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review 2015-10-03 09:15
[CHINESE BL NOVEL] Hua Hua You Long [花花遊龍] by Xing Bao Ni [星寶兒]
Hua Hua You Long - Xing Bao Ni

Sadistic lover. A devil with the face of an angel. A twisted romance of brutal and dysfunctional relationship. Be ready for multiple stab wounds on your poor heart.


This book left a bitter aftertaste. Yet I am appreciative of the author's skill at manipulating the fragile human heart. I am also grateful for the author's effort to keep the story real. So real, it left an indelible mark on my mind. To me this meant the author is successful in his/her work since their main aim should be to grasp the reader's mind and mold it to their own desired shape. A book that is able to control the psyche of its reader is a winner. That's how I see it. And this book had subjected me to various onslaught of intense emotions of amusement, joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, frustration, anticipation, surprise, expectation and last but not least love. Yes, love even-though this is a very brutal romance story which I had nearly lost hope of finding a flicker of romance within its pages. Some might reject the ideal of romance in this story due to Jing's (seme/antagonist) violent and selfish way of pursuing love and also Lu Cang's (uke/protagonist) seemingly masochist acceptance of abuse from his lover. To be fair, I too could not exactly shake off the possibility of Stockholm Syndrome in play as I did find it hard to see how Lu Cang as broken as a battered rag doll could ever find in his heart to forgive Jing's incessant cruelty upon this mind and body. Nevertheless how ever twisted their love is, love is still the catalyst of their tragedious joining. Sigh such highly dysfunctional relationship this pair has. I am still worried for Lu Cang's future even upon finishing the book. Afterall, to serve the king is like accompanying a tiger. (famous Chinese proverb).


The version I read was in Chinese Text via TTS (text-to-speech). If you are interested, you could try the fan translations in English here: [Click Me]. I am not sure how the translation fairs but I do believe the real thing is surely better than a translated copy. For the record, I have read the manga adaptation up to volume no. 5 and am keen on reading its next installment. The artwork is not bad and so far the story sticks with the original novel.




Title: Hua Hua You Long [花花遊龍]

Author:  Xing Bao Ni [星寶兒]

Type: Novel

Genre: Chinese M/M dark erotic romance


Description: In order to help their chief find a wife, the bandits kidnapped a woman from the bottom of the mountain in order to offer her up to him. The chief of the mountain stronghold, Lu Cang falls in love at first sight with the absolutely stunning beauty! However, on the night of the consummation...



READ FAN TRANSLATIONS: ★|| Hua Hua You Long (English Translations) ||★



* Reviewed on October 3rd, 2015 *:


**Read via TTS in Cantonese**


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review 2014-03-18 10:26
Crossing ~ the audiobook


book Author: Andrew Xia Fukuda

 Performed by Luke Daniels

 Released: December 2012 by Brilliance Audio

 Category: Young Adult/Murder/Mystery



 Xing, pronounced Shing, is one of two Asian students in    an otherwise all white American High School. The other is  Naomi Lee, the only student Xing is able to interact with and they become fast friends. They are complete opposites, Naomi being outgoing and friendly while Xing is quiet, reserved and a loner. Not surprising due to the fact he’s either being bullied and made fun of or given the cold shoulder by everyone other than Naomi. All Xing wants is to be accepted and liked for himself but realises it’s unlikely to happen.


When students start going missing fear and tension build in the community. And yet, it’s through this horror Xing starts to think he may be accepted after all since he is a beautiful singer and now has the lead role in the school musical.




The story explores racism in-depth, how it feels to be an immigrant in America and grow up in an atmosphere of suspicion, bullying and ridicule resulting in a deep-seated loneliness and isolation. It shows how damaging and destructive this behaviour can be. It’s written in such a way that I couldn’t help but be drawn in to Xing’s emotions and feel for him.


Another new student, Jan Blair, is subjected to the same treatment, because she’s plain and lives in a shack. She becomes fixated on Xing which leads to the ultimate tragedy. The murder/mystery aspect is chilling and kept me guessing, I had no idea who the killer was at all.


The ending came totally out of the blue, completely unexpected, I could hardly believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. Xing’s hopelessness, desperation and the injustice of it all is tangible. Incredible writing, very powerful and moving which generates a compelling and heartbreaking story.




Listening to Xing’s thoughts and feelings expressed through Luke Daniels’ narration is emotional in the extreme. The dream Xing and his parents had for a better life which very quickly became more of an ordeal with all the resulting grief and despair is told with sensitivity and feeling.

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review 2013-08-09 00:00
Shanghai Tango - Jin Xing If you know the story of Mao's Last Dancer, then this story will seem rather boring. It is very similar in terms of the major plot points, but with a lot less detail and beauty in the written word.

I felt that the book does explore the emotional state of Jin Xing, but it barely scratches the surface of those emotions, which is quite a let down for the reader. It seems to gloss over a lot that happens in Jin's life at that time with little to no explanation of how Jin felt.

Each scene gave you but the briefest of glimpses of Jin's inner thoughts and feelings, I wanted so much more.
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review 2012-10-22 00:00
Nazywam się Numer Cztery
Nazywam się numer cztery - Ting-xing Ye,Katarzyna Maleszko Nazywam się numer cztery to wspomnienia Ting-Xing Ye z czasów klęski głodu i Wielkiej Rewolucji Kulturalnej w Chinach. Ting-Xing Ye jest córką właściciela fabryki. W wyniku obowiązkowej nacjonalizacji, państwo przejmuje fabrykę ojca. Ojciec Ye popada w depresję, ciężko choruje i wkrótce umiera. Wdowa zostaje sama z czwórką dzieci i wkrótce też podąża za mężem. Sierotami zajmuje się przyszywana babka. Rodzina Ting-Xing z zamożnej staje się bardzo biedna. W dodatku dzieci czekają szykany w związku z pochodzeniem. Są przecież potomstwem kapitalisty. Mao Zendong zarządza obowiązkowe przesiedlenie części ludności z dużych miast do obozów na wsiach. Ye trafia do jednego z nich, gdzie musi walczyć z tęsknotą za domem, strachem przed przyszłością, i co tu dużo mówić często walczyć po prostu o przeżycie.Uważam, że tego typu wspomnienia powinny być w spisie lektur szkolnych. Przede wszystkim dlatego, żebyśmy mogli uzmysłowić sobie, że naprawdę nie żyjemy w najgorszych czasach, ale również po to, żeby przypomnieć jak naprawdę wyglądał komunizm.
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