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review 2018-05-01 11:35
Global Tumor Ablation Market: Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012-2016 and Forecast 2017-2024


Global Tumor Ablation Market :Tumour ablation is a minimally invasive surgical method which enables treats solid tumors in which special probes are used to freeze or burn cancers without the usual surgery. Tumour ablation method is guided by the help of CT scan, MRI Scan and ultrasound to locate and to position the needle probe into the tumor which requires a tiny hole of 3mm diameter to introduce the probe. When the probe is within cancer it is attached to a generator which burns and freezes cancer. Most common cancers that are treated by this method are lung cancers, renal cancer, and liver cancer.



Increasing in a number of cancer cases and rise in geriatric population are the major factors which are attributing for the growth of tumor ablation market. As per the WHO statistics, cancer accounts for 13% of deaths globally every year, moreover, 70% increase in cancer incidences is anticipated over the next couple of decades. The global geriatric population is anticipated to nearly double from 12% to 22% from 2015 to 2022. Furthermore, increase in the number of hospitals, ablation and surgical centers, less procedural costs associated with radiofrequency ablation tumor and advanced technologies in ablation devices, improved healthcare expenditure, growing awareness, and increased government support are the few more factors which expected to boost the growth of tumor ablation market globally. However, stringent regulatory framework, prolonged time of approvals for product launching and cost containment measures are expected to hamper the growth of tumor ablation market.


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Tumour Ablation Market is segmented on basis of function, technology, application, end user and Geographical regions.


Based on the function, the global tumor ablation market is segmented


  • Automated/Robotic ablation
  • Conventional ablation devices



Based on the technology, The Global Tumor Ablation Market is segmented


  • Hyperthermic ablation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Microwave ablation
  • Laser ablation
  • Ultrasound ablation
  • Cryoablation



Based on the application, the global tumor ablation market is segmented


  • Primary lung cancer
  • Metastatic diseases
  • Pain palliation


Based on the end user, the global tumor ablation market is segmented


  • Hospitals
  • Oncology institutes
  • Diagnostic centres


To view TOC of this report is available upon request @




Innovations in resources and technologies required in tumor ablation have provided an ample of opportunities for various pharma and electronics companies to work for the betterment of currently available technologies of tumor ablation. Innovations such as high intensity focussed ultrasound (HIFU), irreversible electroporation and image-guided procedures are rising demand for adaptation of tumor ablation. Moreover, increased focus on R&D investments, product developments, and launches, acquisitions, mergers, and collaborations are few strategies adopted by the players in the market. For exemplary, in 2016, Medtronic launchedBarrx360 express radiofrequency ablation balloon catheter to treat Barrett’s esophagus and in 2016 may, BTG Plc. has acquired Galil Medical, cryoablation systems, and needles manufacturer.


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Tumor Ablation Market is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa, Latin America. North America holds the largest share in tumor ablation market followed by Europe owing to the high incidence and prevalence of major cancers such as liver, kidney, lung and bone metastasis, increase in inclination towards minimally invasive procedures for treating cancer, the rise in government funds for cancer research. According to the reports of American Cancer Society, annual cancer incidences in U.S are 300.2 per 100,000 people and 296.6 cases per 100,000 people in Canada. Asia Pacific is anticipated to show significant growth during the foresee period owing to large population pool, growing economic developments in countries like China and India and improved healthcare infrastructure.



Some of the players in tumour ablation market are Boston Scientific Corporation (U.S.), Angiodynamics, Inc. (U.S.), BTG International Ltd (UK), Healthtronics, Inc. (U.S.), Medtronic, Plc (U.S.), EDAP TMS S.A. (France), Mermaid Medical, Inc. (Denmark), Neuwave Medical, Inc. (U.S.), Sonacare Medical, LLC (U.S.) and Mesonix, Inc. (U.S.).


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Source: www.precisionbusinessinsights.com/market-reports/global-tumor-ablation-market
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review 2017-05-05 09:18
The more I though, the more I raged
Casino Royale - Ian Fleming

I have so many issues with this. The rampant misogyny, of course. The fact that, personally, I find the whole espionage reason d'etre detestable. And generally, the part where this was not the story I was expecting.

