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text 2018-12-06 05:49
How To Make Your ECommerce Website SEO-Friendly?

If you are an owner of a shop and want to step into the online market then here are a few ways which will help you to make an eCommerce website. Achieving the remarkable position in the online world is never easy. No matter what search engine bots will index your page high and users will have a great experience.


If you are an SEO expert then you know that once you are in the market you cannot control your ranking. It is damn hard to control the website rank.


So let's focus on the 4 key points which can help you to improve your eCommerce SEO, that has been followed by the leading SEO company in Mumbai. Let’s dive deep into it.


#1. Robot text



If you can’t control the bots then what will you do? You will control the pages which should be indexed or which shouldn’t be there. Robot text is something which helps you to control the indexed page. It allows you to control the page whether you want this page to show to a user or not.


Let’s get this point straight, if you don’t want that the user won’t able to see a particular page until he makes the purchase then robot text can help you to do that and think how good it will be when a user leaves the page with good reviews.


#2. Page URL and title


Your page title and URL should be independent. It can help you to save from duplicate content or it can provide you with a best chance to rank on SERPs for special keywords. You can use trending keywords in different URLs and bots will automatically land on your page.


If you have used limited keywords on your home page then this is the chance where you can build different titles for each product.


#3. Canonical Tag


Canonical URL can help you to sell different products at different places while telling search engines that this is all from one URL. It will tell Google that you want all the link juice on this page and search engine will rank your eCommerce page high on the SERPs.


Canonical URL can help you to put multiple products under similar URL. here you have a chance to give link juice to your most important page. So now you know the value of the canonical tag.


#4. Automatic redirect


If you are consuming time to make canonical URL and 301 redirects then you don’t want to send your user to the broken links. It will create a bad image of your eCommerce page. So what is the option here?


You can use automatically redirect to redirect the user to your primary or canonical page. Isn’t it a great option? So don’t forget this point.




These are a few simple yet effective SEO strategies that are sure to improve the page rank of the eCommerce website.  In fact, these are the commonly followed SEO services ludhiana companies implement to get more traffic.


Make an SEO friendly page because it will help you to secure a place in the organic results and trust me you don’t want to lose this position. It can drive a lot of traffic to your website.


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text 2018-12-05 02:49
What should be paid attention to when using led line lights?




The following problems should be noted when using the LED line lights of qunguang Lighting:

1, the luminaire must be used at the specified voltage and frequency, the ground lighting must be checked regularly.

2. Ordinary lamps should not be used on or near heaters such as electric, gas or kerosene stoves or directly in steam places.

3. Try not to repair the lamps in dangerous places such as gas and steam.

4. Indoor lighting fixtures cannot be moved outdoors. It is forbidden to install more than the specified number of lamps.

5. Replace the lamp, remove the cover and fuse, and the power must be cut off first.

6. Regularly check the safety lamps to ensure that no abnormalities occur.

7, things like paper and cloth can't be placed near the illuminator or cover the illuminator.

8. Wipe the lamps with warm water. Do not scrub with gasoline or volatile oil.

9. The metal part of the lamp cannot be used freely. Dust on the back of the luminaire should be dry or clean.

10. When an abnormal situation occurs during the use of the luminaire, stop using it, cut off the power supply, and check.





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text 2018-12-01 09:58
7 practical tips for traveling the world

I continue the topic of tourist advice. Past tips (travel tips and travel tips in this article) were very useful for blog readers, so it's time for new ones. These "chips" are insignificant at first glance, but this is only at first glance. Experienced travelers know that these tips save a lot of time and money, and make your vacation more comfortable.


1) At airports, while passing through a search for a flight, get in line for businessmen. So you get on the plane much faster. Businessmen have a much higher level of self-organization, and they almost always have fewer things. Most of all you will wait if you stand in line for families or retirees.


2) Find out what type of aircraft you have. Different models of aircraft have different levels of comfort. For example, the small Boeing has no Wi-Fi, the legroom is very small, the seats are uncomfortable, there are no TV panels mounted in the seat backs. In general, before buying tickets, look not only at the price but also at the level of comfort. 


3) If you are going to live in hotels must check online booking and car hire service you can get rooms at half price using the services of Priceline or Hotwire, just by making a bet on a number slightly higher than the previous one in a few minutes after the end of the auction. This is a kind of auction of numbers, who made a bit higher, then gets it.


4) Ask for upgraded rooms. Some hotels offer rooms for the same price, but a class higher, if you just ask for it. When a hotel has available rooms, in order to gain the trust and respect of its visitors, its administration can provide the best apartments.


5) If you are traveling with friends, you can book a suite. Dividing the cost of apartments at all, it turns out the same room rate if you lived separately in a regular room. Good options for suites can look at all on the same Hotwire and Priceline.


6) Stay longer than a week? Rent an apartment or house! It is often cheaper and more convenient to rent an apartment or house on the Airbnb service than to book hotel rooms.


7) Go to the supermarket and buy a meal. The cost of dinner at a restaurant is quite high, but to go to a local supermarket and then cook something for yourself is a great way to save a large amount of money.


