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quote 2014-11-21 16:45
"I'm not sure I should be saying this, but we teachers...well, we each have our own ideal of what our students should be, right? Their friends are the same way. And parents, well, they have things they want for their children, too. Every one of us has this agenda, this notion of what a given person should be like, and we just push it on them whether it fits or not. Now, it's unlikely that all of us have the same ideal in mind for any particular student. Why, if teachers and parents had their way, the student would be miserable. Take Nakajima. She was a 'good girl' to everybody, right?"

The other man nodded.

"Well, if you ask me, she was just showing each of us the face we wanted to see. What I think is that if Nakajima was getting along with everybody so well, she wasn't specializing in anyone, you understand? She wasn't cultivating any real connections with anybody."

"Even with you?"

Her teacher's face took on a bitter expression. "To be brutally honest, I prefer the students that cause a little bit of trouble--you know, demand a little attention. I always thought Nakajima was a good girl, but when she graduated, heck, I would've forgotten her. We all would have. I probably wouldn't have remembered her if she came to her tenth reunion."
Sea of Shadow - Fuyumi Ono,小野 不由美,Akihiro Yamada,山田 章博,Elye J. Alexander,Alexander O. Smith

Sea of Shadow by Fuyumi Ono, page 231


The universe continues to tear Yoko (Nakajima) down, piece by piece. So depressing.

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quote 2014-07-28 03:34
"Ignorance isn't bliss," she said. "Especially if there's something dangerous. That's why they post road signs. It keeps the ignorant from driving off cliffs."
Die in Plain Sight - Elizabeth Lowell

I briefly addressed this point in a brief post on Elizabeth Lowell's fourth book in the Donovan series, Midnight in Ruby Bayou.  I won't rehash my thoughts, but Lacey puts it pretty bluntly here.  And for this, I love her.


As stated before, I understand the need to shield loved ones from brutal knowledge.  But sometimes, when it DOES matter, maybe knowledge is more important than ignorance "for your own good".  Not everyone's a China doll; and sometimes knowing the truth could make the difference between life and death.


As a brief update, while I'm here:


I am really enjoying this book as much as it wanders around from place to place and person to person--I think I hardly noticed that the main conflict didn't even really start until about 60% into the book.  Well played, Ms. Lowell.  I remained entertained for the most part and continue to do so.


Also, it helps that with Lowell's hit-or-miss characters, Ian and Lacey certainly are an interesting pair--refreshingly fun and open would be the right description.  I really like them A LOT.

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quote 2014-07-04 02:40
"You are a terrifying creature," the Voice told her solemnly. "You do not take your place in your father's tent, letting men make your decisions. You ride as a man, you fight as a man, and you think as a man--"

"I think as a human being," she retorted hotly. "Men don't think any differently from women--they just make more noise about being able to."
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quote 2014-06-26 12:56
They would be dead by morning. When you've seen it happened enough times, you get use to the signs.
Outbreak: Code Red - Chris Ryan

Best opening sentence! ..... well kinda, might not be classified as the opening sentence, not sure... still it rocks! great start!

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quote 2014-03-23 07:57
A defense without archers is like a feast without ale - utterly pointless.
Sasha - Joel Shepherd

- Sasha to Akryd.



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