Let's say I waive away the misogyny with a bit of dark amusement (passing the middle-point, I just wanted Vesper to stick it to Bond; and then there is the line "sweet tang of rape" that should be killed with fire, you can get some great examples under the spoiler tag), and take the spy tale on the hope that it'll be some fast action cheap-thrill. I did not get even that. I got a lot of card-playing, torture, and then a mess... I don't even know of what category, certainly not romantic, maybe melodrama. Hell,  I though it was already cheap that a woman couldn't be competent unless she was evil, but it was something (see, even lowering my standards to not be an angry female, what a waste), and then Vesper couldn't even rate to Femme-fatal. So no, there is no way to waive the misogyny. It's entrenched into the plot.

Someone could argue it's truer to the real world and the era, either the unexciting grimness or Bond's stance. I say fuck all that. Let us please have no more Vespers in real life, no more Bonds being glorified in fiction. Let us find other icons.


You can find some the shout-inducing bits here

Women were for recreation. On a job, they got in the way and fogged things up with sex and hurt feelings and all the emotional baggage they carried around. One had to look out for them and take care of them.


Charming, huh? Another beauty:


And luck in all its moods had to be loved and not feared. Bond saw luck as a woman, to be softly wooed or brutally ravaged, never pandered to or pursued. But he was honest enough to admit that he had never yet been made to suffer by cards or by women.  One day, and he accepted the fact he would be brought to his knees by love or by luck. When that happened he knew that he too would be branded with the deadly question-mark he recognized so often in others, the promise to pay before you have lost: the acceptance of fallibility.


Women, if they defeat you, take away you self-assurance.


This was just what he had been afraid of. These blithering women who thought they could do a man's work. Why the hell couldn't they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men's work to the men. And now for this to happen to him, just when the job had come off so beautifully. For Vesper to fall for an old trick like that and get herself snatched and probably held to ransom like some bloody heroine in a strip cartoon. The silly bitch.


He really likes that word.


'Torture is a terrible thing,' he was saying as he puffed at a fresh cigarette, 'but it is a simple matter for the torturer, particularly when the patient,' he smiled at the word, 'is a man. You see, my dear Bond, with a man it is quite unnecessary to indulge in refinements. With this simple instrument, or with almost any other object, one can cause a man as much pain as is possible or necessary. Do not believe what you read in novels or books about the war. There is nothing worse. It is not only the immediate agony, but also the thought that your manhood is being gradually destroyed and that at the end, if you will not yield, you will no longer be a man.


The bad guy has more respect for a woman that the "hero". Women are more difficult, not because of some chivalrous bullshit, but because men are so attached to their organ *eye-roll*. And for the WTF crown:


And now he knew that she was profoundly, excitingly sensual, but that the conquest of her body, because of the central privacy in her, would each time have the sweet tang of rape.


It's supposed to be romantic. But then, this is just the inner character commentary, you have to still contend with the plot if you can go past that. Fuck this, I'm done.

(spoiler show)


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review 2017-04-22 17:37
My Review of The Tumor
THE TUMOR A Non-Legal Thriller - John Grisham

The Tumor by John Grisham is more like a hospital brochure on focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound is a new treatment for a lot of tumorous cancers. Focused ultrasound is in its infancy, so  there is a great need to inform people of this new treatment. This brochure was very informative and gives new hope for people who suffer from cancerous tumors.

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review 2017-04-08 21:45
Uneven but fun
End of Days - Susan Ee

I kept wavering between being annoyed by the romantic tumor and cheering from the spurts of awesomeness. Mostly I was carried by the fast current of fun. Some of the swerves in the rapids were umbelivably ridiculous but it floats on the rule of epic I guess. And the quotable anvil commentary.


Don't think about it too much and have fun if you strap onto this one.

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review 2017-03-15 15:40
A Painted Goddess (A Fire Beneath the Skin Book 3) - Victor Gischler

No, no, nope. This one didn't do for me. It wasn't bad perse, I guess, but no. I was bored, and I was annoyed, and while I liked some elements, and kinda expected the ending... still no.
I think mostly it is that this volume, and the previous one, exacerbated a vague sense I had in the first install of lack of substance. I can't quite explain it, that feeling, but it was as if the story check-marked. Also, vol 2 and 3 was too scattered. It was necessary for the plot, and that's the thing: it felt forced (mcguffing retrieval, all of them, and amazingly serendipitous, which aligns with the "fate" thing the plot has going, but still sucks). The empress pov, while interesting, was totally pointless.


So, yeah, so not for me.

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