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review 2017-04-21 02:46
The Wedding Date (Only Him Book 1) - Nicole Casey

Bryant is in a rough spot.  His sister is marrying the cousin to his ex.  It really did not end well.  He is hoping to take a decent date to help him cope with the whole thing.


Max lets himself get set up for a wedding weekend with a blind date.  He is not sure what to expect.  When he opens the door to a cutie that attracts him right away, he figures it will be worth it.  Could the future be him?


This is a quick and sweet read.  I was feeling all the feels.  I even found someone in the book I wanted to reach in and kick!  This book has some really good heat.  It is easy to root for these two to be together.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2016-06-30 21:34
Good Story and Characters
The Wedding Date - Jennifer Joyce

Delilah is twenty four and having a horrific time . She was dumped by the man she thought she loved -Ben- nine months before. Delilah still hoped he would come back to her but actually he is already engaged to another woman who is pregnant by him. So Delilah has a friend named Francesca that she has been friends with since the were six, They weren’t really that close any more but stayed in contact with each other. Francesca was marrying Jeremy and Francesca wanted to let Delilah know Ben was to be best man. So Delilah has to find a plus one and she has six months to do it. So Delilah did everything to find the man. She had a date with the local bartender and she tried online dating , her friends and family set her up on blind dates. Delilah’s two best friends are Lauren and Ryan. Ryan even pretends to be her boyfriend for awhile. Delilah works at Brinkley’s biscuit factory. Delilah finds her job dull but six months ago Adam was hired as head of media. Adam was very nice to Delilah and they start hanging out after work. Delilah has a sense of drama and lies- not to hurt anyone but to make herself and her life appear better but some of the consequences…….

This story was really cute. I laughed alot in it especially over some of those dates….  This story was an easy and fun read. It was also realistic and wouldn’t be the first time this scenario has happened. The plot and writing was good as were the characters. I loved the ins and out Delilah went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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text 2016-04-05 08:03
Release Blitz w/Review - THE WEDDING DATE
Don't Miss this Brand New Release!


Kelly Eadon
Releasing April 5th, 2016
Kate Massie has big dreams-they just haven't worked out. Yet. In the meantime, she spends her days clerking for a judge and her nights fantasizing about her tall, dark, and sexy gym crush. So when she runs into him one night, she's shocked to realize he was her shy, nerdy junior-prom date. But that isn't where the surprises end . . .


James Abell needs a date to his sister's wedding. So when Kate agrees, he's relieved . . . until one little lie turns their wedding date into a full-blown fake relationship. Only it doesn't feel fake-not the toe-curling kisses and definitely not the electricity. Neither of them is looking for something real . . . but they just might fall for their own little white lie.
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Kate stared at herself in the mirror.


This is just pretend.


What was wrong with her? She’d spent all week fortifying her internal defenses. When he’d offered to bring her dinner or keep her company, she’d assured him Beth was taking good care of her. Now, with only a few words from Margaret, she’d let herself slip back into fantasy.


A fantasy where she could kiss James whenever she wanted. Where his strong arms held her at night.


A tremor passed through her.


No! She was stronger than this. She needed to convince his family and the other guests they were dating, not herself. She tore her eyes from the bathroom mirror and unzipped the garment bag that hung from the shower curtain rod.


She shimmied into the blue lace dress.


She had to admit, Ainsley had been right about it.


The fabric skimmed over her body and showed precisely the right amount of leg. Or it would, once she got it zipped. She twisted and turned and wiggled, but couldn’t reach the zipper.


Crap. She had to ask James for help.


She took a deep breath and knocked on the door leading back to the hotel room.


I’m dressed.” His deep voice sent goose bumps over her skin.


She cracked the door and poked her head through. “I hate to ask you this, but I’m stuck. I need you to zip me up. Please.”


He kept his attention on the cufflink he was hooking through his button hole. “Sure.”


She only hesitated for a moment before she stepped from the bathroom and spun, to give him access to her back.


There was a zipping sound as his fingers skated over the fabric.


She exhaled sharply. There. It was over. She turned back to him. “Thank you. I’ll be ready in one minute. I have to find my necklace first.”


