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text 2020-02-28 02:12
I'm starting to have flashbacks to the worst days of RWA

I just posted this on Twitter:


How do you politely tell someone that their picking of your brain is starting to give you a major head ache? Oh, and that if they still need to pick your brain, they should stop telling you how to do what it is they're picking your brain about?



This Saturday I'm doing an authors' event at the local museum.




The original invitation said nothing about the books having to be related to Arizona, the Old West, cowboys, etc., nor did the application for the event.  I've done art events there before, and this was never an issue because my jewelry uses a lot of local stones, so . . . it's just never been an issue.


I found out a couple weeks ago that the authors' event is also supposed to be local-related, which is okay because I have one book that's set in Arizona, Firefly, that I have printed copies of, and two of my Kindle reprints are westerns.  And of course Really Neat Rocks is specifically about Arizona.


But I was really planning to be able to sell print copies of The Looking-Glass Portrait, because even though I've lived in Arizona for 35 years, I'm like a lot of other people in this state in that I still have roots somewhere else.  And a lot of the people who will be coming to the event are also from "somewhere else."


I began looking through the list of other authors to get some idea what they've written, and I quickly became very discouraged.  Oh, not because their books were more in keeping with the "theme" of the event.  But because I felt completely out of their league.


Most are self-published, or published through what I refer to as limited-access publishers -- the kind who look legit but take generous subsidies from the authors. Some are published through the real scam outfits, too, like AuthorHouse.  Several of the authors and/or their books aren't listed on Amazon; one is apparently the product of a Kickstarter campaign and the book isn't even on Goodreads.


Speaking of Goodreads:  I looked up one of the other books, found that it had three 5-star ratings, all by people who had no other books read, rated, or even listed.


I looked at the free samples on Kindle for a few of the books.  Most, by the way, are outrageously over priced.  One is listed at $9.99 for a 169-page Kindle edition that has no paragraphing. Neither indented nor blocked.  It made my head hurt.


Another had spelling errors on the first page and more on subsequent pages.  Lots.


The Looking-Glass Portrait is listed as 366 pages, and the Kindle edition is $2.99.  There is still one typo that no one else found and after I did find it I wasn't in the mood to upload another whole edition for one missing letter.


Now, you're probably wondering why I'm complaining about someone picking my brains about these books.  I'm not.  No one has.


Someone is picking my brains about something else, because she knows absolutely nothing about the subject.  Every time I try to answer her questions, she tells me why my answer is wrong.  She now wants me to teach her how to do what I do -- how I make my jewelry.


I didn't see this coming.  Maybe I should have.  At first all she wanted was to go out rock hunting, and I was delighted to have someone to go with me.  But now she's telling me my 35 years of experience hunting rocks in Arizona are worthless and she, after looking at some Google Earth images, now knows how to find the mother lodes.  And this afternoon she announced she wants to come over to my house so I can show her how I make my jewelry.


The echoes from the past were loud in my brain as I was falling asleep this afternoon, drugged by Tizanidine in hopes of getting rid of the back spasms before Saturday's event.


"Would you read my manuscript and tell me if there's anything wrong with it, so I can fix it and win the Golden Heart?" 


Two "aspiring" authors begged me to help them with their books; two "aspiring" authors won the Golden Heart and got book deals.  Two Golden Heart winners turned their backs on me (quite literally) and treated me like shit ever after.


I'm not ready for this to happen again.


So I tried to change the subject at about 45 minutes into today's 65-minute phone call.  I told her I was more than a little bit disappointed with the line-up of authors at the event coming up.  She asked me why, and I tried to explain to her that it's very discouraging to be at an event where the rest of the exhibitors (for lack of a better term) don't even really know how the game is played.  (Sorry for the mixed metaphors; blame the drugs!)


She told me I shouldn't be that way.  I shouldn't worry about the competition, just do my own thing.  Yet when I explained that she gets upset doing an art show where there are other vendors just reselling imported junk, she defended herself, but not me.  Why?  Because writing isn't the same thing.


I was a bit stunned, and though I kept trying to explain -- she knows absolutely nothing about writing and publishing and admitted as much during an earlier conversation when she said she wanted to pick my brains about that, too -- she switched the topic back to rocks and jewelry.


She wanted to know how Etsy works, so I walked her through the basics and navigated her to my store on Etsy.  She asked a few questions, the kind that could have been answered by doing the basic research the way I and millions of other Etsy sellers had to do, and then she asked me if I knew "X".  She gave the name of an Etsy user that I didn't recognize and I said, "No, I have no idea who that is.  Why?"


