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review 2020-06-07 13:22
The Winter Crown
The Winter Crown - Elizabeth Chadwick

by Elizabeth Chadwick


This is the second book in a trilogy about Eleanor of Aquitaine, or Alienor in French, her native language. The first book, The Summer Queen, was an excellent read so I didn't hesitate when this one came up for review. I haven't been disappointed. If you like Historical Fiction at all, I highly recommend this series!


The Winter Crown begins with Alienor's crowning as Queen of England, two years after her marriage to Henry, who became King Henry II of England in 1154. This occurred just eight weeks after her marriage to Louis of France was annulled. So Eleanor had been Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right and became Queen of both France and England successively.


She was a strong willed woman and tended towards a spirit of rebellion against the limitations put onto the power of a woman in that time period. Eleanor faced both triumphs and tragedies in her marriages and through her children and had more political influence than women of her time could ordinarily manage.


Elizabeth Chadwick writes her characters well. Every character is well defined and we can feel both courage and cowardice in secondary characters as well as sorrow, joy, and the whole spectrum of emotions that touch the people around Eleanor, not to mention Eleanor herself. Her fears, determination, strength and sorrows are all depicted expertly and take the reader through one of the most interesting lives in history.


A lot of research went into the historical accuracy of the story as well, which is explained at the end where the author clarifies what is known historically and where fiction filled in the gaps. Apart from a couple of small anomalies, i.e. one sentence with a comma splice to a half sentence, the book is well edited and reads very smoothly. Elizabeth Chadwick is quickly becoming a favorite historical fiction author for me.

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review 2020-04-29 18:17
Review ~ Entertaining!
The Winter of Our Distemper - Victor M. Catano

Book source ~ Review copy. My review is voluntary and honest.


Gabriel, Sheila, and wonder dog Orson are in Florida contemplating a nice stress-free vacation when Sheila suddenly gets an urgent call for help. And by call, I don’t mean by conventional means. Sheila is a witch and she hears the call in her head. So, they haul ass for Maine where danger awaits. And Sheila’s aunt. Who may or may not be dangerous.


Wait…has it really been nearly 4 years since I read book 1, Tail and Trouble?! Because it doesn’t feel like it. I opened this book up and dove right in, no refresher needed. Oh, how I love Gabriel, Sheila and Orson. Especially Orson. Who doesn’t love a smartass “talking” dog?! There’s two new characters added here, Sheila’s wacky aunt Mona and Mona’s old lover, Rett. I hope we see more of these two because I think they have more to share with us.


If you like great characters, humor, danger, magic, freaky villains, and a talking dog (I mentioned Orson, right?) then don’t hesitate to pick up this book. While you’re at it, you might want to snag book 1, too! It’s not needed to follow this tale, but why would you want to miss out on their 1st adventure? Again, talking dog. And magic. Go now!

Source: bit.ly/2YfjaaY
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review 2020-02-15 15:17
Hot Nights, Winter Lights (A Steamy Winter Romance) by: Christa Wick, Tessa Wood
Hot Nights, Winter Lights (A Steamy Winter Romance) - Tessa Wood,Christa Wick




Hot Nights, Winter Lights shows there is a softer side to Christa Wick. She's repeatedly proved she can do intriguing and sexy, but Wick finds her sense of humor while working with Tessa Wood. In my opinion Wood is the ice cream to Wick's hot fudge. They bring out the best in each other and Gary and Laney are proof. So catch up with a few old friends, make some new acquaintances and give your heart over to the magic that is this dynamic duo.

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review 2020-02-04 11:33
Book Review for Brinks by Winter Travers
Brinks (Fallen Lords MC Book 9) Kindle Edition - Winter Travers


This was enjoyable read to end things out in this series !The story although a serious one made you laugh and giggle as well and those old ladies of this chapter really know how to make us laugh out loud throughout a story.
We loved that this was a joint effort to take out the enemy and rescue Cora in the process and the author even gave us a whopping surprise we never saw coming.
The character's were great and the story just flowed which had some action and suspense and adventure and some major retribution.It's hard not to love the Fallen Lord men and their ladies as they make it so damn easy to do so.
Overall it was a sweet read for us with a perfect ending.This series and all the books included in it left us with so many memorable character's and although we have some top favorites like Wrecker and Pipe they were all great and entertaining and each picked and old lady that was perfect for him and Alice she is just one of those old ladies that will never be forgotten for sure.


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review 2020-02-01 08:31
Book Review for On the Edge (Winter Games Book 2) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
On the Edge (Winter Games Book 2) Kindle Edition by Dr. Rebecca Sharp - Dr. Rebecca Sharp



First off let's say we are really loving this snowboarding sports romance series.We never have really read a whole lot of sports romance books but, after reading this series we are going to add more romances like these ones to our repertoire.I loved this current read and we are so loving this series this story had and amazing cast of character's and tons of drama,romance,action,adventure,forgiveness,loss and a whole lot of alpha hotness along with tons of chemistry and a cat and mouse game that lasted for years.
Ally- We loved her as she was sweet,kind,loving,and had a great sense of humor,suffered loss,and loved hard and lit up a room anytime she entered it.
Favorite quote - "My Swashbuckling Sunshine."
Emmett- Emmett was a total Alpha A-hole who was sexy as sin,dark and dangerous,talented,suffered unbelievable pain and lose,and one who had many regrets so much so that he carried his demons around for years.
Emmett and Ally played a cat a mouse game for several years partly do to Emmett's hangups and emotional crap but, his and Ally's attraction and chemistry never waned.These two were totally hot together in and out of bed.
The story had a ton of drama as both character's were working through things and relearning how to let go of the past.The character's so call courtship was volatile and rocky but, it was a whole lot of fun with them snipping at one another and trying to make each other jealous which made for a ton of laughs.The story has a whole lot of hotness,romance,really hot sex in the most usual places with a great cast of friends that were engaging and that had a family that was a little overbearing at times and a character like Emmett that you really wanted to despise but, can't help but love him.
Overall the read was a whole lot of fun that had a great plot that kept you engaged to the very end.The story kept you on edge a little bit as Emmett's personality was so volatile and a little bit dark and dangerous and a bully at times he could be a little overwhelming but, once we got to know him as we turned the pages all of these things about him started making sense and it was going to take a little bit of sunshine to thaw  out that frozen heart of his.This was an awesome read for us and we loved it! This was a great addition to this ongoing series.
Recommended read to all .
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