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text 2019-06-25 09:51
Unique Fundraising Ideas for charities and Nonprofits | iConnectX

6 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits Organizations by iConnectX

1. Find out more about your donors

Just like in any venture that you are planning, the first important thing is to understand about the donors, your target audience for fundraising. Understanding about the donors helps you to plan and strategize the efforts for your donors resulting in favorable outcome.

If you are planning to create a customized fundraising campaign, it is advisable to understand your audience completely before setting up any campaign. A customized campaign after understanding the target audience helps to reach more accurately and increase the conversion rate. A study by Campbell and Company at the Center on Fundraising Ideas Philanthropy at Indiana University reveals an interesting fact that irrespective of factors such as income, education, and religiosity, donors across all generations donate the same amount to charity.

The good news for nonprofits is that the overall giving has grown by 4.1% in the past year as per 2018 Global Giving Trends in Giving Report. Most of the donors are shifting towards an online method for donation and finding social media platform an instrumental tool to reach the nonprofit charity.

Stats also reveal that besides contributing funds, 67% of donors also choose to volunteer locally in their communities. The popularity of fundraising events has increased with 56% of donors attending them (2018 Global Trends in Giving Report).

It is easy for you to plan the marketing activity revolving around the donor to the relevant channels.


2. Refresh your online content


The donors' behaviour continuously changing and hence it needs to research about the donor behaviour and accordingly develop the content strategy.

Updating the old content periodically is one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged. It helps you to maximize the benefits from updated content.


However, refreshing of the online content should be done in a planned manner:

• Firstly, prepare a content calendar according to relevancy, timing, and the sequence along with the fresh content you will be posting.

• Understand the current audience requirements and what they are expecting and modify the content according to their needs.

• Research the keywords based on the latest demand and optimize the content accordingly.

• To keep your audience visiting the page regularly and improve the page in search ranking, you need to make the page dynamic by presenting the news about the nonprofit that creates interest among the audience.

•    Ensure that your content is responsive.


3. Keep Social Media Updated


Social media has impacted the lives of all in one or more ways and nonprofits too not untouched of this influence. It is a platform through which you can engage with your donors by posting relevant content, emotion-inducing videos and images. Social media plays an ambassador role for your nonprofit and it serves as one of the best avenues to boost referral.


There are various social media channels that have proved to be effective for fundraising:

•    According to The Non-Profit Times, Facebook’s charitable giving tools have topped a whopping $ 1 billion in 2018 since its introduction three years ago.

•    Instagram hit a staggering 1billion active users in 2018. According to Megan Cotter, Social Media Manager, with the rising users of Instagram in all age groups, it is expected to become one of the most popular platforms for non-profits in 2019. In fact, Instagram can be effectively leveraged to provide donors and volunteers a glimpse of the impact of their gifts every day.

•    As per Hootsuite, 1.9 billion logged in users visit YouTube monthly! And Cisco would have us believe that 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2022! It is no wonder that fundraisers are using this platform for inviting donations. In addition to the popularity of the platform, YouTube is also rolling out a new suite of giving tools for non-profits.

•    Twitter has proved to be one of the best channels for establishing ongoing and authentic engagement with your donors. Because of its incredible speed in spreading information, it helps mobilize supporters and interact with your audience.

•    In addition to these, there are other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, etc. which offer their own set of benefits to non-profits.

       An effective social media strategy nonprofit can adopt is:

•    Communicate important information, send updates, and connect with potential donors using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

•    You can create a needs board on Pinterest where you can specify the items you need for the immediate functioning of your charitable organization. You can share this needs board on Facebook and Twitter.

•    Online crowdfunding has also been found to be effective in raising funds for charities.


4. Host Events


The best way to raise the funds for the cause is by hosting an event. Events could be a marathon, polar, walkathons, dinners, picnics, etc.

A well-planned event can bring in more potential donors and a lot of funds. In fact, recent times have witnessed events such as head shaving being hosted for fundraising. The good news for nonprofits is that 56% of donors participate in fundraising events.

However, with proper planning, hosting an event can benefit an organization significantly. 