You look amazing.” James' voice caught as he stared at her, his eyes a vivid, brilliant gray.


Kate couldn’t tear herself away from him. His gaze pierced her, suspending her in time and space.


He stepped toward her, curled his palm around the back of her neck and lowered his mouth to hers. A delicious tingle surged through her blood and down to her toes as their lips met. He snaked his other arm around her waist and pulled her against him as his tongue swept into her mouth.


She tilted her head back and gave herself over to him, reveling in the feel of his lips against hers. His kiss turned rougher, more urgent. Her knees went weak and her head swam as she clutched him.


Her tongue tangled with his, matching him stroke for stroke. All rational thought fled her mind and she was engulfed in a cloud of James: his smell, his taste, his touch.


He pulled back for a second and his eyes glinted as he traced his thumb over her cheek. Then he tightened his grip around her waist and took the fullness of her lower lip in his mouth. A tiny moan escaped her as he sucked gently. With every stroke of his tongue, her body melted further into his. His fingers dug into her back and she could feel his heart pound through his dress shirt.


A knock sounded on the door and she stepped back abruptly, breaking the kiss.


His eyes burned with an intensity that sucked all the air from her lungs. She shifted her gaze to the floor.


No one had ever kissed her like that.





The Wedding DateThe Wedding Date by Kelly Eadon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate and James go back to high school and prom. So when they see one another again it is with surprise. And a ton of sparks flying.....

James has always thought Kate was hot. Now he thinks she should hand out ice. He is trying to figure out how to approach her when fate takes over.

Kate wants to stop dreaming about him. Well, maybe. He is just so sexy and what is a girl to do? She agrees to help him, that's what. Now, maybe if some of the fake could be real?

This is a seriously sexy read. I was thrilled for the characters and excited to get to the end. Such a sweet and hot story.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

View all my reviews 




Kelly Eadon is a romance writer living in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and a house full of rescue animals, aka "the kraken". She swears like a sailor and says whatever pops into her head. In order to counteract her big mouth, she wears high heels whenever possible. In her spare time she spins, kick boxes and attempts to renovate her farmhouse. She hates sanding drywall, loves to cook, drinks lots of wine, gets scary competitive at trivia, and enjoys time spent exploring with her rescued beagle mixes.


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review 2016-04-04 02:01
Fake or real
The Wedding Date - Kelly Eadon

Kate and James go back to high school and prom.  So when they see one another again it is with surprise.  And a ton of sparks flying.....


James has always thought Kate was hot.  Now he thinks she should hand out ice.  He is trying to figure out how to approach her when fate takes over.  


Kate wants to stop dreaming about him.  Well, maybe.  He is just so sexy and what is a girl to do?  She agrees to help him, that's what.  Now, maybe if some of the fake could be real?


This is a seriously sexy read.  I was thrilled for the characters and excited to get to the end.  Such a sweet and hot story.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-01-14 03:54
The Wedding Date
The Wedding Date: A Christmas Novella - Cara Connelly

This was short.  It ended at 72% on my Kindle.  The rest of the book was excerpts for this author's other books in the series as well as some other authors.

This is the first book I've read by this author.  It looked like it could be interesting and it was only $.99.  There wasn't anything really wrong with it.  It seemed well edited from the standpoint of missing/extra/misspelled words.  The story just happens so fast.  It happens in about four consecutive days.  Cody is a doctor who is new in town (he's from Texas, ya'll).  He's been in town for very short period of time after having moved from Texas and is looking for a place to live (currently staying in a hotel).  Julie is a realtor and specializes in helping couples find their dream home.  Julie is recommended to Cody as a realtor so he shows up at her office.  She tries to turn him away, but he turns on the charm (he's from Texas, ya'll) and uses his wiles (very blatantly) to convince her to show him some places, even though he's not part of a couple.  It goes from there.  Julie has a hatred of doctors because her fiance died of cancer and she needs someone to blame.  So, that's the whole impediment to hooking up with Cody, the player (he's from Texas, ya'll).  It was just too fast.  And Cody did not seem like a doctor, at all.  He's a doctor, grew up on a ranch, was a rodeo rider, he's a vegetarian and he's from Texas, ya'll.

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