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review 2018-08-08 23:48
Women Gladiators
The Valiant - Lesley Livingston

Audiobook- narration 5 stars, Story a strong 3 stars
I really didn't think I'd like this. I'm not a fan of Gladiators/battle/fight stories. This one offered something more an interesting world with characters I couldn't help but want more of. I enjoyed it but not enough to continue the series.

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text 2018-07-30 00:41
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
The Valiant - Lesley Livingston

I didn't expect to like this at first  it was all warrior training and battle talk but it is getting better and better. The characters are developing into interesting ways- fingers crossed

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review 2018-07-26 19:22
Last pre-order issue and last review to catch up on
Shadowman (2018) #4 - Andy Diggle,Shawn Martinbrough,Tonci Zonjic

I wasn't sure if I'd have the energy to catch up on my reviews: the last couple of times it's been like wave, and I've pooped out in the middle.   This time, I got through everything.   Yaaaay!


Jack, or his consciousness, goes back in time, to Maurice Boniface, the first Shadowman. What will he learn?   Can this provide answers to the true nature of the Shadowman?   Can Jack make it back to Alyssa after this side-trip? 


I guess I'll have to find out in issue five.   Please be a line wide Valiant sale soon...

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review 2018-07-26 19:15
The penultimate pre-order issue
Shadowman (2018) #3 - Andy Diggle,Stephen Segovia,Tonci Zonjic

Beautiful work: the writing, the art, the cover. 


My favorite Shadowman by far.   Baron Samedi has stolen the relic of the Shadowman that makes him far more formidable and placed it in the Deadside.   Although Alyssa bitterly regrets sending Jack there, she must, in order for him to be able to remain topside and to keep New Orleans safe. 


Baron Samedi has laid trap after trap for Jack and Shadowman, a loa that has turned his back on the trappings of the loa.   Jack is close to discovering what the Shadowman really is, what the Shadowman's true name is, but he needs the help of the loa - all of whom view Shadowman as a traitor.   They've turned their back on him. 


His true name, and nature, has been erased. 


Speaking of the loa, this feels slightly less disrespectful and problematic, but I can't say for sure and I can't pinpoint why.   It is a whole bunch of fun.

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review 2018-07-26 19:09
Another pre-order exclusive cover
Shadowman (2018) #2 - Andy Diggle,Stephen Segovia,Tonci Zonjic

Another gorgeous cover, but not the one pictured.   The extras were the same - hey, nice comic, some pencils and scripts and so on and so forth - but I'll continue in digital. 


Jack may have left the Deadside, but it doesn't want to leave him.   Baron Samedi comes after Jack, even as another predator stalks New York.   Beautiful, horrifying, and just one of the more compelling Shadowman series I've read. 

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