Steps for hosting an event


  • Define the objectives of your event
  • Who is your Target Audience?
  • Estimate how much you expect to raise from the event
  • Estimate your budget for the event
  • Set up a committee which includes your internal personnel and volunteers from the local community
  • Assign tasks such as marketing, operations, logistics, etc. to specific groups
  • Look for Corporate sponsorship for your event
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone who was involved with events such as donors, volunteers, staff, vendors, etc.


5. Make it easy to donate


For getting donors to contribute to your non-profit, it is essential to simplify the process of donating. 

Here are some tips on how you can make it easy to donate


  • Simplify your donation form 
    Make the donation form on your site easy to navigate so that the donors find it easy to donate.
  • Suggest giving amounts 
    Instead of asking your donors to type in the amount they want to donate, include tabs with suggestions of specific amounts to contribute.
  • Encourage monthly donations 
    Instead of asking for one big donation from your donors, encourage them to contribute monthly to your non-profit as this not only grows your long-term fundraising performance but also enhances monthly revenues.
  • Mobile first 
    As per CIO Drive 2018, up to 70% of web traffic takes place on mobile devices! Since most users are looking at mobiles for accomplishing most tasks, having a responsive donor form is vital. Ensure that your donation form opens easily on the mobile making it easy to donate.
  • Add CTA in your Social media pages 
    One of the ways to make it easy to donate is by adding a “Donate Now” Button in your fundraising social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


6. Join iConnectX


If you are looking to be a part of a non-profit, join iConnectX! iConnectX is a social platform that enables professionals to connect with executives and experts for a fee that is donated to non-profit organizations registered with us. 

The process of functioning of iConnectX is simple wherein professionals and executives connect through a private bridge. A private bridge is a paid meeting between the user and the executive. The user pays the executive for the meeting based on the executive’s bridge price. After the completion of the meeting, the fee will be given to a charity of the executive’s choice. 

It is an innovative concept where the power of networking is successfully leveraged to raise donations and support causes. These registered organizations manage direct donations, host events, auctions, etc. For your convenience, we are available both on the web and mobile.

This platform offers complete transparency to the donors and is easy to use in addition to providing networking benefits to the user.

Although not exhaustive, these are some ideas that can help your fundraising throughout the year.


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Source: www.iconnectx.com
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url 2019-05-30 16:23
Want to Make Unforgettable Event?

The best and unique centerpieces are the best for a wedding, centerpiece bridal shower, and centerpieces quinceanera. It will leave a lasting impression on everyone that takes part in your ceremony and reception. Every bride wants her big day to be incredibly special. And also, want to create a unique wedding that everyone remembers fondly is the ultimate goal of most engaged couples. Also, get centerpieces quinceanera, party centerpieces, party centrepiece, baptism centerpiece, etc.



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photo 2019-05-24 05:15
Unique collection of engagement rings

At Blooming Beauty, we offer a wide collection of Unique engagement rings that has proved itself time and time again with jewelers all over the world overjoyed with happy clients. You can select different simple and elegant styles of ring at competitive prices.

Source: www.bloomingbeautyring.com/unique-engagement-rings
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text 2019-05-15 11:31
4 Tips to Maintain the Unique ‘Gem’ Collection

The term ‘gemstone’ has been on everyone’s mouth since a very long time. Gems are precious, rare and exquisite. More than often, buyers shell out money to invest in the finest natural gemstone beads. Like metals such as gold and silver, gemstone investment is also a great opportunity. However, retail buyers tend to neglect their expensive gemstone beads wholesale after procuring them. This is not the right way. Gemstones ask for a certain degree of maintenance to enhance their durability and appearance.

Be it a wholesaler or a retailer, acquiring gems from the right sellers is important. After buying in bulk quantities, it becomes even more important to maintain the gemstone collection. So, if you are searching for ways to keep the gemstones in the safely then here are 4 ways that you must look out for:

Buy an Insurance Plan: It is not necessary that every policy may suit your budget and requirements. Different policies fulfil different types of requirements. The foremost question that you must ask yourself is ‘how much risk do I need to cover through my insurance?’ Do you need the damage incurred by a third-party to be covered in the policy? Whether the cover shall apply to unanticipated events such as robbery? Investors who intend to earn a decent profit from the gem investment must opt for a reliable insurance policy. Keep in mind the discounts associated with the gemstone beads wholesale or related guarantees. It is not advisable to settle with the first agent you come across, shop around and zero in on a policy that meets the personal or business requirements.

