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review 2018-03-05 17:55
Speak: the Graphic Novel
Speak: The Graphic Novel - Laurie Halse Anderson,Emily Carroll
I found her body language so powerful: her slouching shoulders, her droopy eyes, the baggy shirts and her shaggy hair, Em is a victim who is trying to find her voice. Em made a phone call the night of the party which has now made Em an outcast. Em hasn’t talked to anyone about what occurred the night of the party but to her peers, Em was the one who ruined their night. The ramifications of that night are weighing heavily on Em. The isolation is challenging but the act that was committed against Em is intolerable. Standing alone, Em holds onto the fact that she was raped the night of the party. Feeling deserted, Em tries to deal with this information alone and it becomes too much.
What a wonderful graphic novel with powerful illustrations that deals with a difficult subject matter. I found myself stopping and enjoying the illustrations as they told the story beautifully. It truly is worth checking out if this subject matter interests you.


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review 2018-03-04 17:18
The First Kiss of Spring (Eternity Springs #14) by Emily March
The First Kiss of Spring: An Eternity Springs Novel - Emily March


She's found her man and wants his heart. He knows his limits and doesn't have a heart to give. Emily March goes beyond the romance. Caitlin and Josh are only a tiny piece of a puzzle. There path is full of snow drifts not easily plowed, but waiting to be explored. Amidst the bad choices, heartbreaking moments and personal setbacks, lies a chance at redemption. Eternity Springs is the beginning of the rest of your life. No matter the road travelled, count on Emily March's Eternity Springs to point a wanderer home. The First Kiss of Spring is a sentimental, second chance love song. 

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review 2018-03-01 09:00
Hell's Gate - 'Jane Aitken (Translator)',Laurent Gaudé,Emily Boyce

Matteo’s world comes to an end when his 6 year old son Pippo is killed, caught in the middle of a gang war. Guiliana, Pippo’s mother finds the only way she can cope with her grief is to never think of her son again. Matteo meanwhile, finds himself driving around the city of Naples at night. It is on one of these lonely drives that he encounters a man who tells him about the underworld. The world where souls roam and the dead live. And so Matteo vows to recover Pippo from Hell’s Gate.


Though this is a short novel, it packs a lot into it’s 190 pages. Laurent Gaudé turns the idea of heaven and hell on it’s head. Here, in the harbours of Naples, there is a gate to the underworld, the place where souls go when the physical body has died. It is a dark, cold, horror filled place, one that Dante would be proud of. There are no golden gates and trumpeted angels in this version of the afterlife. The prose is brief but almost lyrical. Images of the underworld, of the sea of souls that must be crossed, of the vistas are vivid. The grief of Matteo and Guiliana is palpable and almost heart-breaking.

Hell’s Gate is not a murder mystery, though a murder does trigger everything. It’s a study in grief and how it affects everyone differently. It is a story of love conquering all, even death and of how love can break people, the loss of a person turning someone into a shadow of their former selves.


The novel was translated from French by Emily Boyce and Jane Aitken. As with all good translations it is easy to forget that the novel wasn’t written in English. The feeling that these are the intended, original words of the author is ever present in Hell’s Gate.


Hell’s Gate explores the taint that death leaves on those left behind, of how we each of us cope in different ways. Not always an easy read and certainly not comfortable, this is a thought-provoking, unsettling, often heart-wrenching and moving novel.

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url 2018-02-11 13:56
47 New Releases in Book Series out Feb. 13
The Traitor Prince - C.J. Redwine
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men - Mark Powers,Jim Butcher,Diego Galindo
Honor Among Thieves - Rachel Caine,Ann Aguirre
The Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series) - Emily R. King
The Kremlin's Candidate - Jason Matthews
My Weirdest School #10: Miss Newman Isn'... My Weirdest School #10: Miss Newman Isn't Human! - Dan Gutman,Jim Paillot
More Than Love You (More Than Words) (Vo... More Than Love You (More Than Words) (Volume 3) - Shayla Black
Night Moves - Jonathan Kellerman
Over the Moon (Lorimar Pack) - Hailey Ed... Over the Moon (Lorimar Pack) - Hailey Edwards,Brittany Pressley
Shot on Gold (A Play-by-Play Novel) - Ja... Shot on Gold (A Play-by-Play Novel) - Jaci Burton

For full,list, visit the Fictfact.com Book Release Calendar and click the date.  (If unfamiliar with FictFact, it's for tracking/viewing book series.)

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review 2018-02-09 17:43
I'm sure I would prefer the movie
Wuthering Heights - Richard J. Dunn,Emily Brontë

A tale of revenge, envy, pride, love denied, family strife, with an orphan in it? This should be my jam! Alas, it was not.


This was a weird read for me. I kept trying to figure out why it was such a slog. I usually love to read about people I love to hate, and almost every character qualifies. Instead I hoped Lockwood and Nelly would just have sex already so they'd shut up. (Also, I'm sure I cheated in high school. I definitely did not read this on the dates I've scribbled in the front cover. Bad Ella!)


I do admire the twisted way Emily Brontë told this tale. It's a complex way to get a story out and very smart. While this is clearly brilliant writing, I just didn't fancy it. It's a bit like some Bach -- I can appreciate the technical skill and accomplishment, but I just don't enjoy listening to it.


I never know how to award stars in this situation? It's not really a matter of I liked it versus I didn't. There's an added dimension that demands a few stars... Anyway, I'm glad I finally forced myself to finish the last 18 pages. At least it's over, and I can now say I've read it. I do wonder why I had the idea that this was a romantic story, and I'm sure I would have liked it less if it was. I can't honestly figure out why I disliked it, but I did.


(This is one where I'm almost positive I would prefer the movie.)

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