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review 2020-06-06 11:05
Department of Mind-Blowing Theories
Department of Mind-Blowing Theories - Tom Gauld

This was a Birthday gift which was somewhat delayed due to Corona, but it was definitely worth the wait! I really enjoyed, as I always do with the comics of Tom Gauld.

They are funny in such a nice way, I cannot help but get a little smile upon my face whenever I think of them, or send them around to friends. This one being focused on science in a broad way, was something that made me like it extra.

Only small downside was that I already knew some of the comics, which can not be helped as I like to browse his social media.

Definitely recommended!

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review 2019-02-10 10:48
Mooncop - Tom Gauld

I picked up Mooncop because I'd previously read Baking with Kafka, a collection of comics mainly about books. Mooncop is very different but also not. It is one long story about a police officer who is running out of work (but keeps a 100% solving rate of all non-existing crime) on a dwindling moon colony. It's the futility of his work really.

It's sad but in a beautiful way, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. The drawings are simple and much like the short comics, and they tell the story in the right way.

Cute book.

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review 2014-11-01 09:00
Review: I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong
I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong: And Other Wise and Witty Comments from Guardian Readers - Marc Burrows,Tom Gauld

There are many books out there that collect amusing anecdotes about weird things happening in a certain environment. I can't think of a single job that involves dealing with people that hasn't yet been written about. This book doesn't really depart from that formula (after all even online-commentators are people) but it's still clear that more thought went into it than hastily throwing together a 'best of' from the Guardian comment section.

First of all each chapter has a hilarious introduction that pokes fun at the topic of the chapter, Guardian-readers and the Guardian itself in (more or less) equal amounts. There also are just as hilarious notes on some of the comments or people/events mentioned in them (like describing George Galloway as 'Reality TV cat-impersonator').

However what I really loved were the illustrations done by Tom Gauld (of You're just jealous of my jet-pack-fame...and that cool The Three Musketeers-cover). I love his style in general and they were just great interpretations of some of the comments. (I almost wish there had been a few more but it's quality over quantity I suppose).

If you only buy a single 'amusing anecdotes'-book make it this one.


ARC provided by NetGalley.

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review 2014-10-29 08:50
I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong by Marc Burrows and Tom Gauld
I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong: And Other Wise and Witty Comments from Guardian Readers - Marc Burrows,Tom Gauld

As someone who regularly reads the Guardian and always reads the comments section, I knew what to expect when I received this book. Guardianistas (as they’re called) are, in my opinion, some of the most fascinating commenters on the Internet. That doesn’t mean they always leave thoughtful and intelligent comments, but at the very least they are interesting. This is not only due to the commenters’ sarcasm and wit, but also to the team of moderators who help keep the place civil. The fun (and cringing) come from the fact that, as Marc Burrows, the editor (and moderator) says, every single one of these commenters “passionately believes the first rule of the internet: they are completely right, and everyone else is wrong."

This book did not disappoint. There are some funny and memorable quotes on everything. I have to admit, though, that reading the quotes out of context is not nearly as funny as reading an article and then scrolling down to find baffling comments from every part of the spectrum of opinions. I would have preferred to see more quotes on each section. Nevertheless, this is a good book to give as a gift to a friend in need of a laugh.


Note: I got this book for review purposes through NetGalley.

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text 2014-10-02 14:34
Read in September
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets: An Anthology of Holmesian Tales Across Time and Space - Guy Adams,Glen Mehn,Kasey Lansdale
Murder Tightly Knit (An Amish Village Mystery) - Vannetta Chapman
Das Halsband der Königin. - Alexandre Dumas
And Only to Deceive - Tasha Alexander
Black Ship - Carola Dunn
I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong: And Other Wise and Witty Comments from Guardian Readers - Marc Burrows,Tom Gauld

Again I feel like I did read more than those books but again it's only six (one of which was a DNF) but at least this month I can explain it with The Queen's Necklace being quite a doorstopper (and all those fanfics I read...)

Overall not a bad month, as said one was a DNF but I quite enjoyed the rest.

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