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review 2020-07-16 20:44
Rise of the Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

A good follow up to the first book. This one starts off right where the last one ended.

I was glad to see new characters and situations in this one. It is a completely new adventure while continuing elements and themes found in the previous book. While there are some explanations of what happened in the first book, this one is definitely best read after having read the first one rather than as a standalone.

Overall, the book was good with some interesting new concepts. I really enjoyed exploring the worlds under the water with the characters. It was interesting to see the evolving relationships between humans and jumbies, travel beyond the island, and get a fuller sense of the world that Corinne lives in.

I did feel the ending was kind of rushed. It wasn't well-explained and didn't necessarily feel "realistic". Yes, I know this is a fantasy novel, but it all wrapped up so quickly and easily, which kind of pulled me out of the story. With so much buildup and drawn out scenes leading up to it, the quick resolution felt like a result of running out of time/space and needing a short ending, which made the story feel unbalanced.

Still, for the most part, I enjoyed the book and am planning to read the third one in the series.

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review 2020-06-25 18:04
The Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

An interesting read filled with magic, adventure, and elements of Haitian folklore.

As Baptiste points out in her Author's note, in comparison to European fairy tales, there are not a lot of Haitian folklore and jumbie fairy tales in mainstream literature. It's great to see this series start to fill that gap.

The book did well introducing the various jumbie and their main characteristics. They provided an element of wonder and spookiness and it was fantastic to learn about them.

The story itself was good, filled with twists and adventure. I loved the dark nature of the story, which was nicely balanced between spooky and fun without being too scary. I did think the ending kind of dragged a bit. I could see the author putting all of the pieces into place but it was a little dull waiting for the big finish. Still, it was a very good read.

Along with the playful Author's Note there is also a Questions for Discussion guide at the end.

I definitely would like to continue this series to learn more about the jumbies and Corinne's place in their world. Great read.
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review 2019-08-18 04:03
The Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste

Audience: Middle Grade

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy


Corinne La Mer's heart beat like wild drums as she ran through the forest.

- first sentence



The Jumbies takes place on a Caribbean island and is based on Caribbean fairy tales. Everyone in the village avoids the forest, but Corinne doesn’t believe in the fairy tales about jumbies and she isn’t scared. Corinne’s mother died when she was four and she and her father have taken care of each other ever since. One day, a strange and beautiful woman appears in the market and again later at Corinne’s house. Her name is Severine and while Corinne’s father likes her, Corinne senses something is not quite right with Severine. Corinne and her friends will have to gather all of their courage and work together (despite their differences) to save her father and the island from Severine and the jumbies.
Before I started reading, I looked for some background on the book. First to check where the story takes place and then to find out what jumbies are. I found an article about the book that specified some of the types of jumbies: douens (small creatures that lure children into the forest), soucouyant (old ladies who shed their skin and suck your blood), and lagahoo (a kind of wolf-man). So, when I came upon these creatures in the story, I had some idea of what they were. But Baptiste does a fantastic job of describing them in the story so I would have understood even without the background knowledge. I did come across a word in italics, used several times: chups. It was used along with the phrase “sucked her teeth.” Even using text clues, I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, so I Googled it. Chups means to suck one’s teeth in disgust or as a sign of disrespect. I’m glad I looked it up because it added another layer of meaning.
There are a lot of hints in the book about who Corrine’s mom was and how it pertains to Severine. I had an idea what the truth was, but I was also excited to watch Corrine discover the truth. Corrine is a strong, clever, brave girl and a great role model for young girls. In the article about the book, Baptiste talks about how much she loved fairy tales as a kid but how she never saw herself in the books. I think it’s fantastic that she wrote this book (and the series) so that young girls like her can see themselves in her books and relate to them.

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text 2019-07-07 03:46
The Jumbies
The Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste



This book takes place in the Caribbean and is written by Tracey Baptiste who was born in Trinidad.

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text 2018-07-30 18:36
Time to vote: next Big Library Read
Death by Dinosaur - Jacqueline Guest
Away Running - David Wright,Luc Bouchard
Lumberjanes - Noelle Stevenson,Shannon Watters,Grace Ellis
Down by Law - Ni-Ni Simone
Mask of Shadows - Linsey Miller
before I let go - Marieke Nijkamp
King Geordi the Great - Gene Gant
The Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste
IA: Initiate - John Darryl Winston,Valerie Winston,Video Explainers,Deon Mixon Jr.,Jones Heraux,Bobbi-Lee Hunt

Please do reblog to spread the word.  If unfamiliar with the Big Library Read, it's a global book discussion with the chosen book 100% freely available in ebook form via overdrive (no waiting, no quantity limit).  This time the theme is Young Adult; not all nominees pictured.


Source: biglibraryread.com
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