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review 2018-06-03 15:36
"A Cold dark Place", by Toni Anderson
A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice) (Volume 1) Paperback - April 1, 2014 - Toni Anderson
Book #1, in the Cold Justice series

This is a mix of suspense with a strong romantic undertone. My first experience reading this author was quite enjoyable although I am not too keen on being overloaded with sex scenes, in “A Cold Dark Place” we do find quite a bit. 

One of the main players is FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney who is searching for a serial killer and happens to stumble on evidence of a vigilante at work and Alex Parker, a security consultant, who plays the part of an assassin hired to eliminate serial killers and pedophiles. The two meet and risk everything when they fall in love……awe….

Although this is mostly a suspense driving story, the sizzling romance just spices the enjoyment. Time your reading well and this dark and intriguing plot will have you turning pages to see what comes next. The entire story is dark and edgy and is written to emotionally engage us. As it progresses at a steady tempo, we have some twists and turns along the way to keep us on our toes. This mystery flows well and the style is not taxing. Good characterization: Mallory and Alex are perfect for each other….awe….

A very entertaining story…….


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review 2018-05-25 12:45
A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson
A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice) (Volume 1) Paperback - April 1, 2014 - Toni Anderson

This is my first read by this author, I have to say “awesome”. This book kept me involved and wondering what would happen next. It is hard to define the line between bad and really evil. In this book the line blurred in many places but all worked out in the end. Really good story and I will definitely go back for another in this series. 

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review 2018-04-19 20:27
Saving The Snow Leopards in The Killing Game by Toni Anderson @ toniannanderson
The Killing Game - Toni Anderson

I love the cover below for The Killing Game by Toni Anderson. I have seen a lot of covers done by Demonza and they do a great job!



The Killing Game

Amazon Goodreads




I love thriller/suspense novels and Toni Anderson is a must read author for me…then add a wildlife biologist wanting to save the snow leopards…YAY!


What do a British SAS agent, a wildlife biologist and a Russian terrorist have in common? Snow leopards. One wants to save them, one wants to kill them, and the other is caught in the middle.


I love everything about the book, The characters, both good and bad, they all have their part to play. The location and the objective, who wouldn’t want to travel to Afghanistan on a mission to save something as beautiful and endangered as the snow leopard?


Toni Anderson writes some fantastic tales filled with danger, and this is another one I am happy to have traveled through. Keep up the great work and “I’ll be back” for more!

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars



Wildlife biologist Axelle Dehn isn’t about to let anyone harm her endangered snow leopards—not the poacher intent on killing them, nor the soldier who wants to use them as bait. But Axelle is unknowingly entangled in a conflict that stretches back three decades, a conflict that could spark a war between two of the world’s great nations.


​British SAS soldier, Ty Dempsey, is on a mission to hunt down an infamous Russian terrorist in a remote region of Afghanistan. Dempsey hasn’t failed a mission yet, but when Axelle is kidnapped by the Russian, he is forced to choose between duty and his heart. He risks everything to save the determined, prickly woman he’s fallen for, but in doing so sparks a deadly series of events that threaten to expose the most successful spy in history. A spy who will destroy anyone who gets in his way.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/saving-the-snow-leopards-in-the-killing-game-by-toni-anderson-toniannanderson
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review 2018-02-01 21:17
Romance and murder.
A Cold Dark Place - Toni Anderson

I sometimes think that listening to the audio version of a thriller makes it harder to follow. No matter how well narrated it is, it's still difficult to go back over the bits you've missed, and as I'm usually doing something else at the same time, driving, ironing, washing-up, it's also easier to find yourself in that position. So, in order to write this review I have just been back and replayed the beginning of each chapter - especially the finalé. It was quite interesting listening again, knowing who was guilty.

Mallory Rooney is an FBI agent. She was parted from her twin sister eighteen years previously, when Paton was abducted from their bedroom. Mallory has joined the FBI in the hope that she might be able to shed some light on her sister's disappearance, and she is definitely not looking for a romantic relationship.
Professional assassin, Alex Parker, is also not looking for a love interest, but he and Mallory are drawn to each other from their very first meeting.

There is a killer on the loose, who is targeting young women; and women who go missing for no apparent reason have been tuning up some time later, dead, with the initials 'PR' cut into their skin. Mallory wonders about the coincidence that these were her sister's initials, but has no reason to connect the two.
However, it is when Mallory starts to suspect that she may be the killer's next target, that the tension builds.

Interestingly, there are a few chapters narrated from the point of view of the killer, although we do not know who s/he is. A couple of the victims have a chance to air their POVs.

Eric G. Dove did an excellent job of narrating A Cold Dark Place, although I found myself surprised that it was narrated by a man, I felt I'd expected a female narrator, given that a lot of the story was told from a woman's perspective.

My only problem with the book was the rather overplayed love scenes, which could have been seriously edited, but that's just my opinion.









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review 2018-01-29 00:00
A Cold Dark Place
A Cold Dark Place - Toni Anderson

A Cold Dark Place is book 1 in the Cold Justice series by Toni Anderson. I have read books that occur later in the series and enjoyed the blend of Criminal Minds and Scandal (with less wine). In book 1, Mallory is an FBI agent transferred to the BAU after she discovers a vigilante and a mole in the FBI. She is also hunting the man who kidnapped and killed her sister when they were still children. Alex is a 'security expert' who moonlights as an assassin for The Gateway Project which is a black ops division of the CIA. The characters all converge on the hunt for a man abducting women with a certain look that all leads back to Mallory's sister. Throw in Mallory's mom who is a senator, her father who is a judge, an entire team of BAU agents who are skeptical of Mallory's reason for being at the BAU and you have a tangled web of lies and deceit.

Mallory is a young FBI agent who gets caught up in a major cover up. This leads to a chance to really investigate her sister's murder. Mallory is smart and driven-torn between survivors guilt and familial duty. There is a LOT going on the story that will require you to listen closely for sure. Alex is a complex guy. He was a soldier who joined the CIA to get revenge on those who set up his fellow soldiers. But, the stint in the CIA goes bad as well and now he is bitter and jaded. However, he falls hard and fast for Mallory and is determined to help her. But he also has to keep her from discovering his secret assassin duties or he will end up on death row!

The narrator did a great job. His female voices weren't over done and he created different voices for each character which really helps when there are as many characters as Anderson has here!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: FBI/CIA
  • Triggers: a killer is kidnapping, raping, and killing women. The story does give some POV from the killer where he discusses what he is doing and it might be upsetting to some readers
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

books by Rachel Grant, Cynthia Eden's Killer Instinct Series, Laura Griffin's Tracers series...then you will probably like A Cold Dark Place!


A Cold Dark Place

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See full review on The Book Disciple
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