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text 2020-05-03 10:48
Daviot (Tey) - Dickon - Act I, Scene 5
Plays I: The Little Dry Thorn / Valerius / Dickon - Josephine Tey,Gordon Daviot


Oh, come! Why should four distinguished members of the Council—(He enumerates them with a wave of his hand)— The Archbishop of York, Lord Hastings, Lord Stanley, and the Bishop of Ely, be held to require supervision?

You fret, Hastings, you fret.

We should be thankful that things go so smoothly.



You think so? When you have campaigned as long as I have, you can smell trouble.

Many a time I have looked at a countryside where not a leaf was stirring, and smelt the ambush in it.

LoL. In my head, I may have read Moreton's lines, and especially the line "You fret, Hastings, you fret." in a Belgian accent. 

That's very inappropriate of course, but I guess some books have left an impact.

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review 2020-03-18 23:11
Girl, Serpent, Thorn - Melissa Bashardoust

This was one of two books I read at the same time, that I found difficult to finish because I was just so incredibly bored (the other one was Havenfall). Originally I thought that this may because we've just hit the Coronavirus epidemic, but after finishing the books I realised that they both have major issues that affected my reading.

This book sounded so, so good with hella Medusa vibes. It's based around Persian mythology about a princess that cannot touch anyone cos they drop dead, presumably dramatically. It sounded cool as hell and I wanted to read it for a couple of months before it made an appearance on NetGalley.

This just did not have the kick that I wanted. Like many readers, I'm tired of woe-is-me main characters that spend most of their books moping about how hard their lives are. I'm sorry, it just doesn't make for interesting reading. This character is supposed to be embracing her darker and lighter sides and she just came across as pathetic. And really, really annoying.

The plot was both fairly easy to guess and overcomplicated, as well as all over the place. The various demons needed a full colour illustrated guide because I could not picture them in the slightest. The plot weirdly reminded me of Labyrinth in some places and it's really hard to discuss it's issues without giving major spoilers, as the second half is where everything happens and the first half is Soraya just mooching about the castle, moping about the one time she poked a butterfly and it died.

Azad? Annoying and almost cartoonish. Soraya? Annoying. Parvaneh? Honestly kinda cool, the book would have been better from her perspective. The world building... honestly outside of Soraya's immediate area I have zero clue how that world functions and the harmony between the creatures and humans (or lack of it) is kinda glossed over. It was an interesting book with maybe a few too many things thrown at it.

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review 2019-09-09 04:13
Book Review: A Thorn Among the Lilies
A Thorn Among the Lilies (An Alvin, Alabama Novel) - Michael Hiebert

Book: A Thorn Among The Lilies


Author: Michael Hiebert


Genre: Fiction/Mystery


Summary: Detective Leah Teal is privy to most of the secrets in her hometown of Alvin, but there are always surprises to be had. Like the day she agrees to take her daughter, Caroline, to see a psychic for a reading. The psychic hones in on Leah instead, hinting at a string of gruesome killings and insisting that she intervene to prevent more deaths. When you go looking for trouble, you never know how much you'll find. Sure enough, the psychic's scant clues lead Leah to a cold case from six years ago, when a young woman was found shot to death, her eyelids sewn shut. As Leah digs deeper into old files, a second unsolved case surfaces with the same grisly pattern. While her shrewd young son, Abe, observes from the sidelines, Leah races to prevent another horrific murder, unaware of just how deep the roots of evil can go. Taut, suspenseful, and rich in Southern atmosphere, A Thorn Among The Lilies is a mesmerizing novel of loss and vengeance, and the lengths some will go to out of loyalty and love. -Kensington Books, 2015.


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text 2019-04-16 11:34
VBT, EXCERPT, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Becoming by Lilith Thorn
The Becoming - Lilith Thorn

Niamh is a good wife. She learned early on that crossing her husband had consequences. Living quietly in the shadowed cage he has formed around her, Niamh suffers his secrets and bares the scars they leave behind.


On the night of her biggest humiliation Caleb enters the ballroom changing Niamh’s course forever. He brings safety to her dark world and introduces her to the possibility of escape. Will Niamh’s love for Caleb be the key to her freedom or will it be her undoing?



@GoddessFish, @hotchoc84 (Charlotte), @liliththorn, #Paranormal, #Romance, #Erotica, 4 out of 5 (very good)

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/04/16/The-Becoming-by-Lilith-Thorn
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text 2019-02-25 02:56
Boy have I ever been meaning to read this forever...
The Dragonbone Chair - Tad Williams

Finally starting the library ebook.


I've always been meaning to read this long fantasy epic.


At the time it was being published, I just didn't have a lot of bookstore access (and the internet was not like today) -- just never managed to get the books in order so never read. 


Plus it was an era with so many Tolkien wanna-be fantasies that I was a bit burned out.  The rest of this series has apparently withstood the test of time and steered away from the wanna-be mess.



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