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text 2017-03-05 11:26
February in books
Eve of Chaos - Sylvia Day
Eve of Destruction - S.J. Day
The Cult of Unicorns - Chrys Cymri
Becoming Dragon - Eve Langlais Becoming Dragon - Eve Langlais
Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons) (Volume 1) - Jessie Donovan
Tempted by a Vampire: Billionaire, Rock Stars, Vampires (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book 1) - Susan Griscom

I am a few days late for the end of February, however I reached and passed my goal for the month. I am proud of myself for getting in and knocking my personal goal out. A couple of these books I struggled with, as some of you may know

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review 2017-02-25 07:34
Time to go on an Adventure!
The Cult of Unicorns - Chrys Cymri

So it wasn't until after I started this book that I realised it was the second one and that I have yet to read the first. I was a little lost at first, especially knowing I was missing information but it was still a fun read. There was a little too much church going for me, but since our leading character is a Vicar I completely understood, even if some of it did bore me a little I still enjoyed the book itself and am looking forward to getting a copy of the first book to see how things got started and the next book to see what happens next.

Now roo leave you with a couple of quotes I enjoyed from my journey:

"There were all sorts of things I wished I knew about unicorns. For example, at what age did they learn to speak, how did it feel to have a horn growing from your forehead, and whether they would use their hooves against a friendly vicar approaching them across a field."

"My three favourite drugs: Ibuprofen, caffeine, and alcohol. What one doesn't cure the other one will."

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review 2017-02-06 07:18
A little confuzzled, slightly around and wanting more...
Act Two: New Beginnings (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns Book 2) - Kari Gregg

3.75 HEARTS--Once again, I finished a story by the Gregg a little confuzzled, slightly aroused and wanting more.

Act Two: New Beginnings starts directly after that steamy ending in Act One: Safe Travels. You will be lost not reading in order.

Becket, the bibleot, is fully ensconced in the world of Ket. The giant ginger from Earth is to be trothed (arranged married) due to a sentinel scrying for him. His sentinel is Becket's uncle Theo's rival, Kellan is immediately attracted to Becket. And Becket can't deny immediate attraction as well.

So maybe this magic stuff might not be all that bad for the man devoid of magic?

The two have to be guarded until Becket makes a decision. Bibelots are to be protected since they're suppose to be unworldly. Becket doesn't fit the mold. And Kellan wants his man, his bibleot...now. He schemes to get his ginger right where he wants him.

The kittery buzz of arousal arcing between him and Becket wasn't a magic Kellan could scry in a pool of water or mix inside a witch's bottle. It couldn't be conjured with herbs or focused with stones, candles, or heartfelt pleas to the four powers. The attraction that drew Becket a stumbling step closer was more primal. Elemental.

Told from Kellan's POV, Act Two continues the heavy high fantasy world building. It starts in the constrictive, stone dwelling aerie Nitcha and ends in the tree dwelling aerie of Melaeum (think massive Redwoods with elevators!) Besides the hot attraction between Kellan and Becket, there is the mystery of both men. Kellan is a master magic practitioner who knows Becket is lying about where he's from and can't figure out why he is or who he is. The reader already knows Becket's background from Act One, don't expect a rehash in Act Two.

Kellan can't put his finger on where the lies start with his bibleot, but Becket is his. And he'll take him, lies and all. I enjoyed being in Kellan's head. I want to know more of these "secrets" that he kept alluding to. Melaeum definitely is a more interesting world. Kellan and Co. had to fly to get there on mythical creatures!

My fantasy loving heart squeed when Pegasus, griffins and phoenixes were mentioned. I hope for more of that in future Acts. The story is the beginning of Kellan and Becket's bonding. Becket's uncle and his magical crusade is secondary to Kellan's rush to troth, There is a presence of imminent danger, but no one knows where it's coming from.

Becket and Kellan succumb to their lust but surprisingly it doesn't take up the entire book. What does is more of the world building. We get to read about stones and their magic or gardening and its yield. It doesn't overtake the book, but it is heavy throughout.