In combination with the knowledge of the articles “Initial Travel Tips” and “ How to travel if there is no money ” you can not only reduce your expenses but also make your vacation more comfortable. Use these tips and travel. All the best!

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text 2018-11-02 10:19
Helpful Tips For References When Writing An Academic Essay

You might have heard of the term ‘reference’, which means that a particular citation is being highlighted to acknowledge the source of specific information or data. As we are discussing the utilization of references, academic writing is one of the standard categories where references are mandatory for every theoretical argument or fact.


Students who are tasked with academic tasks such as essay writing tend to mostly rely on the referenced source of information to compose their content. Moreover, citing the references in your essay’s bibliography is one of the essential elements of a Custom Dissertation Writing Services UK. Also, students must ensure they have mentioned all the necessary references.


Following are some of the helpful tips which students should consider when using references in their academic essay writing papers:


  1. One of the crucial reasons for referencing your work is to avoid allegations regarding any possible plagiarism by the original author of your referenced work.


  1. References are used to make your readers understand that the source of information backs all of your arguments and facts which you might have mentioned in your essay.


  1. Critical concerns such as copyright infringement completely turn void because you have already cited the original’s author work in your content.


  1. References help in comparing a myriad range of vantage points. It allows the reader to assess two different arguments, from disparate individual thought processes. This adds diversity, richness, and intricacy to the content. Thus, infuse varying opinions in your narrative.


  1. You need to provide all of the references to your work in your essay’s bibliography section so it will be easy for your readers to redirect to the source of the data.


  1. You need to devise a complete list of all of your references in a framework where you can efficiently manage the citations which will hint towards your referenced content.


  1. Consistency is very important in reference. Therefore, make it a point to keep the referencing style stable throughout the content.


  1. Your essay readers will be able to determine the quality of your written work if they will be provided with authentic references. Hence, make it a point to extract reliable and credible references, which could possibly add value to your content.


  1. Remember! The written content in your essay will get more appreciation from your teachers, as citing references shows a particular piece of information has been researched in depth and therefore has resulted in the production of credible references.


  1. Make sure to provide yourself with ample time in order to cite references properly. Moreover see to it that you meticulously and scrupulously proofread and edit the content, before submitting it in, as you wouldn’t want to cite any reference inaccurately. Therefore, always crosscheck your work before handing it in.


As explained above, these are some of the essential tips which every student must consider when writing an academic essay. Referencing is as necessary as any other section of the essay piece. Therefore, no student should ever ignore, nor should they avoid citing the mandatory references in their essay.

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text 2018-10-30 05:41
A complete guide on boiler finance

Buying and installing a brand new boiler is expensive and that is why most people do not upgrade their boiler until it stops working. Experts always recommend that one should consider upgrading their boiler once it is more than 15 years old. Your boiler might shut down suddenly on one fine day and your family will be left unprotected. If the boiler breaks down during a cold winter day, then you should replace it with immediate effect to safeguard your family. Not everyone can afford a new boiler immediately and that’s where boiler finance comes to your rescue.


100% finance


Most of the boiler finance companies in the UK offer 100% finance for buying a new boiler. Whenever your boiler breaks down, you can instantly buy a new boiler without any upfront payment. You can ask for boiler finance from the same person who is selling the boiler. You just need to fill a simple form and submit the required documents for eligibility check and approval. Once approved, your loan will be processed within a day or two and a new boiler will be installed free of cost. Your first monthly repayment starts only after one-month usage.


Flexible repayment scheme



Unlike a traditional mortgage loan, there are no fixed monthly payments. Boiler finance companies give you the flexibility to decide the monthly installment that you can pay. You can analyze your income and liabilities and come up with an affordable monthly installment amount. The minimum permitted monthly amount is £10 per month and there is no cap on the upper limit. We would recommend choosing a higher EMI as it would reduce the number of installments and also reduce the interest percentage. If you choose a lower EMI, then the number of installments will be higher and your interest outgo will be a bigger amount.


Lower interest rate


Boiler finance companies offer the most competitive interest rates in the industry. The rate offered is relatively lower than your credit card or mortgage interest rates and this is what makes boiler finance the most preferred choice for homeowners. The interest rate varies between 9-15% per annum. On some special occasions, the boiler suppliers in Doncaster offer a zero percent finance option with some terms and conditions. Do compare the interest rates offered by various boiler finance agencies before finalizing.


Boiler insurance


When you buy the boiler with boiler finance, then the finance company will also insure your boiler. This insurance is not the boiler cover which will pay for the repair charges. This is a different type of insurance which will pay back the loan amount to the finance company if the boiler breaks down suddenly. This is done to hedge their liability and it is beneficial for you. When there is boiler insurance and your boiler breaks down, you don’t need to repay the loan. This offers you total peace of mind. This is just one more reason why we recommend boiler finance.




You can repay the loan amount in part or full as and when you prefer to do so. There is no pre-closure penalty levied.


Reference: https://www.boilerguide.co.uk/3-ways-to-finance-your-new-boiler

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