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review 2017-09-17 02:44
Sick - Tom Leveen

One more book for Halloween Bingo!  This is obviously for "The Dead Will Walk" square when it is called. 


High school is a place where many kids feel like they just don't fit in. That is definitely true for Brian and his friends, a collection of misfits who decided to skip a few classes they day of the school pep rally. They get back to school just in time for stagecraft class, and for a deadly virus to take hold of their school. A strange sickness has rapidly spread, something that gives people a drawn, wasted look and develops crusty scales, oh- and it gives the infected person a taste for human bone. Ground zero is the pep rally, but the theatre building is farther away and able to be protected. It's too bad that Brian's sister and ex-girlfriend decided to go to the pep-rally, now Brian has to find a way to get the girls out of the zombie infested hallways as well as the stagecraft class.


This is a very fast-paced young adult zombie outbreak story that does not skip on the gore and held me in suspense. Centered in a high school with high schoolers as the only uninfected people left, I was really interested to see how high school dynamics would go into play. Especially since this high school was overcrowded, had a lot of racial tension and general intolerance of anyone who is different. Luckily, this group of survivors is centered in the theatre, where different is the norm. When any differences are brought up, they manage to be quickly resolved or changed in the minds of the teenagers for the benefit of survival. I was really interested in the virus itself and I got a little bit of information on it through Brian's mom, who was on the first response team. I did want to find out if there was a cure and how it began. The book really just focused on the outbreak itself and how this small group of highschoolers was able to survive. There were some very awesome moments of zombie smackdowns and creative weaponry, but there was no resolve after the teens were rescued from the school.


This book was received for free in return for an honest review.


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review 2017-09-15 00:42
surreal and wonderful
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever - Tom Neely

Slash fiction between real life people is something I try to tread carefully on, but this comix (yes, with an x due to the styles, content, and humor) collection is truly enjoyable.


The stories are cheeky, surreal, and have a certain level of... I almost want to call it respect in the irreverence, for the heavy metal and rock icons they poke fun at, plus a fantastic integration of tribute to classic comic forms and styles, most notably in the different pictured covers.


Definitely a fun read.

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text 2017-09-14 17:33
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever - Tom Neely

graphic novel shipping Glen Danzig and Henry Rollins


forward by Rob Halford


need I say more?

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review 2017-09-13 16:15
Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author's Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews - Jason Ladd,Julie Gwinn,Tom Morkes

Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author's Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews
Useful information about how authors should approach book bloggers to get their books read and reviewed online.
As a reviewer I'm happy when an author solicits their book for me to read. Hate when they just assume I will read it because they sent it to me. I read a ton, over 700 books this year, some are child, cookbooks, gardening, real 400 page books, wide variety of subjects.
I want to know a bit about the book then I'll decide if I want to read it and post reviews to about 15 different social media sites. Don't push it down my throat, ask me first. Always like a more personal letter, about something we have in common, even weather or geographical location.
The author knows what a blogger is and what an author is and how to match them together.

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review 2017-09-12 20:55
Op-Center (Op-Center #1)
Op-Center (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, #1) - Tom Clancy,Jeff Rovin,Steve Pieczenik

A terrorist attack in Seoul raises tensions on Korean peninsula with war looking likely, but a new federal crisis management team is task to figure out who and why before things escalate too far.  Op-Center through bearing the name of Tom Clancy, who along with Steve Pieczenik created the story, was ghostwritten by Jeff Rovin about a government agency tasked with handling both domestic and international crisis.


Renegade South Korean soldiers attack an official celebration of the founding of the country implicating the North Koreans.  Op-Center director Paul Hood suddenly finds himself appointed head of Task Force by a President looking for a big foreign affairs accomplishment; however evidence and a cyberattack complicate Hood giving the President a clear go ahead to launch a war.  On the peninsula, a former Ambassador to the country and his friend in the KCIA take their own individual routes to lessen the growing tensions between the two sides.  But the renegade squad is racing towards their next attacks—the North Korean barracks at the DMZ and Tokyo—and the only thing that can stop them is Op-Center’s paramilitary response team, Striker with Hood’s deputy General Mike Rodger along for the action.


Set roughly around the time of book’s publication a little over 20 years ago, the plot reads almost like alternate history today but still holds up fairly well.  While the primary plot is very good, the subplots connected with different characters were more of a problem.  Hood is torn between crisis in Korea and with this son’s health that makes him look sympathetic while his wife appears too needy given that she knew something like this could happen, Rodgers appears to be in a mid-life crisis wanting to get back to his glory days instead of being at his post, and many of the female Op-Center personal are painted broadly with a brush in various stereotypes that back when I first read the book as a teenager didn’t pop out at me but certainly did now.


While the characterization of many of the principal characters is bland, the plot and the action are very well written making this a quick and fun read for the most part.  While at the time Rovin wasn’t given his due as the book’s author, he did a good job in setting up a series that would eventually reach 12.  While Op-Center is not the greatest book within the action and thriller genres but those that like those genres will find it a good read.

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