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review 2017-05-08 00:00
Turn Up the Heat
Turn Up the Heat - Jane Davitt,Alexa Sno... Turn Up the Heat - Jane Davitt,Alexa Snow Review originally posted at Sinfully.

3.5 stars

If you don’t like stories about people who fail at communicating, you may have a tough time with this one because that is what it’s about. Rory and Shannon, who are strangers to each other, play out a hot sex scene that they think will be a one-time thing, but then continue it over and over again as the sexual chemistry and attraction is undeniable. But feelings change and potentially false assumptions form deeper roots, and conversation is pushed aside for sex. That’s not to say there isn’t talking, this one definitely gets points for dirty talking and hot, rough sex. But Shannon begins to almost resent what’s happening, wondering if Rory even wants to know him for who he is, or just wants to play out the hot, dominant biker dude fantasy to get the sexual experiences he’s been denying himself for so long.

Even going into it knowing the story was going to revolve around communication issues, I still wish there had been some actual talking. Rory and Shannon win the prize for failure to communicate. It was definitely frustrating at times, but it was the point of the story. Shannon, especially, becomes so focused on giving Rory what he wants, the sexual fantasy, that he pushes aside his own needs for romance and taking things slowly in bed for fear Rory will walk away from it. Rory, for his part, is a bit insecure and isn’t sure what Shannon sees in him, but is willing to go along for the ride as long as it lasts. Shannon’s attempts to start a conversation always result in him giving into Rory’s sexual advances while he becomes more and more uncomfortable with the way things are heading. I spent a lot of time wondering just how far Shannon was willing to go (pretty far as it turns out) before he finally broke and said something and how long Rory could keep being pretty selfish even though his feelings for Shannon were growing.

I love the way these authors write their kink. They make it natural to the characters as people, not as a formal Dom/sub, but as two people working out what they like and how to achieve it through trial and error sex, so to speak. Here, Rory likes a bit of humiliation and fear in with the rough, dominating sex. Cue the dirty talk and threats of them being discovered or put on display, something he knows deep down that Shannon wouldn’t do. That feeling of safety allows Rory to lose himself in the desires he has hidden for so long.

Outside of the communication issues messing things up, there is also Rory’s brother. Jude was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and though he is a functioning adult, he has trouble with social interactions and making good judgment calls, often leading to him into situations where he is used by those he considers “friends.” Rory’s devotion to helping Jude has driven away prior lovers and is an issue with his friends. He believes he is the only one who understands and wants to help Jude, but really just enables him. Shannon is the one who doesn’t run away, but finds a way to deal with the situation. I really had to worry about Rory’s ability to judge people as well considering the friends he surrounds himself with. What a horrendous group of people.

This was a hot read about a dysfunctional couple. The authors know how to write kink and it’s on full display here. I would have liked to see a bit more of their relationship developing after they come clean with each other about their wants and needs. We do get a glimpse of them months down the road and a recap of how things have changed, but I missed out on actually seeing Shannon getting the romance he wanted and how their interactions have changed in order to balance the two sides of their sex life. Other than that, it was another enjoyable read from one of my auto-buy writing teams.

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text 2016-07-07 11:33
fabulous little bundle.
Naughty Heatwave: Turn Up The Heat - Frances Stockton,Tamara McHatton,Suz deMello,Alexa Silver,Nicole Austin,Berengaria Brown,Francesca Hawley,Marianne Stephens,Katherine Kingston,Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
I really do enjoy these naughty box sets, they have some surprisingly good tales!
We have a wide range here, some more explicit than others, but that is always the case with these box sets: different authors take their interpretation of the theme and run with their own ideas. We Have BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Lesbian, MMF, Menage, Paranormal and Speculative fiction covered in ten short stories.
The longest took me an hour to read, that shortest just 30 minutes. Each story is complete, and has its own happy ever after.
There wasn't any single one that stood out, and there was one or two who's author's work I might not follow, but I certainly will others. I think I've only read all of these authors in these box sets.
Short, sweet and sexy. With no one stand out for good OR bad reasons, I rate the whole set an overall....
4 stars
**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Amzon.co.uk and Amazon.com. Also, wherever else I can find it!**


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review 2015-08-14 03:30
Fairly Brief Thoughts: Turn Up the Heat
Turn Up the Heat - Kimberly Kincaid

Turn Up the Heat -- Kimberly Kincaid

Book 1 of Pine Mountain series



As much as I enjoyed this book, in hindsight, I have to admit that it was fairly formulaic Contemporary Romance stuff. The highlight of a Kimberly Kincaid book, I’ve found after reading three of her Line series books, is that they are written in a fairly entertaining fashion and the narration always has those enjoyably witty-good moments.

