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review 2014-10-16 00:00
The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice, #5)
The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice, #5) - John Flanagan Well, that was dumb...

That ending wasn't a cliffhanger--it just stopped in the middle of the story! Too bad the story wasn't anywhere near engaging enough to make me want to find out what happens next. I should have just stopped at book 4...it wrapped things up nicely and was actually entertaining! Waste of time!
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review 2014-02-09 20:00
The Sorcerer Of The North
The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice, #5) - John Flanagan

Alternate Title: The Sorcerer in the North


Quite some time has passed since the last book, as Will is now a full trained Ranger and setting to go on his first mission as a Ranger.


This book was for me a bit different from the previous ones. Will obviously is older, but sadly he doesn't get any training any more (That was one of my favourites parts in the book) and this also means we don't get to see a lot of Halt in this book. You can feel that this book is building up to something that will probably come in book six (which I haven't read yet; so I can't be sure), but this means that there are no great battles in this book. Still, it was a very enjoyable read, and I'm planning to read the sixth book soon (when I get the time and finally find that book in the library)


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book

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review 2012-08-01 00:00
The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice, #5)
The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice, #5) - John Flanagan This book has a terrible cliffhanger ending. It's a good thing I had the next one on hand so I could resume the story right away :T
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review 2012-06-19 00:00
Ranger's Apprentice: the Sorcerer of the North, 8 CDs [Complete & Unabridged Audio Work]
The Sorcerer of the North - John Flanagan,John Keating I really like this series. I'm just not so sure I like him ending the books on cliff hangers. Would have liked to see more Holt in this book.
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review 2011-05-09 00:00
Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice #5)
The Sorcerer of the North: Book Five - John Flanagan

Came very close to getting on my favorites list. But all the sequels just haven't lived up to my joy of reading the first book.


That being said, I enjoyed this [and it's sequel] the most after the first book.

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