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review 2019-05-21 05:30
The Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters #2) (Audiobook)
The Defiant Hero - Melanie Ewbank,Patrick Girard Lawlor,Suzanne Brockmann

2.69 stars, rounded up.


Sometimes you want cheese, and it's just the right amount, and you're in cheese nirvana:



Other times you want cheese, and it's just too much, and you end up with all the regrets:



This was a little of both.


Clearly, a story about terrorism, child abduction and a mother in peril just isn't meaty enough to carry the plot of an entire book all by itself, doncha know. Nope, this thing needs some filling. Lots and lots and lots of filling. So much filling that you pretty much lose sight of the plot entirely for huge chunks of the book. Because who cares about terrorist plots when romance is in the air, amirite?


So, you have a story wherein a little girl and her great-grandmother are abducted by extremist terrorists (not just your run-of-the-mill terrorists,

but thank God they're also somehow amateurs)

(spoiler show)

, and held in custody until you, the girl's mommy, bring them a terrorist from an enemy cell so they can kill him. Then, and only then, will your daughter and grandmother be released. Do you: A) immediately call the FBI and inform them of this terrorist threat and tell them everything you know upfront to give them the best opportunity possible of saving your family as quickly as possible, or B) follow the terrorists' exact instructions, hoping on dumb luck and the gullibility of some guy you knew once a few years ago, and go along with the terrorists' plan because obviously, even though they're terrorists, they're totally trustworthy and will follow through with their promises if you deliver what they want, all the while acting like the epitome of the stereotypical hysterical woman? If you're smart, you choose A. If you're Meg, you choose B.


She chose B so hard, y'all.


And she's a mom, I get it, but she set womanhood back by at least a few centuries with her hysteria. I mean, she called in John because she knows him and trusts him. But then she doesn't trust him and is constantly lying to him and badgering him about how untrustworthy he is even though he

A) came at her beck and call, B) helped her get out of the embassy, C) came after her sorry ass after she ran away again to help her even though it could end with him court-martialed and imprisoned, and D) didn't once try to get the upper hand, even though he very easily could, because he was giving her every opportunity to not be a dunderhead. But he's not trustworthy. Uh-huh. Sure.

(spoiler show)

And John Nilsson was every corny movie action hero ever. Bonus points for stripping atop a car hood, in the rain, while hanging on with at least one hand the whole time, while the car is in motion. He must have godlike powers to accomplish that feat.


And then there's Alissa Locke. She was set up as a really cool character in the previous book. The first woman who even stood a chance of getting into the SEALS but had to settle for the prestigious job of an FBI sharpshooter instead. And here, we find out that she doesn't know how to track her targets or how to keep her targets from spotting her, doesn't know how to dress for a sweltering hot day in D.C. even though she lives there, and doesn't understand how alcohol works. But have no fear! A man's here to show her the ropes! And what a man he is! A condescending, patronizing, sexist Texan redneck, complete with a cowboy hat and a high opinion of himself. Of course, she must have him!



But Sam's a classy guy. Really. He is.

He'd NEVER have sex with a clearly intoxicated woman incapable of giving informed consent. ... Oh, but wait. He did. Never mind!

(spoiler show)


I just didn't understand this subplot. Why was it here? I certainly hope I'm not supposed to be rooting for these two to get together in the future. And the whole stupidity in the motel room was ... well, stupid. It was like something out of a 80s sitcom with the stupid handcuffs and the abuse of chocolate syrup.


Then both of these couples having sex at the stupidest times - unprotected sex at that. Is it really that difficult to control your hormones? I don't get it. Well, Meg and John I get; that was about comfort. But Alissa and Sam ... ugh.

(spoiler show)


Then there's Amy and Eve, in the hands of their captors, and Eve spends the entire time telling their sole guardian (why were these guys not on rotation?) about her love affair during WWII. Which is actually the only thing that happens in this book that makes a lick of sense. Getting your captor to see you as a human being is goal number one for anyone who has been abducted. It's your best hope for escape or release, and it can work. So go for it! But my lord, did I so not give a crap about her story.


Once again, this is a dual narration, and I believe all the books in this series are. Patrick Lawlor is the better of the two. He's much more natural than Melanie Ewbanks, who can sound a little too technical at times. Still don't like getting two sets of voices for the same characters, and their various accents were almost painful to listen to. Still, Lawlor was at least fun to listen to at times.


Thankfully, I was in the right mood for cheesy and stupid, even if I did find a lot of it frustrating.