Immediate gratification lovers, this is still not one for you.

The story is still slowly unfurling, along with the world.

But this was the start of the foundation of Kellan and Becket. I like them together. I can't wait to read how they grow together s a couple and how they face this magical world of Ket with its intrigues.

A copy provided for an honest review. 

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review 2016-12-15 02:30
Fairy Ponies: Unicorn Prince by Zanna Davidson
Fairy Ponies: Unicorn Prince (Young Reading Series Three) - Zanna Davidson,Barbara Bongini

Holly is a young girl who is visiting her great-aunt during summer vacation. At some point earlier in the series, I'm guessing she must have gone exploring or something and figured out how to visit the magical world of Pony Island. In this book, she goes to Pony Island to meet Puck, her fairy pony friend. They're having a picnic together when they hear someone crying for help. It turns out it's a unicorn named Willow who's being attacked by several bad fairy ponies. Shadow, the ringleader, is preparing to do a spell that will give him unicorn powers and allow him to take over Pony Island. He stole the first few ingredients from Willow, and now he plans to trick the Unicorn Prince so that he can get the final ingredient.

I was told it wasn't necessary to read these books in any particular order. A bit of searching tells me that this is probably Book 5 in the Fairy Ponies series, although the only thing I felt I was missing out on was how Holly found Pony Island in the first place.

I bought this for my oldest niece, who has watched a show called Mia and Me on Netflix multiple times. Mia and Me includes elves (whose wings make them look more like fairies, but what do I know?), unicorns, dragons, and a winged unicorn named Onchao. The winged “Unicorn Prince” on the cover of this book immediately reminded me on Onchao.

This is definitely aimed at a younger audience than the stuff I normally read, but I always try to read the books I plan to give to my nieces and nephew. Unicorn Prince had exactly the appeal factors I expected: a girl who could travel to a magical fantasy land, fairy ponies (because a plain old pony or even a Pegasus wouldn't be magical enough), and impossibly beautiful unicorns. Although Holly isn't magical herself, her lack of magical ability actually turns out to be beneficial in this particular book.

I didn't notice any problems with the writing, and the story was easy to follow. I didn't always like the illustrations (Puck occasionally looked a bit odd), but they weren't necessarily bad. The text definitely fits my niece's reading level, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll enjoy the fantasy aspects here the same way she enjoys them in Mia and Me. That said, from an adult perspective, Mia and Me appeals to a broader age range than this. I actually kind of enjoyed that show. Unicorn Prince, on the other hand, felt too simplistic and flat to me. There was no time to get to know the world and the characters at anything but the most basic level. If my niece ends up liking this and I get the other books for her, I'll read them, but otherwise I'm not interested.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2016-12-01 02:07
Zombies Vs. Unicorns - Garth Nix,Libba Bray,Maureen Johnson,Diana Peterfreund,Justine Larbalestier,Margo Lanagan,Alaya Dawn Johnson,Kathleen Duey,Carrie Ryan,Cassandra Clare,Holly Black,Scott Westerfeld

So I really love zombies. And I also think unicorns are pretty cool. Therefore, I really thought I would enjoy this anthology. However, reading it was really a struggle for me.


I really didn't like the first few stories. They all had the same problems which were that they were too long, very dull, super slow, and did not have enough action in them to hold my attention.


The middle stories were pretty good. I have to say "The Children of the Revolution", "The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn", "Princess Prettypants", and "Cold Hands" were some of my favorites.


Then the quality of the stories went back down from there, in my opinion. I was really disappointed with this anthology.


I liked the zombie stories slightly more (by slightly more, I mean just that. The unicorn stories averaged 2.8 stars and team zombie averaged 3 stars), but it definitely wasn't a landslide. Each side had its fair share of really boring stories.


I also didn't really like Black's and Larbalestier's little arguments before each story. I am sure that they were meant to be funny, but they came off as kind of petty and annoying (also some of them contained spoilers, which I was not very happy about).


Overall, this anthology was okay. The four stories I listed earlier were very good, but the rest were rather dull to me.

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