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review 2017-08-25 05:07
In the Crease (Assassins #12) by Toni Aleo
In the Crease (Assassins Book 12) - Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo scores with IN THE CREASE, the twelfth book in the Assassins series.  NHL goalie, Jensen Monroe, has been in love with his best friend’s little sister, Wren Lemiere, since they were kids.  So, when she asks him to be her fake husband in order to get her inheritance, he jumps at the opportunity with the hopes of making it permanent.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.


I adore Jensen.  He has become one of my favorite male characters.  He is an amazing individual.  He has some understandable insecurities.  He is a wonderful guy who is patient and loyal.  He and Wren are adorable together.  Her self-esteem has been messed with, and she has a lot of obstacles that she faces in this story.  They both grow tremendously and make a cute couple. 


I enjoyed the plot and sub-plot.  I love that Wren’s brother, Vaughn Johansson, and Brie play a major role in this novel.  They definitely added to the entertainment value.  The boys and Wren have known each other forever, so they have a fun relationship.  I love both Wren and Jensen’s families.  My father went through some of the same diabetes issues that Jensen’s dad did.  Therefore, my heart went out to Jensen and his family. 


Toni Aleo continues to do an astonishing job with her character development.  She is a talented and skillful writer whom I can always count on for an amazing read.  I loved the last chapter and epilogue. It was the perfect ending.   I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2017-05-22 16:00
Twenty-Two (Assassins #11.5) by Toni Aleo
Twenty-Two (Assassins Series Book 12) - Toni Aleo

I adored Toni Aleo’s TWENTY-TWO. We heard Lucas Brooks’ and Fallon Parker’s story in the second book of the Assassins series, TRYING TO SCORE. I love that Toni Aleo revisited Lucas’ life towards the end of his career in book 11.5, TWENTY-TWO. I also appreciated, the glimpse of his son, Aiden’s life, as well as the other Assassin’s and their families. Like the other books in the Assassin’s series, this story takes place in Nashville. It is suitable for adults.


I have always liked Lucas. He is one of my favorite Assassins. I don’t think I am alone in that regard. He is a dynamic character that you cannot help but respect. Lucas faces several issues in this story. He has to make life-altering decisions. I think it is wonderful how Fallon supports him. Those two have come a long way. They truly love each other. They have a terrific family, their own and their extended Assassin’s clan.


I enjoyed the insight into the difficult situations Elli must deal with as the team owner. She is a good friend to the team, but she is still their boss. It is a delicate balance.


I think the progression into Lucas’s son; Aiden’s life was perfect. I love that he is being recruited by Bellevue. That is the perfect transition to the Bellevue Bullies series. I’m hoping we are going to hear his story.


TWENTY-TWO had a perfect ending. Toni Aleo is an amazing writer. She has done a fantastic job keeping this series fresh and relevant. I always look forward to reading her books. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


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review 2017-03-22 05:30
Delayed Call (Assassins #11) by Toni Aleo
Delayed Call (Assassins Book 11) - Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo is on a winning streak with DELAYED CALL, the eleventh book in the Assassins series.  NHL star, Vaughn Johansson and Assassins' staff reporter, Brie Soledad, would both agree that they are each other’s nemesis, but situations arise that cause them to have to play nice.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.  It takes place in Nashville, Tennessee.


I have been looking forward to hearing Vaughn’s and Brie’s story since the previous book.  I love the banter of their interviews.  I enjoyed that they start out as enemies.  Both characters have a lot of depth.  They have great chemistry.   Vaughn and Brie are both amazing characters with big hearts.  They misjudge each other and end up having a lot in common. 


I love that Vaughn adopted Tricksie and how he came up with her name.  I like the introduction of Jensen Monroe.  He is a terrific friend and roommate.   


Brie’s brother, Rodney, is a wonderful character.  He understandably wants to be treated as an adult.  Having Down syndrome and some health issues prevents him from being able to be left on his own.  I love the concept of NateWay.  I have a few friends who work for Misericordia in Chicago.  NateWay reminded me of that on a smaller and more specialized scale.  Both are wonderful organizations.  I was impressed by everything that Vaughn did.  He really is an amazing guy.


Toni Aleo did an incredible job with the plot.  DELAYED CALL flowed well. It was heartfelt with interesting twists.  I loved the ending; it was sweet and well resolved.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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text 2017-03-20 17:19
Today's New Releases in book series
A Tide of War - Bella Forrest
Delayed Call (Assassins Book 11) - Toni Aleo
Predator's Salvation - Rosanna Leo

According to fictfact's book release calendar:





Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review 2017-01-24 01:22
Broken Pieces (Patchworks #1.5) by Toni Aleo
Broken Pieces (Patchwork Series Book 2) - Toni Aleo

BROKEN PIECES takes place at the same time as book one, PIECES.  However, the story is told from Rebecca von Stein’s oldest brother, Oceanus’, point of view.  I loved finding out what was going on with him and hearing his thoughts.  He had a lot on his plate and was suffering emotionally.   


Oceanus is next in line to run the Patchworks clan, after his father, William.  His father originally said he would pass the clan to Oceanus when he turned twenty-five.   Unfortunately, William changed his mind and still has not stepped down as the leader.  The first thing that Oceanus plans to do when he becomes the leader is to change the rule that, “There is to be no romantic mixing between any of the five supernatural clans.”  Oceanus has been secretly dating the daughter of the leader of the Wolves, Taegan Conner.  Time is running out because her father arranged for Taegan to be married to the son of another wolf leader.


I like Oceanus’ character. He is a good big brother, looking out for his siblings.  He is protective.   He is progressive and wants to make contemporary changes to the Works.  He truly loves Taegan and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He is broken by the possibility of them having to marry someone from their own clans.  I like that he is open-minded and believes in love. 


I enjoyed finding out additional information about the stuff that was going on with Rebekah and Ryland; especially at the end of the book, that just added a whole new level of urgency to the story. 


I had a hard time deciding how many stars to give this book.  I loved the first novel, PIECES, giving it a five-star review.  BROKEN PIECES is just as skillfully written and exciting.  However, since it happened simultaneously to PIECES, for the most part, I knew what was going to occur.  I really like the story and feel it is a great addition to the series, but it was a four-star read for me.  That being said, if I never read PIECES, I would probably give this story 5-stars.  I enjoyed getting to hear Oceanus’ story and finding out some of the things that went on behind the scenes of the first book.  Toni Aleo’s Patchworks series is a remarkable and thrilling paranormal read.  I cannot wait for the next book in the series, PIECED TOGETHER.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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