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review 2013-10-05 20:43
Unquiet Dreams
Unquiet Dreams - Mark Del Franco

This is the 2nd book in the Connor Grey series, and while I enjoyed the first book it didn’t resonate with me as Butcher’s Dresden Files, or Seanan McGuire’s October Daye & InCryptid series do.


Well, I’m starting to feel the pull of this series too.  This second book expands on the characters and the world and introduces some new characters, along with giving new twists to some earlier ones.  I am appreciating the nuances of motivations, and the blurring of good guy/bad guy lines. There’s quite a bit of (mostly fey) political maneuvering in the plot, along with two murders that may or may not be connected.  Once again, Connor detects, follows clues, reasons through some ambiguities, and continues to examine his life and his motives. 


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review 2013-06-02 00:00
Unquiet Dreams - Mark Del Franco Very good urban fantasy in which Connor encounters trolls and dwarves and tree spirits, oh my!
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review 2012-02-07 00:00
Unquiet Dreams - Mark Del Franco Second book of the Connor Grey series. I am having a hard time understanding why this series is so under appreciated.

What I like about this 'detective' story is that the main character has fallen out of favor. He was a very powerful druid, lost all his powers after an injury. All his friends left him to live in a shit 2 room apartment. No 'good' guys in authority like him, tell him to let the investigation of mysteries to 'competent' people. Connor just tries to make ends meet while doing good in his adoptive community.

Connor may have lost everything dear to him, constantly reminded what his ego and pride cost him. In this mystery, Guild members are assassinated while drug Lords try to take control of the Weird. The politics of the Guild is cramping the investigation as usual. It is a measure of how bids for Power will render you blind and easily manipulated by greed.

Looking forward to the next installment.
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review 2010-12-24 00:00
Unquiet Dreams - Mark Del Franco Synopsis: Connor Grey's druidic powers may be diminished, but he is still able to consult for the Boston Police Department. Now Murdock and Connor try to link the murders of a gang member to a high-ranking elven diplomat. Both are caught in a power struggle between Celtic fairies and Teutonic elves. Grey the traces the source of these hostilities to a powerfully compulsive drug called Float. Which, of course, leads to a conspiracy that could destroy the fragile unity of the fey and human communities.This book moved alot slower than I liked for the first 200 pages or so. First, Murdock and Connor are called out to investigate the death of a human boy who died wearing the colors of a gang. It appeared the boy was dropped from some height. Which then leads them to the death of Alvud Kruge who had been trying to unify the races together. Of course, Keeva, who has been drugged with Float, finds every way possible to stall the investigation into Alvud's murder. Of course, they are put in their place and refused access to the information concerning Alvud's death.Then, of course, it took the entire book before the real villian was exposed which after you read it, makes alot of sense in so many different ways. I was actually hoping it was Keeva since she is a nasty piece of work, but no such luck this time around.I like the interraction between Murdock and Connor, and NO, I don't want the writer to take his personal preferences and put them into this book. It's even more interesting now that Murdock seems to have gained some essence in his body after almost being killed in Unshapely Things. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the series, Connor still has a block in his brain that nobody can figure out. It keeps his powers diminished, but not unable to protect himself. And, NO, he actually does NOT get his powers back in this book. He is given a boost from a source that leads him to stop the destruction around him.Of course, this wouldn't be a good series without Meryl, the snarky but courageous druid that Connor has a thing for. Joe, the flit is back, and we even have a sighting of Connor's long lost brother who comes and helps save the day.Overall, this is a good read, but not a great one. There is only two real action packed sequences, and they come near, or at the very end.
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review 2010-10-13 00:00
Unquiet Dreams (Connor Gray, #2) - Mark Del Franco When Connor Grey got a phone call at 7 AM from his friend, Detective Leonard Murdock, about a dead teenager who seemed to be dropped from the sky, he didn't expect that the kid would ended up as a part of another investigation by the Guild: the death of a one of the directors at Boston Guildhouse, Alvud Krudge. Soon, the two deaths brought Connor and his group of friends: Murdock, the hip researcher Meryl Dian, and oreo-loving flits, Joe, into a conspiracy that threathened to destroy the Guilds and Consortium, with humans caught in the middle.I must say that the second book flows better for me that the first. Maybe because all of the world-building with its technical jargons have been introduced in the first book. This time, it is easier for me to get into Connor and his relationship with Murdock, Meryl, and Joe. There is a couple of twists here that I don't see coming, one being Connor having a big brother (that is a "whoa" moment for me) and the climax when the brain of the conspiracy is revealed. A good mystery with a touch of magic and the Fey universe, as well as characters that I'm quite fond of (most especially Joe, the flits, love him!). I love how Connor starts to learn about how his past arrogance when he is still a Guild member is wrong, that the true friends he have are those who still stick with him even if he no longer has ability (except for sensing essence). I would love to know more about what the mass in his head is all about (how it can help him now), the progress with Murdock (I think he will become more than just a human detective, much like Karen Murphy in Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series), as well as, uhm, can I count a small romance between Connor and Meryl?!? *grin*I'm a fan of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden and I definitely enjoy this too. It's a good addition to a VERY FEW urban fantasy series with male protagonist. I'm looking forward to reading book #3 and #4
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