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text 2019-05-20 19:51
Reading progress update: I've read 384 out of 384 pages.
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 7 - Natsuki Takaya

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review 2019-05-20 15:59
Review: Light from Other Stars
Light from Other Stars - Erika Swyler

Sometimes you go into a story with a certain expectation. I approached Light from Other Stars this way. Somewhere I'd gotten the impression that this was novel was going be the mind-bending what-the-hell-just-happened I found in James Renner's The Man from Primrose Lane (if you want your mind blown, read that novel.) Light from Other Stars isn't what I expected, but it's still intriguing, intelligent, and sometimes a little fun.

Light from Other Stars takes place largely in Florida in the days after the space shuttle Challenger explosion. Eleven-year-old Nedda's father is a scientist working on an entropy experiment at the time of the accident. Enter science. Science was never one of my stronger subjects in school, so consider my ignorance when I say that for me this was big-s Science fiction. The narrative occasionally switches to a space craft in the future, but I'll just leave that part a mystery.

Even though Light from Other Stars is heavy on the science, it's also a very effective in showing the human condition. Love, grief, birth, mortality, individuality, and family are all explored in quite some depth. The characters and the plot both show expert craftsmanship, but they probably do get a bit lost in the technical jargon. That said, Swyler is not an author who talks down to her readers. The explanations for the more scientific elements of the story are done in a largely organic way.

The one thing that I think would've made this book stand out more is if the big reveal (don't worry, no spoilers here) had been less obvious earlier in the novel. Now we're dipping into questions of Authorial Intention versus Reader's Interpretation. Perhaps Swyler was not seeking a big reveal. Maybe she wanted it to be obvious from page one. That's a possibility, but she also never comes right out and says it, so it gives the impression that she's trying to hide something. This results in high expectations for what will be a letdown for many.

Light from Other Stars is certainly one of the more imaginative Literary novels I've read in recent times. I would've gladly embraced some more surprise in these pages, but the exploration of time and the human heart made for an excellent journey.

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review 2019-05-19 20:49
Book Review for Enterrador by Ambere Sabo
Enterrador (Silent Sons MC #3) - Ambere Sabo


What a great tale we love hearing Adan's story before he became a Villainous Drug Cartel Cartel Boss.

I loved seeing the cared free man so in love with his women Alex.Alex was everything good and kind and pure sunshine to his very dark soul and even darker world.To all looking at him he had the perfect life and wife and family and a baby on the way but, Adan was keeping secrets that Alex wasn't privy to and they were very dark indeed.All is not what it seems....

Alex was definitely Adan's soul mate and also his ultimate weakness but, also what lead to his downfall.

Adan truly shows us what set him on the path to become the Villainous monster he has become today.The story was filled with love and violence,retribution,punishments and retaliations, earth shattering heartbreak, betrayals and a story filled with a ton of darkness that now lives in ones heart that was once filled with a ton of love.

Overall this was a gripping tale that was a page turner that was filled with so many twists and turns you had to love it to the very end.


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review 2019-05-19 20:46
Book Review for Mythic by Ambere Sabo A Silent Sons MC Series
Mythic (Silent Sons MC #5) - Ambere Sabo


Mythic and Snoopy
Wow ! I loved this current tale from cover to cover !This tale was action packed from beginning to end not only that it was a heart wrenching tale as well as one that definitely tugged on ones emotions.
Mythic character was one that was brave and strong and intelligent, one who was a survivor and one willing to give her life for another just because it was the right thing to do.
Snoopy has been a loner and the clubs hacker and security expert but, one look at Mythic and spending time with her he immediately new she was the one for him .
This tale was wrought with so much suspense a whole lot of betrayals,assassins,murder,family complications and a drug cartel family riddled with nothing but, complications.Did I say secrets ? Well there was a ton of them along with a ton of surprises.It was a engrossing and a gripping tale that kept us turning the pages the entire time.
I loved that fact that the MC family rallied with the enemy to take out a bigger enemy to help a women who they had all come to love.Mythic was a women worth saving and one that was special and one with a very huge earth shattering secret.Did I say the story was riddled with Villian's too ?
We loved the story as well as its character's they were all amazing even the sadistic ones.The story was also about making amens and making changes and also about forgiveness.I have to say the ending was explosive and surprising and one that had you wanting to dive right into the next book in the series just to see what will happen next.This is definitely one of my top favorite reads in this series its running neck and neck with Cessy.
Recommended read to all !
I also recommend the series it's really good and so enjoyable.


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