"X," it turns out, bought something of mine.  I told her I have no idea who my buyers are -- other than a few friends who have purchased things -- and I know nothing about these buyers beyond their name and address to mail the purchases to.


Then came the zinger:


"Oh, well, I was just reading this review and I figured you must have written it yourself."


 Yeah, I kinda lost it.  In no uncertain terms, and with more than a little anger, I informed her I never ever ever read reviews of my work, nor do I allow anyone to read them to me, and I've been known to block people on social media who insist upon it.


I'm not sure she got the hint.


Unfortunately, both of us are doing the same art show in early April.  She is encouraging me to do other art shows with her, shows that I'm not able to do for a variety of reasons that she constantly dismisses.  But I don't think I'm going to easily get over being accused of writing my own reviews.




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text 2020-02-27 11:58
Thesis Editor

The calling of a proposition editorial manager could be a great decision for researchers who know the complexities of postulation composing. Moreover, they ought to have sharp eyes, decision making ability, be engaged and have a strong handle regarding the matter of the scholastic paper. At the point when the editors acknowledge a specific task, the customers are probably going to place their confidence in them, expecting that their work will be idealized and get high evaluations.Thesis Writing Services in Dubai


The proofreader must be set up to spend extended periods of time at fine-tooth brushing the proposal and fixing the omissions as most ideal as. If there should arise an occurrence of uncertainty, the postulation proofreader will connect with the customer and get an explanation preceding making changes. This unmistakably suggests the manager taking a shot at the theory needs to work in close coordinated effort with the creator. For the most part, excepting the minor blunders, similar to those of language structure and spellings, the editorial manager counsels with the creator.

A postulation editorial manager needs to find some kind of harmony between dismantling the record and making a new beginning and making corrections in the current proposal, going it to be satisfactory by the school or college specialists. Individuals approach editors when they are overwhelmed with such a large number of cutoff times, are unequipped for altering their own work completely, are not sure with English language or need improve their original copy and their future possibilities.Thesis Writing Services in UAE


Clearing the verbal mess is in no way, shape or form a simple errand. The postulation supervisor needs to hold over the inborn irregularities of the composition to give it lucidity, intelligence, brevity, and accuracy. The postulation will in this way be made simple to peruse, helpful, and exact.


College inspectors are difficult to fulfill, however a proposal editorial manager will assist you with cruising through and accomplish the legitimate evaluations each time their administrations are looked for. The editorial manager works with a guarantee to keep up outright security. Your obscurity is saved no matter what. The expert supervisor is familiar with all styles of composing and will ensure that consistency of style is kept up all through the creation.


Since the theory editorial manager has broad information and experience, the person can be relied upon to do finish equity to the venture the person in question attempts. The philosophy followed while altering a theory is coordination of bit by bit amendment and refinement till your record turns into an artful culmination. A definitive quality favorable position alongside ideal use of innovation and related programming gives you the outcome that you had just challenged envisioned up until now.

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text 2020-02-26 09:52
Significance of Content Writing



Content composing is instrumental in advancing and upgrading your site. The substance that is composed must be pertinent to the administrations given by your site and should be alluring and shrewd to any peruser who goes over it. Quality substance composing is fundamental for any site in the event that it wants to make progress and development. The administrations gave by a site can just take it partially yet not as far as possible. What's more, that is the place content composing assumes a urgent job.SEO Content Writing Services in Dubai




More or less, the advantages of value content composing are


  • Giving precise and helpful data to the peruser.
  • Changing over the perusers into paying clients/customers.
  • Advancing your site by improving its acclaim and rank among the web indexes.


Each site has a remarkable objective and a particular objective crowd. One ought to have practical experience recorded as a hard copy the substance for sites in an alluring and easy to use way which assumes a critical job in accomplishing that objective. The substance that an organization remembers for their or some other site ought to demonstrate gainful to the client and the key point of substance composing ought to be significance and search-capacity. At the point when a client scans for a specific catchphrase, content composing ought to be so that the web search tools should guide that specific client to the comparing site on the off chance that it gives data or administration identified with that watchword. This is only hunt capacity and any individual who is managing content composing should attempt to accomplish that model successfully.


