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review 2017-09-28 18:59
Jaguar goodness
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh


*Authored by Nalini Singh


Blood dripped down pale green walls, soaked into the slightly darker carpet, splattered the comm console. A charnel house she could smell—hints of putrid death hidden in the iron-rich taint of blood. Revolted, she could do nothing as he walked farther into the room, placing his feet in the dark red liquid that had once run in a living being’s veins. The blood in the bathroom had had nothing to soak into. His feet slapped into it with a splash.


This is the second book I've read in the series and while its about shapeshifters, a sub-genre I'm not usually about, I can't deny the certain je n'ais se quoi about it. However, I also can't deny that I'm pretty sure there is a solid 30-40% that I don't understand, lol. The PsyNet where all the Psy minds are connected, along with the Web of Stars and now the addition of a separate Being that is the PsyNet??? I'm hanging on my fingernails on this wild ride. 


Taking out for a second the sci-fi paranormal stuff I don't always fully get, the world and wide cast of characters are infinitely fascinating, I'm curious about all of them. The serial killer mystery here wasn't explained fully to my satisfaction and for being an important catalyst for our heroine, it was kind of ignored. While the relationship between the hero and heroine was sexily satisfying, I'm not sure I felt the emotional build up; they had chemistry but didn't emotionally draw me in beyond that. 


I'll definitely be reading on in the series as the next book looks to be about Judd, the dark Arrow Assassin. 

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review 2017-09-24 00:00
Visions of Heat
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Great book; not as good as book 1 though!
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review 2017-08-28 00:00
Visions of Heat
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh I would’ve cut out about 30% of this book. The romance felt super sidebar, and the trials the gang goes through felt redundant. It took me forever to read the last 40% because it was just not engaging anymore. I kept getting the impression that the book should’ve ended and then something new happened, so I guess, like this review, the pacing was all off..

Next in series? I'll take a look at the reviews...
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review 2016-08-09 00:12
Review: Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling #2) by Nalini Singh
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh
Visions of Heat 

 Psy-Changeling #2  
 Nalini Singh  
 Paranormal Romance – Urban Fantasy – Shapeshifter's  
 Berkley Sensation  
 October 25, 2013  


Hailed as a major new talent in paranormal romance, Nalini Singh takes us deeper into the world of the Psy and the changelings in her latest extraordinary novel, where a gifted woman sees passion in her future - a passion that is absolutely forbidden by her kind...


Used to cold silence, Faith NightStar is suddenly being tormented by dark visions of blood and murder. A bad sign for anyone, but worse for Faith, an F-Psy with the highly sought after ability to predict the future. Then the visions show her something even more dangerous - aching need...exquisite pleasure. But so powerful is her sight, so fragile the state of her mind, that the very emotions she yearns to embrace could be the end of her.


Changeling Vaughn D'Angelo can take the form of either man or jaguar, but it is his animal side that is overwhelmingly drawn to Faith. The jaguar's instinct is to claim this woman it finds so utterly fascinating and the man has no argument. But while Vaughn craves sensation and hungers to pleasure Faith in every way, desire is a danger that could snap the last threads of her sanity. And there are Psy who need Faith's sight for their own purposes. They must keep her silenced - and keep her from Vaughn.





Visions of Heat is book two in the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh. I adore this series, the characters, the plot, and world.


Visions of Heat is a re-read for me. I loved it the first time around and just as much the second. This series is so much fun to re-visit. In Visions of Heat get to learn what makes Faith and Vaughn tick and we get to see the changes they both go through, throughout the story.


Faith is an F-Psy. She is valued by her community and also a rarity among her people. I very much enjoyed watching her character growth, the changes she goes through, and how she becomes stronger then what she thought she was. The Psy seem to have this quiet strength among them.


Vaughn is more wild and possessive; because of his past. It makes him a very intriguing Alpha male to read about. I very much enjoyed his character growth and his all or nothing attitude.


As always Ms. Singh’s writing is superb and impressive. Each time I pick up one of her books I am sucked into the world and taken on a magnificent adventure. I very much enjoyed watching Faith and Vaughn come together and grow, as well as the mystery on who is killing people that they work to solve.


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads and Amazon (Angela)!