In a sense, despite being a typical romance novel of the “Meet Cute” to “Off on the Wrong Foot” to “Instant Attraction” to “Witty Banter and Exchange Developments” to “Good Relationship/Friendship Development” to “Lust Fulfillment via Mind-Blowing Sex” to “Falling in Love” to “Everyone Has Secret Commitment/Childhood/Twisty Behavior Issues”, with a final ending “Reconciliation and Happily Ever After™”... I really DID find Turn Up the Heat to be quite enjoyable.

The Story in Brief:
Basically, Bellamy Blake is having a terrible week that pretty much forces her to re-evaluate her entire life. Her boyfriend has just indirectly dumped her by NOT telling her that he’s moving to a different state (an announcement that happens on local television, by the way) without her. A continued strain on the relationship with her boss and said boss’s slave-driving ways eventually leads to Bellamy’s resignation in the heat of the moment. Then the transmission of her fancy Miata blows while she’s making the mountainous drive up to Pine Mountain resorts in the middle of a coming snowstorm.

And then she meets Shane Griffin, a small town mechanic who just so happens to have some strange beef with city people, who takes one look at Bellamy with her city girl aura, and automatically decides to peg her as a rich and spoiled, self-entitled city girl. And then he precedes to heckle her before she even gets a chance to request the services of his garage to help her figure out what happened to her car. (Way to acquire business deals you actually need to make money for the loan payments that are currently pending, douchebag.)

My Thoughts:
The rest of the story entails the romantic escapades of Bellamy and Shane as well as a little soul searching on both ends of the relationship concerning their current lives. It’s got a pretty straight-forward story and a straight-forward romance with the obligatory miscommunications, secret-keepings, bendings of certain truths, and misunderstandings.

It all sounds fairly straight forward and flat, but really, the book was a lot of fun to read. Granted, I DID kind of feel like the big secret was a bit dull, the misunderstanding was eye-roll worthy, and Shane’s little beef with city people was a bit over-dramatic.

I mean, just because you've encountered one city person you have issues with and have had a single bad experience with city living doesn't mean that the entire city is evil; nor does it mean that every city person can automatically be filed into "It's okay for me to act like a douche towards her because she is from the city and will turn her nose up at small town living anyway, and also, she's probably a rich, spoiled, entitled brat."

Talk about prejudiced stereotyping... I mean, for crying out loud, Shane took one look at her, barely had a civil conversation because he started off being hostile in the first place, and already decided he knew exactly who Bellamy was in his negative connotation of "She's from the city" way. Besides,

coming from a big rich family who used to live in the city himself,

(spoiler show)

 I decided that he had no right to his first impression pre-judgments about Bellamy.

Nonetheless, the characters are witty and relatable in their own ways, the side characters are loads of amusement to have around, and there’s a spattering of food porn here and there since Bellamy is a self-taught amazing cook. (There are recipes at the end of the book of dishes and snacks Bellamy makes in the story, as seems to be the norm with a Kimberly Kincaid book.)

And while at first I thought that Shane was a big fat asshole with his pre-judgments and his uncalled for nasty behavior, the guy slowly grows on you. He’s certainly got a nice romantic streak on him, and together with Bellamy, the two make a great couple with hot sexual chemistry as well as a strange, soul-mate-like quality to their jedi-mind-trick communications. Although it doesn’t escape me that the fact that they “just get each other” was repeated a few times too many to describe how compatible the two of them are in the whole “they just get each other” deparment.

Overall, Turn Up the Heat was an enjoyable read which was no less than I’d been expecting from Kimberly Kincaid.

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review 2015-07-17 17:36
Turn Up the Heat (Second Chances #1) by Serena Bell - Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway
Turn Up the Heat: A Second Chances Novel - Serena Bell
There are some pretty intense sex scenes involving Lily's need to be dominated and taken roughly - so this might not be for everyone. The story line is good, the sexual connection is great, but I didn't feel the emotional connection between them until almost the end of the book. The beginning and ending are great, but I would have liked the middle to have more "showing" rather than "telling" about the characters feelings. 

I received an ARC via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own

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review 2015-07-10 00:00
Turn Up the Heat: A Second Chances Novel
Turn Up the Heat: A Second Chances Novel - Serena Bell I really enjoyed this book. Serena Bell's writing was inspiring, creating vivid images, the emotion and aspirations of the main characters, very palpable. I found myself empathizing with Lily and Kincaid, feeling their pain and dreaming their dreams. Even the storyline was raw and realistic. The perspective, refreshingly truthful where so many books today rely so much on fantasy. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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