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review 2016-11-20 22:53
All the Breaking Waves
All the Breaking Waves: A Novel - Kerry Lonsdale
Publisher: Lake Union
Publication Date: 12/6/2016 
Format: Other
My Rating: 4 Stars


Kerry Lonsdale continues with another heartfelt tale, following her debut, Everything We Keep, with her latest upcoming, ALL THE BREAKING WAVES —an emotional family domestic suspense saga of dark secrets, mystery, and magical realism.

Lonsdale paints a vivid portrait of a contemporary family filled with secrets, strife and ultimately—love.

ALL THE BREAKING WAVES is a mystery suspense with strong twists of romantic, historical, and paranormal elements. A talented sea glass artist, Molly Brennan whose daughter, gifted with visions, predicts Molly’s death. Molly has five days to outwit fate or make the ultimate sacrifice any parent can make. The daughter’s premonitions come with dangerous side-effects.

Molly Brennan grew up in the Pacific Grove, a coastal town on the Monterey Peninsula in California. She loved the ocean and combing for treasures. She had once believed the surf-tumbled glass had come from mermaids.

When the mythical creatures wept for sailors lost at sea, their tears hardened and washed ashore by the latest storm front. Mermaid tears were treasures, meant to be guarded close to one’s heart. They brought wishes of true love and kept you safe from those who meant harm.

However, time had taught her two valuable lessons: Fairy tales and fables paled in comparison with real nightmares, and psychic abilities were a power, the human body should not possess.

Years ago, Molly had left her home following a tragic accident. In the process, she also left the man she loved, Owen. Telling him she did not love him, but she did and always will. She was only trying to protect others around her. Her mom was murdered, and her dad died in a fatal car accident. She had no one left but her Nana, and she was getting old. And her daughter, she has to protect.

Four generations of women with "the gift." A gift which could be a torture and misunderstood by many. Ordinary to extraordinary.

Since this time, twelve years later Molly has made a home for herself and her eight-year-old daughter Cassie. Molly teaches art history at a local community college and makes jewelry from the glass she collects with a side business, selling to boutiques. They live a quiet life in San Luis Obispo in a small bungalow.

However, now her worst nightmare is facing her head on.

Cassie is experiencing horrific visions and debilitating nightmares. She is making predictions at school to keep her friends out of harm’s way. She is being bullied and frightening the parents, students, teachers, and her friends. Everyone thinks she is a freak.

Mollie’s daughter Cassie has dreams, with premonitions. They were getting worse and more gruesome. The accidents she foresaw were followed by nightmares that recurred until the premonition came to pass.

Her latest, she told her friend Grace she would be hit by a car on her bike, so she keeps telling her to be safe and wear a helmet. Maybe she could keep her from dying. To keep her from having brain damage. Both mother and daughter are desperate to have the visions go away.

They were vicious little monsters. They only echoed Molly’s own grammar school experiences. The taunting and jeers, the cautious glances. It was easier to play the role of the social outcast than to explain the odd things she saw or seemed to make other people do.

Cassie’s abilities had only recently manifested and Molly was worried she was already a social outcast. If only she could learn not to talk about them at school.

After all, Molly knew how bad her father hated her abilities, so it was hard to force her daughter to keep quiet when those close to her were in danger. Things get out of control at school. Molly is called in by the principal and teachers. Instead of seeing a child psychologist, Molly knows there is only one person who could possibly help Cassie. Her grandmother, Nana Mary. In hopes of understanding and harnessing her gifts.

She had to do something to help her daughter. The psychological damage, the nightmares, and the lack of sleep. The visions had become horrific. Tormenting. Now that Grace’s accident had come true, she was having the worst visions yet. Cassie sees her mother drowning. She couldn’t breathe and sees her dying.

Molly is frantic and decides they need to pack up for a short visit with Nana Mary. She will be able to help control Cassie’s visions. However, how was she going to avoid the water when her Nana’s house was so close to the ocean?

From guilt and regret, the unexpected. Her Nana is in poor health, and Owen has purchased the family home next door to her Nana. The one place she swore she would never come back to. The haunting memories. Returning to Pacific Grove always roused Molly’s own fears and doubts about her own abilities.

From the past to present the author takes us back to four generations of women. All with psychic gifts. However, somewhere along the way, they were handled differently. From loss, love, and tragedy and second chances, Lonsdale takes delivers a compelling story of the strong bonds of family, and fears which haunt and destroy.

Molly is forced into the unraveling of the events of the past: Her shame, her internal journey; guilt, her mother Shelia, domestic violence, her controlling father, her Nana, and her love for Owen and her daughter Cassie. As she faces her own fears she finds the healing she needs in the salt air of the Pacific. Discovering unexpected treasures.

Combined with suspense, mystery, romance, and magical realism the multi-generational saga has many parallels from the sea glass as trash turned into treasures similar to the lives of the characters. Their psychic gifts, on one hand, are viewed as evil, versus helpful or extraordinary. The twists and comparisons with Owen’s guilt, and Mollys.

At the heart of the novel: Molly represents every parent faced with difficult, and sometimes life-threatening choices about a child’s well-being. Sacrifices for our children. An ongoing theme of facing decisions to either embrace or dismiss life choices. From acceptance, death, forgiveness, family, love, motherhood and sacrifice.