Find a Safe Place to Store: Generally, the sellers showcase the most fascinating gems to lure the in-store customers. Place the gems at a noticeable place and keep them in a mirror case away from scratches or damages. If you prefer a home as the safest place, then store the gemstones in a closet with a lock system. Rather, this is not a safe storage option for serious investors. They might consider using a deposit box with high safety figures. For gems of small size,  shallow plastic jars with circular foams within are the best place to store. These jars are easily available on various kitchenware websites. Labelling the glass jars is another thing that will help you to differentiate between two more gems.

Take Good Care of Gems: There is a general myth that gems are germ-free, however, this is not even the partial truth. A single piece of gem passes through several processes before it reaches into your hand. The worst part is that the oil and grease cannot be seen with naked eyes. Though, if remaining unattended, gemstones may lose their beauty over time. Therefore, before storing them in safe places, it is essential to clean them. Every gem is not the same and so are their cleaning style. One common thing between the cleaning techniques is that it takes a soft piece of cloth and smooth soap or detergent.

Keep a Collection of ‘Catalogue’ : In case, you have a huge gem collection, then keeping a record of it may be a bit challenging. Particularly for investors, a catalogue is useful in both types of documentation, legal as well as financial. With technology kicking in, electronic catalogues are now trending. Instead of making one piece of physical catalogue, try going digital.

So, start the things right to end it perfectly. Wish you a great stroke of luck. In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with our wholesalers dealing in natural gemstone beads and others.

Visit: thejewelcreation

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text 2019-04-18 13:29
How to Get the Right Logos For Your Real Estate Companies?

I have often been asked a common question, ‘what does your father do?’ To this question, I promptly reply that he is a real estate agent. And there is an immediate impression that people form about my financial status. The same people see me differently. There is a thing about real estate besides the money factor. It is perceived as a status symbol in the society. However, with a plethora of real estate companies competing against each other in the market, it is quite challenging to establish your own brand image. Connecting with the right people is essential to sustain and grow your business. But how would the masses know that you are a reliable real estate agent? It is through a unique logo that represents you. A brand logo serves as an identity mark of your property business. It allows people to place trust in your brand.

Have you ever seen a leading real estate brand without a logo? According to a study, 92% people consider visual appearance as the most persuasive marketing factor. Real estate logos are powerful, they convince buyers that you can turn their housing dreams into a beautiful reality. If you have not decided upon any real estate mark, then here’re a few tips on how to create an eye-catchy logo:


Say No to ‘Building’ Structures:

Haven’t we already had enough of them? The building structures are probably the most common real estate logos. It’s time to bring some creativity and innovation on board. Modern day designers are integrating geometric shapes such as pyramids, boxes, and triangles to add a more formal touch to property-related logos. These designs are communicating the brand values and objectives in the right sense.

Do Not Stick to a Common Typography:

Have a fun time experimenting with different fonts. It is not necessary to add an image or a particular design in your real estate logos. You can even opt for the brand initials or abbreviation in a different font style. As far as possible, try to make your brand’s identity look more professional and relevant.

Use the Right Colors:

Colors play a vital role in any type of logo. Different colors convey different meanings to consumers. While you’re choosing the right colour palette, make sure to pick the color that reflects your business culture. You can mix the trendy colors and come up with something timeless. But do not rely too much on trends as they have the tendency to change overnight. Search for a logo design company that produces real estate logos that stand relevant in all seasons.

Create a Trustful Logo:

Evoke a sense of security and trust through your logo. Research new ideas, analyse your competitors, draw inspiration from them and seek out the assistance of professional hands to get your logos done.

Haven’t found the right logo designers yet? Connect with our team of experienced and skillful designers immediately.

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