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review 2013-10-14 01:42
Undone Deeds
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco

This was the final book with Connor Grey, and I thought it was a very satisfying ending to the series.  There were a few twisty-ish surprises and a few resolutions I was unsettled about but after thinking about it they do make sense.  I don't want to go into too much detail for fear of spoilers, but overall, this is a series I'm happy I found and read.


Source: ennui.booklikes.com/post/610336/undonedeedsreview
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review 2013-07-08 00:00
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco This is a book that seemed to be trying too hard and simultaneously not trying hard enough, as the first half was slow and the second half was hella fast. Refreshing your memory of Celtic mythology before you read it wouldn't be amiss.
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review 2012-07-29 00:00
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco I will miss Connor Grey. In many respect I loved this character with his flaws, this bitter man but with supporting friends that actually helped him. This book ties the series together with deeds left undone and actions that should have taken place. We finally know what is Connor Grey. There were a few things that I was not satisfied execution-wise but it is the hallmark of the series to tie the loose ends late.
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review 2012-05-15 00:00
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco *Rating* 3.5*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review*"I reflect on my life as I must, sorting through things done well and things not, and things not at all. Deeds of valor and of fear, of strength and weakness, love and hatred. All the deeds of my life parade before me. Undone deeds mock me. Deeds undone make me more." Connor GreyUndone Deeds is the sixth and final installment in the Connor Grey series. Connor has been a consultant for the Boston Police Department since he lost his druid abilities after a fight with Elvin terrorist Bergin Vize in a nuclear power plant that left a dark mass in his brain. Connor is now considered a pariah and a terrorist after the bombing of the Guildhouse which he tried to stop. There are a bunch of people out to get him including the Murdock brothers who blame him for their father’s death, and who have suddenly taken on the fey abilities of their mother. A few of his so called allies are Detective Lieutenant Leonard Murdock, Meryl Dian, Ceridwen, and Eorla Elvendottir who is now considered to be the new Unseelie Queen. Other surprises reveal themselves in the end including whether or not Connor is really the mythical Arthur of Camelot.The one part I found very interesting, was the addition to the story of Connor’s parents as well as his brother Callin and former partner Dylan macBain. Naturally, not even their introduction, or reintroduction with Dylan, was left without a severe twists and turns.I nearly lost interest in the story after the first third of this book. Thankfully, I haven’t abandoned a book yet, and didn’t want to start with this one especially since it's the last one of the series.The main problem I had with this book was the repetitiveness and repeating everything that has happened over the first five books. I really wish writers would stop doing that. It takes away from the overall storyline and doesn't leave enough room to answer the unanswered questions. Thankfully the action and suspense picked up and the story ended up being a decent addition to the series. On the relationship side of things, Murdock and Janey Likesmith became an item while Connor and Meryl grew closer. Del Franco left some hidden issues that need to be resolved before the story was tied up for the last time.Overall, I find myself conflicted on how to actually write this review and rate it. The war with Maeve seemed to have been wrapped up a bit too quickly. The war itself lasted only a few dozen pages and then it ended with more questions. We did, however, learn more about Connor’s fight with Bergin and what actually happened to him on the day he lost his druid abilities.B-
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review 2012-04-25 00:00
Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco Even though there were some things that I wasn't fully pleased with execution-wise, on the feeling level, this is a five star book for me. I'm going to be thinking about the ending for a while. It's been a crazy ride with this series!Reviewed for Bitten by Books. http://bittenbybooks.com
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