For fans of Jayne Ann Krentz, Christina Dodd, Karen Robards, and Lisa Unger (romance, suspense, mystery, psychic, paranormal); Karen White, Sarah Addison Allen, Lisa Van Allen and Alice Hoffman (historical, magical realism).

A multilayered mystery where interlinked stories, and generations, as well as unearthed secrets of a damaged family lead to courage and healing.

Look forward to the sequel to Everything We Left Behind, Coming July 1, 2017.

A special thank you to the author, Lake Union, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.




Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/single-post/2016/09/04/All-the-Breaking-Waves
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review 2016-06-12 07:34
Book Review: Anchor in the Storm
Anchor in the Storm (Waves of Freedom) - Sarah Sundin

Anchor in the Storm is sweet and lovely read. I felt like I was in the story and I felt bad for Lillian and Arch. What will they endure together?


Sarah Sundin put you through the emotions with all her stories, but this one had me with my emotions after a chapter. Lillian finds out her brother is missing after an attack on his Navy ship "Atwood".


Are you a fan of Historical Fiction or do you enjoy reading about World War Two? This book has that feel to it. I enjoy learning about how we got into World War 2. 


Lillian wants to be a druggist and a female one at that. In an era that is still new to the world with female having jobs. We are at the beginning of World War Two. The story starts out December 7, 1942, or around that time.


Arch is on leave time from the Navy. He has to deal with his troubles. Will they find love together and find out they need to open up and trust god first.


Arch seems to annoy Lillian and Lillian needs to prove herself. When they get to Boston something is up with her new job. They're a lot of perceptions for sedatives. Could there be a drug ring? Arch is dealing with it though the Navy's end for he sees it going on with his men. Is there a romance in the air?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2016/06/book-review-anchor-in-storm.html
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review 2016-03-14 20:19
Review of the Waves by Virginia Woolf
The Waves - Virginia Woolf

I know I am supposed to love Virginia Woolf, and I am really trying to, but this is now my third go around with her and I just can't do it.  This book was all but impossible for me.  I do not get the love affair people have with her.  Maybe my mind is not wired the right way to understand her writing style.  I honestly could not tell you what the story was even about.  I read a summary of the book and I did not pick up on most of what I should have.  I would have given this one star but I must admit that the imagery and writing could be quite beautiful at times.  But at least for me, I could not follow a plot no matter how hard I tried.

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review 2015-12-03 14:29
Mishima's The Sound of Waves
The Sound of Waves - Yukio Mishima,Meredith Weatherby

Like most of the Japanese fiction that I have read this is delicate and precise.  As such you have to read it slowly and absorb it carefully.

It is really a very simple love story and basically a novella rather than a  novel, at least in form if not technically.  The characterization is extremely well done and the language is very beautiful.  There are many lovely scenes, including a wonderful erotic scene by a fireplace.  It's title suits it perfectly because the sight and sounds of the sea infuse the novel from cover to cover.

I rate books harshly, so that is part of the reason that I am rating this book so low.  However, the main reason is that I just cannot see this book staying with me. It is beautiful, but in the end slight.

Worth reading, but not a must read by any stretch of the imagination.

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text 2015-08-19 20:18
Bookhaul #15

I bought some books! I only bought 3 books, but I also got two for free so that is a perfect number in total for a bookhaul!

The Great Gatsby is the first classic I have bought and I also the first one I've ever read, but I didn't like it back then. I read it in the edition that you see on the left side (because I had no idea there were other classics as well!) but I wanted to buy it in the edition on the right so it matches my 1900-1950 authors + I want to get more F. Scott Fitzgerald books in the future in that edition as well. My plan is to re-read it anytime soon to see if my opinion might change now.

These two books were given to me. I got New World Rising by Jennifer WIlson from the author herself, because the next book in that series comes out next month and I asked if she would like me to review both books when the second one comes out so she gave them to me (I'm getting the second book a few days after the release date) so I can read and review them! I'm so excited and I really love reading a dystopian once in a while.

A friend of my mom is a fan of Stephen King and she owns all of his books in Dutch, but she also had this one in English and she knew I only have Carrie and wanted to get more into his books so she gave this one (Insomnia) to me because she doesn't read English books. Yay for free books!

My plan was to buy not buy more books, but I went to a physical bookshop in the city where I'm going to study next year and they had English books (It's very uncommon to find English books here) so I had to buy one or two books and decided to go for these two. Eventhough they were a little bit more expensive than ordering them online (there was a difference for about 4€, but the price of The Waves had dropped much and I've never seen that one drop so much) so when I saw these two I had to get them. I've wanted to read Robinson Crusoe for many years now because it was mentioned in my Philosophy and History class + we've watched the movie in Philosophy class about 3 years ago) so  now I finally can and I want to collect all of Woolf's books at some point in my life (and then read them of course)!


I also ordered the Percy Jackson box set (yes finally!) + the Little Black Classics box set (that one comes out in September and it was much cheaper to wait for the set than to order 20 seperately) because I got my driver license (which means I got extra money) and I sold some old stuff, so there's a sneak peek for my next haul!


What books have you bought recently?

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