One should focus on including the pertinent and most scanned for catchphrases in the substance they compose and ought to have the option to make even the unpredictable data look basic and reasonable which helps in expanding the page traffic and in accomplishing a superior web index rank for the comparing site. The substance ought to be so that it should make the perusers remain for a more drawn out timeframe in that site and in the long run transform them into paying customers or clients for the equivalent.Cheap Content Writing Services in UAE


There are fundamentally a few stages and undertakings to be performed by everybody who is managing content composition. They are:

  2. Prior to beginning to compose the substance for a site, one ought to dissect all the errands and topics of that site and recognize the data that will be valuable for content composition.
  3.  The watchwords that are most often utilized identified with that specific site and the confinements and rules of utilizing a catchphrase must be known before composing.
  4.  The subsequent stage is to make the substance in regards to the administrations gave by the site, in a special way, affecting any peruser who runs over it.
  5.  The substance made ought to be in an energizing and luring way for the client. The additional time the client invests the energy in a specific site, the more the odds are of that client to turn into a customer or paying client for that site. Along these lines, more or less, substance ought to be inventive and appealing.
  6.  Composing alluring substance isn't simply going to be sufficient. The substance ought to likewise be installed with the most utilized and pertinent watchwords. The scholars ought to make the substance thinking along the lines of site improvement which helps in causing the comparing site to accomplish better ordering and positioning in the web indexes like Google.
  7.  At the point when any client enters a specific site, the main thing that draws in the client is whether the site is easy to understand or not. The site ought to be so that it should empower the client to have speedy and proficient access anyplace over the substance.


Not every person can be acceptable at content composition and can follow all the means referenced previously. One ought to pick cautiously the organization that manages compelling substance writing so as to accomplish better web crawler positioning position.

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text 2020-02-25 11:57
SEO Content Writing Guide

Website design enhancement content composing takes a great deal of commitment and ability. For perfect outcomes the substance that you make ought to be speaking to your perusers and simultaneously it ought to be amicable to web indexes. For you to deliver such substance you have to keep the accompanying tips into thought.SEO Content Writing Services in Dubai


Try not to compose for machines


In spite of the fact that, it may sound senseless, web indexes care progressively about the fulfillment of the clients and searchers; subsequently, in the event that you compose for machines, your substance may not be positioned high. To play it safe you ought to guarantee that your substance is energizing and draws rehash perusers. This implies the substance ought to be decipherable and have a low bob rate. At the point when you produce great substance you have more proposals, increasingly online life shares and even back connections and thus your substance is positioned high.

Disapprove of catchphrase stuffing


Some time back individuals could rank high by utilizing garbled watchword stuffed content, however this is not true anymore. Web index calculations have now changed and catchphrase stuffing never again works. Stuffing your page with watchwords makes your substance mixed up in this way the ricochet rate increments. At the point when the skip rate is high, your pages shed pounds according to Google in this manner your positioning goes down. To err on the side of caution you ought to compose normally and guarantee that your substance is as useful as could be allowed. You can include a couple of catchphrases in your substance, however you ought to never over do it.Cheap Content Writing Services in UAE


Incorporate inner connections


It's essential to remember inside connections for your substance when distributing. On the off chance that you are considering what inner connecting is, this is where you cross reference different pages on your site. The connections have two capacities: they urge clients to peruse further on your site and simultaneously they assume a gigantic job in expanding your positioning.


Use source of inspiration (CTAs)


Since your substance is meant to be perused by individuals, you ought to incorporate a source of inspiration that requests that individuals purchase the items or administrations that you are discussing in your substance. On the off chance that you are not selling any item or administration you ought to request that individuals leave their remarks at the base of the page. At the point when you incorporate a source of inspiration you show that you value your perusers and you need them to make a move.


These are the tips that you should place into thought when composing your SEO content. On the off chance that you find that you are experiencing difficulty composing the substance you ought to profoundly consider enlisting the administrations of an expert to enable you to out.

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text 2020-02-25 09:54
Thesis Writing Tips - Choosing and Working With a Research Supervisor

Numerous degree programs require both undergrad and graduate understudies to take a shot at a postulation as a last necessity for graduation. Taking a shot at a proposal can be both an energizing and even on occasion, baffling experience. This article distinguishes a few stages on the best way to make the proposition composing experience a charming one and explicitly, it centers around picking and working with a postulation guide, which is one of the most urgent parts of the procedure.Online Thesis Writing Services Help in Dubai


Understanding your own Research Interests


Indeed, even before setting out on a quest for the most appropriate postulation administrator, the absolute initial step is to invest energy in understanding your own examination interest(s) and to limit them down into 2-3 interrelated points as an imminent theory. Despite the fact that understudies will just take a shot at 1 point which they will officially propose to their area of expertise, being set up with 2-3 interrelated subjects gives them more choices to work with.

