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text 2017-08-14 22:19
Book Review for Unfinished Business by Carina Adams
Title: Unfinished Business
Series: Bastards of Boston Novel 
Author: Carina Adams
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2017
“Passionate, gritty, and emotionally gripping! Carina Adams returns to her writing roots and delivers one hell a phenomenal story!” - Read and Share Book Review
“I'm not sure what I was expecting going in to this books. But it surely wasn't this beautiful masterpiece!” - Linda from Goodreads
“I was completely and utterly blown away by this book.” - Melissa from Goodreads
The Bastards of Boston live in a world most don't understand. They follow their own rules, only accountable to each other, the innocents they protect, and the people they couldn't save.

As president of the Bastards MC, Robert Doyle is the man behind it all. It’s his responsibility to keep his club safe, to be the smartest man in the room, and be ten steps ahead of everyone. He’d give everything he had, and sell his soul to the devil, to protect the ones he loves. 
Until Rocker comes face-to-face with the pain he thought he’d buried. Old wounds are ripped open. Revenge consumes him. Once again he’s the teenager desperate to avenge his daughter’s murder and nothing else matters.
He calls me his angel, but the halo I wear caught fire a long time ago. There is no line I won’t cross, no law I won’t break. I’ll do whatever it takes to save him. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I’ll happily burn.
When past and present collide, we’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride.


Let's start off by saying this is a first time author for us and we throughly enjoyed our first read by them.
Just wow ! What a complicated story with depth and so many levels to it.I love story with a complicated history.The story was filled with death,destruction,sexual abuse and so much more.
The characters were engaging and love-able as well as like-able.I have to say that there was a whole lot of drama that was going on in this club along with their women.It was engaging and kept you engrossed and turning the pages.
I normally pick a favorite character in a story but this time around it was just to hard to.All the main characters had such tragic lives that it was impossible for you not to feel their pain and have your heart bleed for each and everyone of them.
Cris although was a favorite of mine .The things that she survived were horrific but she did so much to overcome her pain and suffering.We saw her become and strong & feisty and determined women .I loved everything she had become.I loved the lengths she went to protect those she loved.
This was not your typical MC romance and this author has a different style of writing that I had to warm up to but , she wrote and engrossing story with characters that had you feeling all kinds of emotions like happiness and sadness and everything in between.We loved it.
Looking so forward to reading the two books that came before this one.I will say that I wish I had read the previous books first as Rocker and Cris had so much history together and separately before this story that things would have clicked into places quicker but that does not mean I didn't catch on.
A tragic love story filled with so much pain and suffering but second chances and happily ever afters.We love when you can connect with the characters you read about and I was able to do that with these characters as you could not help but be drawn to them from the onset of the story.In doing so It made for a fantastic read for us.
A recommend read to all but would recommend reading previous books in series first.
5 stars from us
An avid reader who loves epic and unconventional romance, Carina has an unhealthy obsession with Jason Statham, loves the sounds of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, is the crazy friend your mom warned you about, and believes one day she will go through the stones to meet Jamie Fraser. 
Carina has been writing and creating characters for as long as she can remember, allowing her to fall in love with the next man of her dreams with every new story. None of which are anything like boring Prince Charming. Thankfully, fate stepped in and granted her the ultimate wish - a life full of men. Carina lives in a picturesque New England town with her husband, the man who ruined the thought of all others, and two amazing sons who always keep her on her toes.


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review 2017-06-09 09:25
Gabriel's Angel & Unfinished Business by Nora Roberts
Gabriel's Angel - Nora Roberts
Unfinished Business (Silhouette Intimate Moments #433) - Nora Roberts


She almost crashes into him on a snowy road, he offers her temporary shelter in his cabin, discovers she’s pregnant, and on the run. To protect her, he decides to marry her, delivers the baby, and slays her dragons.

Sheesh. Far from Nora Roberts’s best work. Slow and as annoying as the heroine, with a bland hero, an unbelievable (in this day, but maybe it worked when it was written) premise and even more unbelievable romance and insta-love.




She left town when she was sixteen, traveled the world with her father, became a famous pianist...Now, a few months after her father's death, she's back in her hometown, living with the mother who supposedly hadn't wanted anything to do with her in the past years, and falling all over again for the man who abandoned her.

It was a nice story, with lovely secondary cast, lovely secondary romance, a lovely small-town setting, and a very lovely leading man.
Pity the heroine ruined everything. Rather self-centered, with a penchant of sticking her head in the sand, blaming pretty much everybody but the person who was responsible for her leaving, for her mother "abandonment", her crush supposedly dumping her.

