s reading was okay, but it couldn’t elevate the source material. Returned the book to Audible for a refund. I guess I’ll have to find another book for The 16 Tasks of the Festive Season, Square 2 - Read a book that takes place on the sea, near the sea, or on a lake or a river, or read a book that has water on the cover.


Previous post @ 7%

I looked over at Cassie, and my breath caught in my throat. She stood, frozen, her eyes moonlike circles as she stared at me. Her face paled. My heart lurched. I knew that look, and swore under my breath. Not another premonition. Give the girl a break. Cassie shrieked, and I jerked. The phone slipped from my fingers. She screamed again, high pitched, curdling my blood. What had she seen? Who had she seen? I glanced around the park. There wasn’t anyone we knew. She always knew the people in her visions.


“Mommy!” She ran to me and slammed into my stomach. She pounded me with her fists, still screaming my name. This was a bad one. The worst one yet. I couldn’t imagine the nightmares she’d have this time.


How can this author use so many words to convey so little? This writing style is just not engaging at all. I feel as though I’m just being fed information.

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review 2017-04-30 13:44
Great Story and Characters
Making Waves: A Beach Lane Novel - Laura Moore

Dakota was raised  in The Hamptons  though she is part of a upper crust family she is nothing like her family. Dakota is a self made business woman and runs a concierge service for the rich and famous. Her family is dysfunctional and hard to really like. Then she accepts a job to work on her family’s estate Windhaven   for the new owner after it had been sold. Max is an ex football star and is currently a money making machine.  Max is a playboy and likes a variety of woman on his arm. He avoids attachments as he fears run deep. Dakota is the illegitimate daughter of an heiress- Piper- who is focused on being an heiress. Max works hard at his job. Dakota starts working for Max who is the new owner of her family estate and her family causes an uproar. Max’s two attachments are business and money. Max bought the big estate to impress clients and his father. He had the previous owner’s family member to revamp the estate. But Max is also interested in Dakota. Max works for Wall Street, a partner in a private equity firm. Both Max and Dakota had dealt with rejection and heartache. Dakota’s family “had never included or accepted her” as she had been born illegitimate and of an affair. Dakota has never had the desire to follow in her mother’s jet setting ways. Dakota’s ways of calming herself when her life has too much chaos is to go surfing. Piper was crazy, self centered, and Dakota’s mother- if that is what you could call her. Piper had lied about knowing who Dakota’s father was and when she finds out the truth and knows who her father really is she goes looking for him. Dakota’s business is called Premier Services. If her clients want something like for example  their house cleaned or groceries bought she made sure they got it.Dakota was hired to stock, remodel, and refurnish the estate for Max. Max blamed himself for his twin sisters death in a car accident when he was eighteen. Then his mother’s death a year later. His father told Max these deaths were his fault. Dakota teaches Max how to surf but also how to feel again through a kind of friendship than more. Dakota had met Hendrick in middle school he was a psychiatrist and a father figure to  her. Hendrick had given Dakota her first job watering his plants, and raking his leaves and they became friends Hendrick also bought Dakota her first surfboard. Dakota still plays the dutiful daughter and takes care of Piper as much as she can. Then  Max and Dakota became a real couple expecting a child.

I loved this story all though at times it was a little slow and confusing but got through it and it really didn’t take that much away from the story. I definitely didn’t care for Dakota’s family. I didn’t understand why Dakota kept going back when they didn’t love her in any way or even liked her. I loved Hendrick and how he had and was there for Dakota. I love the plot and the writing. The pace was great most of the time. But the ending was just out there. With Dakota in labor and her water breaking and her walking on the beach. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend this story.

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