The proposition composing process regularly starts during the third year of an undergrad program and it is to the benefit of the understudies to have the option to formalize and characterize their examination advantages by at that point. Something else, a few understudies go into postulation composing ill-equipped and not long after they understand in the process that they are taking a shot at a subject that they are not so much intrigued by. This is exceptionally basic among understudies. It sits around and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. I emphatically propose for understudies to set aside some effort to limit their exploration advantages despite the fact that they are still semesters from officially taking a crack at a necessary postulation composing course.Thesis Writing Services Help in UAE


On the off chance that understudies know that proposal composing is a prerequisite for graduation, at that point they can begin investigating potential subjects that premiums them from the get-go in their degree program. This counsel is especially useful for graduate understudies. The various courses that the understudies take from their first year in a program and onwards teem with imminent points and issues for study. What is significant is for understudies to build up an outlook that they are on a post for points and issues identified with their degree program that either interests them or is identified with an individual worry that they might want to have a superior comprehension of. In the long run, understudies ought to have the option to formalize and recognize the 2-3 interrelated themes in the nick of time for joining up with a postulation composing course.


Finding a Suitable Research Supervisor


At the point when understudies are more clear with regards to the theme that they might want to seek after, the following stage is to locate an appropriate research chief or proposition guide. There are a few significant contemplations. Your exploration chief ought to be educated about the theme that you need to deal with and far superior, has expounded on the point or is considered as a specialist on the topic which you intend to contemplate. Having the option to adjust the 2-3 proposed points with the ability and research understanding of an imminent research boss will help a great deal in empowering understudies request quality prompt and direction. This should be possible by approaching employees for proposals when searching for a planned coach or you can likewise examine the production arrangements of employees in your area of expertise or even at another office.


Typically, personnel distribution records are distributed online on the office site. In addition, making a few inquiries and thinking about a planned research administrator's supervision style is similarly significant. It very well may be expected that understudies have been in the class or have worked with, in one way or the other, with practically all the employees of the division that they have a place with. Utilize this as a premise in measuring the work and supervision style of an imminent tutor. Some exploration chiefs, as clear likewise in their own study hall showing strategy, profoundly incline toward their understudies to be autonomous students.


This interests to certain understudies while different understudies incline toward an all the more supporting methodology from their tutor and in being straightforwardly determined what to do and how to get things done. Understudies ought to adjust their own work style with the supervision style and even work style of their imminent research director. In the event that the supervision and work style of a coach are excessively unique in relation to the work propensities for the understudies being directed, this can be a wellspring of contention that can prompt unfortunate deferrals and dissatisfaction for the understudies. Keep in mind, proposition writing in itself is as of now an overwhelming undertaking and running into struggle with the postulation guide because of work propensity contrasts consistently entangles the entire procedure and is to the hindrance of the understudies.


Desire Sharing and Goal Setting


When an examination manager and the student(s) have settled on a conventional understanding or comprehension to cooperate in the proposal procedure, it is important to talk about and share desires and objectives during the primary gathering. Understudies regularly play a uninvolved job in their working relationship with the director imagining that tutoring is a single direction process in which they just follow whatever the guide needs to be done in the examination. This attitude ought to be changed since the proposal composing process, which is a type of challenge-based undertaking instructs understudies to be dynamic associates. The theory procedure is a cooperative procedure however the majority of the exertion must originate from the understudies.


Understudies ought to know about their tutor's desires and objectives and the other way around. Doing so likewise enables the two gatherings to see each other more which again can help decrease conceivable clash in the working relationship. Understudies will be working intimately with their exploration director. In any working relationship, it is significant for all the people worried to see each other's inspiration for engaging in a venture. A fruitful working relationship is accomplished at whatever point both student(s) and the director feel that their needs are met and their voice is heard in the span of dealing with the task.


Setting-up an Appointment Schedule


Setting-up the most serviceable arrangement plan all relies upon the work style of the exploration chief and the student(s). There is no compelling reason to meet on a week after week premise except if your administrator needs this and you'll have the option to adapt to the requests of delivering unmistakable work each week, which can be upsetting in the event that you are as yet doing other coursework simultaneously. Likewise, understudies need to think about the remaining task at hand of their examination director. Haggle for a success win circumstance by thinking about your own work pace and style however with cautious thought of the division's recommended plan for presenting the proposition and doing the oral resistances.


Keep in mind, doing examination and composing a proposal isn't a stroll in the recreation center. Try not to dazzle your examination chief by focusing on a week after week arrangement just to make a few undoings later on. Doing so is consistently to the understudies' impediment as it gives the feeling that they can't stay aware of the desires. A sensible calendar is meet your manager in any event more than once per month and to ensure that during the gatherings, you can show considerable advancements or upgrades in the work that you are doing. Sending messages in the middle of gatherings to pose inquiries or get some little counsel is likewise a decent method for demonstrating your boss that you are accomplishing your work.

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