Challenge(s): Pick Your Genre (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal) (2016)





Owner/Review and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. However what I am not is a writer. I apologize now for the grammatical and punctuation errors I make, because I know I’m going to make them. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. My favorite animals are horses. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2016/08/review-visions-of-heat-psy-changeling-2-by-nalini-singh
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review 2016-07-27 23:36
Vision of Heat (Psy/Changeling #2) by Nalini Singh
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh

Faith is an F-Psy, one of the rare Psy who can see the future. And she’s one of the best of the best, literally worth billions from her forecasts

Until her visions become more unpredictable, dangerous and horrific – and she sees not just economic trends, but some brutal murders. The killer stalks her dreams and she fears she may be heading for the inevitable insanity that everyone expects the F-Psy to suffer – or she may crack enough for even her limited freedom to be shattered… for her “own good” of course


But is the only alternative the mysterious, ominous werejaguar who seems so obsessed with her and will not stop until he has demolished all her walls?



It’s difficult to write a review when nearly everything positive I want to say about this book I have already said in my review of Slave to Sensation, mainly the world setting. The whole history and complexity of Psy society, their different powers and abilities and how they’ve evolved with the introduction of the Silence is excellent. I like that we can still see crumbs of why the Psy would have turned to Silence even as we also see how it is so terrible for them now. I like as we explore more and more of the Changelings own history as well – particularly since it shows a lot of their brutal pasts (even if there is a sense of giving the male love interests tragic pasts because nothing makes brooding alpha males sexier than deep seated childhood trauma, apparently) and that their society is also not perfect. It would be easy to paint Changelings as good and Psy as bad but there’s clearly more involved in that. I also like how we had a brief introduction of humanity to this series – just a reference because more wouldn’t be relevant.


I like how this has been developed and the introduction of the Netmind and what that actually means for the Psy race. This world setting is not only fascinating and unique but it is also growing and developing.


The writing continues to be excellently paced and well balanced, bring in both the world building and action and development in a well balanced manner.



I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of Vaughn or Faith. I think both of them were pretty much avatars of their supernatural nature without a whole lot of characterisation on top of that. Faith is a repressed F-Psy and that’s pretty much her character. I didn’t really get much of a sense of her as a person. I’m much more interested in seeing the relationship between her and her father. Or even just in her father. The same goes for Vaughn, he’s a were-jaguar who is close to his Beast but I don’t have much of a sense of him as a person beyond that. Which is a shame because we already have hints of his personality with his choice of decorating and the fact he’s an artist by profession. We also needed more of their actual relationship beyond “rawr sexy psy” “zomg so hot jaguar” mating bond, relationship, declarations of love – job done.


Sadly, the most toxic element of the romance I complained about it Slave to Sensation is repeated in this book – and multiplied several times over. Vaughn has zero respect for Faith’s consent or body autonomy.


Faith firmly believes that touch will overwhelm her. Because she has been brought up with no physical contact and convinced that F-Psy will literally pass out and have seizures if they are touched. Worse, because that risks bringing down her shields to the psy-net and expose herself to anyone who wishes to violate her privacy and her mind. We even see an example of this when Vaughn repeatedly touches her despite her saying no and despite Sascha telling him not to do this.


But it doesn’t matter WHY Faith is saying Vaughn shouldn’t touch her. What is relevant is, like Sascha in the previous book, Faith repeatedly tells him over and over again that she doesn’t want to be touched. Her reasons are irrelevant. If someone doesn’t want you to touch them, you do not touch them. Establishing this romance on Vaughn not giving even the slightest shit about Faith’s boundaries is not romance, it’s a foundation of disrespect and abusiveness


Actually, I take it back – it does matter why Faith was saying no. http://www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2016/07/vision-of-heat-psychangeling-2-by.htmlNot because she thinks she will literally suffer and die from his touch – but because she is wrong. Because the story establishes Vaughn’s touch as the only thing that saves her from her dark visions. And Vaughn insists that Faith needs his touch to help break her Silence Conditioning that is weakening her and making her vulnerable


And he’s right

Why, in the name of all that is sensible, is he right? How does he know anything about the Psy, their physiology or what they can endure? How does he know Faith, her powers, her mind better than she knows herself? This comes down to him basically knowing Faith better than she knows herself. He ignores her consent, but it’s “ok” because he knows what’s good for her – far better than she knows herself. A man violating a woman’s bodily autonomy because he knows what she needs better than she does is such a destructive trope that I honestly can’t even begin to dredge up words to describe this.



Read More



Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2016/07/vision-of-heat-psychangeling-2-by.html
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