I didn't understand her, I didn't get her reasoning, and I couldn't have cared less about what happened to her. Pity she was the heroine.

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review 2016-01-07 01:44
Anywhere You Go' by Keelan Ellis
Anywhere You Go (Unfinished Business Book 2) - Keelan Ellis

“There are strange days babe in a world of storm as long as you are with me it's gonna be alright. Anywhere you go I will follow you through the darkest night 'till we'll see the light. Anywhere you go I won't let you go.” ~ DJ Antoine

'Anywhere You Go' by Keelan Ellis picks up where the first story in the series ends. Jess and Eli are married and run a bed and breakfast while trying to repair and remodel the house. As a newly married couple, there are always things that need to be adjusted, compromised, and be determined. There's no doubt they love each other, but when the emotional situations come at them fast and furious, it is overwhelming, and they know these issues are going to have to be settled once and for all.

One of the issues is Eli's friend, Travis. He arrives unexpectedly at the B&B for an indefinite stay, but all the rooms are booked. The only space they can possibly put him in is Clay and Silas's room. Before doing so, they have a serious talk with them about leaving Travis alone, which the two ghosts begrudgingly consent to do. Eli and Jess don't trust them, but they have no choice. Travis is befuddled by the locked door with no knob and the room looking lived in, even displaying pictures of the residents. Travis doesn't give it a lot of thought because he's preoccupied with the argument he's currently having with his husband. That's why Travis needs some time away from him. Travis is tortured by the fact that he feels like he is in a no-win situation and doesn't even want to talk to his husband. Travis is tired of arguing with him and refuses to answer his calls. Even with promises made, Clay and Silas can't help themselves from meddling. They also give Travis some very erotic and explicit dreams of a trip they went on when alive. Surprisingly, viewing this sensual romp helped Clay and Silas, at the time, gain a better perspective on their relationship; it also influences Travis's outlook on his current issues with his husband.

I really enjoyed this unusual story. Seeing many of the characters from the first book again was great and knowing about their lives from before helped me slip right into the action. Jess and Eli had a lot of character growth that helped solidify their relationships with themselves and those around them. However, it was Clay and Silas's interwoven story of their trip to Paris years ago that really stole the show. It was sensual, loving, kinky, and very hot. Clay and Silas showed character growth as well—if that can actually happen in the afterlife. If you enjoy stories about newlyweds, resident ghosts, family issues, and love conquering even the most insurmountable odds, you may like this story. Thanks, Keelan, for another winner.


Source: www.rainbowbookreviews.com/book-reviews/anywhere-you-go-unfinished-business-2-by-keelan-ellis-at-dreamspinner-press
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review 2015-05-16 17:54
Lifelike Reality with a Paranormal Twist
Unfinished Business - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

" I'd like to have an IV of caffeine inserted into my wrist it it were socially acceptable. Actually, forget socially acceptable. I'd do it even if it weren't. Coffee for me was like sex to a twenty-year-old man- never too much and never too often."

Sold me with that quote at 4% into the book. I really liked these characters, they were not the normal young desperate or young and powerful they were the average middle class struggling family with teenage drama, marriage issues, elderly parents and life. Angela, is a wife who loves her husband, who has a teenage daughter with issues, and young son,  a best friend, a sick father and the ghost of her dead mother to deal with. The story dealt with so many real life issues it was almost therapeutic. Her mother had just passed and just moments after she saw her as a ghost. The way the author dealt with the traumas of life made them almost doable. Who wouldn't want more time with a loved one ? There is also has a very close friend, one that shares a friendship that is wonderful. Her husband is the love of her life and their relationship is solid. I don't normally get to read books where the family is okay, strong even. I was always looking for the cheat, the lie, the backstabbing, but it wasn't there.

Angela has lost her mother, but not all the way. Her ghost is there and shows herself to a couple others. Angela finds out that this might not be her first encounter after some secrets are revealed. Her mother and her work together to safe guard her daughter when some very serious dangers are revealed. The whole family works together, believes in each other.

All this sounds very drama filled doesn't it ? It isn't, there is humor spread all over the book and it is hilarious. I spit my coffee when Saquash did his swings run down he street. You have to read it. :D  

I enjoyed it and jumped into book 2 right away. 

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text 2015-05-14 15:06
Reading progress update: I've read 56%.
Unfinished Business - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

WTBloody Hell ? Stupid teens stealing drugs from their parents medicine cabinet throwing them in a bowl like M & M's then everyone taking a handful !?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? The Mom in me wants to tear some heads from their bodies, they aren't using them !  Shittte, could this really be happening ?

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